Top Religion Stories of the Decade

From the 9/11 attacks to the death of John Paul II and the election of George Bush, discover the major religion stories that shaped the past decade.


01/07/2010 01:37:17 PM

@edkosak, "People are what matter, not beliefs." It sounds noble, but is meaningless drivel. Beliefs determine whether or not people matter. A belief system that says the infidel can die or an unborn child is an unviable tissue mass, or a Christian is a hatemonger bigot, are not morally equivalent. "we recognize what Jesus, Buddha, and many enlightened ones knew about us..." More noble sounding, intellectually vacuous words. Jesus and Buddha did NOT teach identical things about humans. Jesus taught that men were fallen creatures in need of atonment. Buddha taught that there is no God and that the purpose of life was to escape into nirvana, a state of passionless existence. Your problem is that you refuse to acknowledge that some belief systems are morally superior to others. Because you are afraid to pass judgement.


01/01/2010 11:27:11 AM

In my view, the polarization that exists in the world right now has it roots in the need to be right. We divide ourselves religiously in the name of what we think is right, when there are souls who believe polar opposite viewpoints WITH THEIR WHOLE HEART MIND AND SOUL. To enofrce what we believe is right, we inflict violence, yes physically, but more insidiously on the emotional and mental planes. I believe we must come to realize that we are more than opinions and beliefs, racial beings, religious beings. IF we see each other as mere beliefs or racial beings, or Christian/Muslim/Jew/Buddhist/etc. we will continue our thought violence and divisions. What then are we? We are souls, eternal and vast and free. People are what matter, not beliefs. If we see each other as such, and not just as "incorrect opinion bags", racial beings, religious beings, etc. we recognize what Jesus, Buddha, and many enlightened ones knew about us, that we are eternal beings made in God's image and likeness to quote Genesis. There is something essentially spiritual and good about us. To quote Teilhard de Chardin, we are spiitual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. Though understandably the human experience feels much more real. And has a lot to teach us. What then is our purpose? To be right? No. We are to awaken to our spiritual nature. It is important to hold an opinion, but to hold it without diminishing another with thought violence. When we know our spiritual nature, and see another's, we recognize something much deeper than what is right, deeper than belief, than opinion. We recognize the depth of another for who and what they are and can't help but love them instead of inflicting thought violence on them. All this to say let's see the good in each other, and Happy New Year to all.