'He's Bringing Great Sadness
to Our Home'

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry talks about his gay son.

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"I cannot have him in my home while I know that at any point, he could take pictures and sell them."

Do you think he's in financial straits?
Of course he is.

Why answer his story with your own--in The Washington Times and on WorldNet Daily?
As I said in the piece, I'm doing it to jolt other parents and to embarrass those who have exploited my son, to call their credibility into question. To show that what was presented on CNN and what was presented in Out magazine are just not accurate renditions of what's going on.

Jamiel seems to think that what you had written just furthers the breach between you two. Do you think so?
For me, the issue is that there has been an unbelievable lack of honesty. For me the breach is that I cannot have him in my home while I know that at any point, he could take pictures and sell them. I'm not going to have that kind of intrusion into my home.



Do you think there's public interest in the story beyond what he has already told?

I have no idea. I'm not going to assume there isn't. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Knowing him, do you think his motivation is purely money?
Motives are known only to God. Behaviors are weighable by us.

In your piece you contested Jamiel saying that he later returned to the Roman Catholic Church, though he rejects papal authority and teaching on family issues. One would almost read that as a defense of those dogmas and those teachings.
I am not Roman Catholic. I have a deep respect for the Roman Catholic Church and I'm a student of Roman Catholic theology. For me the issue was that it was disingenuous, that it was deceitful. It was Out magazine's effort to drag the Roman Catholic Church into this debate.

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