Krishna's Birthday Bash

Krishna, the blue-faced prankster, is a beloved Hindu deity. His birthday, Janmashtami, is a joyous day with a serious message.
(Editors' Note: This article first appeared on Beliefnet in 2005)


03/21/2009 08:49:48 AM

Why do Hindus love Krishna so much? Of all avatars, Krishna is the "Poorna Avatar." Sri Prapupada of International Krishna consciousness, calls Krishna , " Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead" Krishna delves into every aspect of life. It is very difficult, almost impossible to forget about Krishna. Krishna [Vishwa Roopa] is indeed the true symbol of "Suguna Brahman."


12/30/2005 03:19:10 PM

Jaya Hare Krishna! I am surprised, with Krishna being the embodiment of bliss, that he's not more popular here in the US. Living here in the US where the mythmaking machine is Hollywood - it's high time Hollywood made a movie about the life of Lord Krishna instead of making so many frivolous movies that do not contribute to our character. Why not? They made one about Jesus. It would promote Krishna and let people know who he was and what he did.


08/26/2005 04:40:43 PM

bhaktigirl22-- tell me about it. I had a hard time dealing with that too, but I guess you have to take the Ramayana in context. Rama and Sita both agreed that she should be burned by fire to prove her innocence and fidelity. But, it was a different time, different place, and misogynistic attitudes pervaded the culture. In other ways, though, Rama has proven to be a paragon of righteousness and piety.


08/25/2005 05:47:19 PM

I don't know- "pious Rama" treated Sita pretty poorly.....


08/25/2005 02:57:58 PM

The reason that I think Krishna is so prevalently worshipped in India is because he represents many of the earthly, materialistic wants of humanity throughout the ages: all-encompassing love, great music, gluttony, passion, fighting, etc. He is not just a God, but he is also all of humanity's desires taken to the extreme. The opposite can be said of the pious Rama--probably the most ethical and devotional. He is worshipped because he represents the ideals for humanity. Both of these Gods are extremely important in the Hindu pantheon, and I think to forsake any as better or worse is to forget the relevance both have together. They instill love, respect, and awe from everybody because they represent everybody's dreams, hopes, and desires. I wish everyone a happy Krishna-jayanti. Celebrate what Krishna teaches us and enjoy life to the fullest!