10 Ways to Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Are you not satisfied with your job? Ever fantasize about chucking it all for a spiritual life?


08/25/2011 07:19:30 AM

When I first saw gthe post on bringing the Self to the workplace, I thought of distributing it to my staff. When I saw the comment on leadership posted by olscatterbrain, I had to add my own view on the matter; simply has an act of balance: As a principal who leads teachers, parents and students, I define my role as a facilitator of excellence through total presence. While I take orders and am part of an organizational hierarchy, I am neither submissive nor subservient. I choose Truth, Justice and Mercy over Compliance, Conformity and Coercion.


06/01/2011 06:43:50 PM

At one time I was sitting in a meeting and I was unemployed, the person who was leading the meeting asked if any one wanted to be a leader. This is my chance I thought, this person must have a job for me, but, my hand did'nt go up, nobody elses did either, we all just sat there. Why doesent anybody want to be a leader? why don't I want to be a leader? Well, I just don't want to ruin any ones life, o to kill theme. That's what leader's do, they carry out the oders of people aborve theme thaht efect the lifes of hundred of people beneath thme.