After the Magic

My journey to Catholicism was, ironically, the logical extension of applying Pagan principles to my life.


06/29/2009 11:44:46 AM

This article speaks to me in particular because it's almost the exact opposite of my own spiritual journey yet the driving force is the same. Like Carl, I too was raised Protestant but almost immediately found that path empty for myself. As a kid I liked paganism but never treated it very seriously. At 15 I became a devout Catholic. I even wanted to be a priest, but eventually the rigidity of the religion killed it for me. I then became an atheist, but never really liked that term either and generally replaced it with pantheist. I know consider myself pagan, but I tend to downplay the magical elements of paganism and embrace it's mythical teachings and lessons. I also find myself inseparably bonded to the Goddess, no matter what form or identity she chooses to appear under. Athena and Artemis are my favorites, but Mary remains close to my heart too.


02/25/2008 05:45:50 AM

This is an impressive and thoughtful article. Like Carl, I was a Pagan for many years but ultimately found I wanted more philosophical underpinning. Unlike Carl, I moved to Buddhism, which I found to be totally in harmony with my Pagan beliefs and practices but more profound in its understanding of reality. I still cherish my Pagan 'roots'--and also my Catholic 'roots', which preceded Paganism for me. The return of many Catholics to the mystical traditions of the church is profoundly heartening; I meditate regularly with Catholic practitioners and we nourish each other.


02/18/2007 07:24:11 AM

I met Carl at a Pagan Event in Florida that I used to Coordinate, and I love his books. As a Pagan High Priestess going through a "long, dark night of the soul" this article was very insightful and interesting. I am also glad he is being respectful of his former religion. Paganism, like all religions, is made up of good people and bad people, but mostly of sincere folks looking for the divine.


09/21/2005 10:32:11 PM

I liked this article. As somebody who was once Pagan but found herself more at home with Christianity I can relate to her words. I'm also glad that she remained respectful to her old religion. I, at no point found the religion I was practicing to be "wrong" or the people I worshipped with to be "demon worshippers" It was simply not my path. I was empty for me. Sometimes you have to move on. I'm glad both the author and I were able to do this with respect.


09/14/2005 08:25:31 PM

I find this story insignful and interesting. Those I came to reject catholicism I must respect it clear black and white teaching on many things. It dose not play game on this as some protestant churches do.