Where is God in Times of Tragedy?

When we're confronted with human suffering and tragedy, we often wonder, "Where was God?" In this gallery, leaders from five major faiths offer their perspectives on that question.


10/17/2011 08:41:37 AM

God created everything in Nature, as forces, and natural laws. Scienctist realize that nothing in those forces of Nature, like hurricanes or floods, are bad ..but instead are nothing more than natural occurances. Part of Gods Goodness, is that He gave us His Nature as well! He gave us a spirit that can overcome hardships, when we accept and call upon, the elements of His Nature. Courage is of God, as is our strength and good will, to help others. Earth, is the place in which we can find God. If it were Heaven, Christ wouldnt have come to show us the WAY. We grow closer to all the Good that is of God, by how we choose to deal with the trails given us. Each trail has within it the opportunity to call upon the God within, or to seek pity from the rest of the world, who are all carrying their own burdens.


09/03/2011 02:04:48 PM

Why do bad things happen to good people? God is all good and incapabable of producing bad things. Since God is perfict the World was perfict and had no bad thing in it. Where therfore does badness and evisl come from? Why did Adam sin aginst God and bring evil into the world? Evil is not produced by a all-good God. If we return to God and follow God's will there will be no bad thing in the World.But, We freely choose to follow our own will and to do evil things, such as: butchering unborn babies inside there Mother's bodies. Tose who do these things live in darkness and cannot se the evil they do. Ask theme to justifie what they do and they will not speak.


06/15/2010 10:02:41 AM

Thank you for this compilation of statements regarding tragedy and faith! I appreciated reading all the different pespectives and was encouraged and instructed by several. God be with each of us and all during tragic times!