Eight Tips for Keeping Faith While Caring for a Sick Child

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You Are Not Being Punished

God's Punishment

There is an Arab proverb which says that "Health is a crown worn by those who are healthy; it can only be seen by the sick." Being sick yourself can be difficult enough, but when it is your child, it is too much to bear. We wish that we can take the pain and suffering from our daughter, but we can't. But one thing that is most important is to know that God is with us during this difficult time. This is not any sort of "punishment" for something we have or haven’t done. But this can be so hard to grasp. One of the most natural and initial reactions to a child’s illness or diagnosis is, “What did I do? Does God not love me?” I believe God is much more beautiful than that. Having a sick child is a difficult test, but God will make things better in the end, no matter what happens.

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