'He's Bringing Great Sadness
to Our Home'

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry talks about his gay son.


02/24/2012 08:04:18 AM

To this POS Terry, his hatred trumps his family: "Longtime anti-abortion activist Randall Terry in recent years has campaigned against gay marriage and homosexuality. So it was of some embarrassment to him when his son Jamiel published an article in the May issue of Out magazine revealing that he is gay. Terry responded by writing an op-ed, sharply criticizing his son and saying, "He is no longer welcome in my home." what a sick, sorry a55h0le.


01/04/2006 01:45:01 PM

Ah, such a terrific example of "family 'values'": "He is no longer welcome in my home." And how can someone loving another person 'bring embarrassment to their family'??? Randall is the true embarrassment - to Christianity. How sad for a father to reject and despise his own son.


04/28/2004 07:26:28 PM

newmexico1 Why don't you send me a private message when you get a chance? I have a question for you. Peace!


04/28/2004 02:15:46 PM

To finish my little self righteous sermon. Nature and hmanity punishes fools, but God doesn't seem to judge good intentions harshly, which is good, as a sometimes foolish person myself. That, I think, is God's will. Period. Doesn't say anything about sexual preference. You go with what you've got. If it's not predatory and leaves constant grief behind; then love, honor and cherish your consentual partner forever, even if you split.


04/28/2004 02:13:18 PM

Actually, everything we humans do is of God. If it's not forbidden by the laws of physics, it is of God. And what is impossible, is also of God. That's what monotheism is about. God. How shall we live "of God?" If I read Jesus properly, and I wouldn't trust that statement myself: Love God, mercy, justice, charity, faith, your neighbors near and far, your real and imagined enemies, honor your parents as best you can. Try to be a little kinder. Remember that Satan is the Advisary, and "of God," not your personal enemy. Sometimes adversity is good, sometimes, it's not. It is "of God" that we think, so we can explore adversity and learn. Think before you act, if you can. (Remember the story of Lot's daughters?)


04/28/2004 07:21:26 AM

newmexico; What wonderful quote about homosexuality "just a little thing we humans sometimes do." I will forever remember that, because it describes the act wonderfully. It is not of God but it is "just a little thing we humans do." I never said it would keep any one out of heaven I'm not Jesus who will judge us, I cannot judge. my only purpose in this conversation is to say it is not advised in the Bible as many would misinform us that it is. You are a gentle soul and your sins are not more than any of the rest of us, but they are, never the less sins. Not that they will keep you from a relationship with Christ. If I listed my sins you probably would say: "Boy I know this joker is not going to heaven." Never the less I expect to see you there because of what Christ did for us. I'm not condemning just wish to set things right. Boy you sure do talk fancy, wish I knew you personally. blessed <


04/27/2004 11:03:27 PM

To continue: As one entomologist pointed out in his "Totalitarian law of nature": if it's not forbidden by sheer physics, it's mandatory. We love, we just do, and I'm glad that we do. Same-sex love is possible, obviously or it wouldn't exist, and adequate, so we have same-sex love. Doesn't mean that everybody must do it all the time, that it's "right" for absolutely everybody even some of the time, but people do it, feel it, need it, and it's adequate. Merely an intersting, sometimes fun, sometimes wonderful, sometimes evil, just like straight love; just a little thing we humans sometimes do. As a social species, maximum reproduction by every individual is neither needed nor desireable. Other wise, granny wouldn't live long enough to be a granny. We have gays because we have grannies, so to speak.


04/27/2004 11:02:22 PM

Mr, Cknuck, As someone with an inherited autoimmune disease, teleology leaves me cold. If God designed me, where do I sue HIM for damages? After all, I was a designer myself. I design something harmful, I get sued, deservedly. So pay me big time for the defective gene YOU designed, God. Why is there a double standard of responsibility for me and God? It evolutionary adequacy, not Godly design, that makes us human. We happened, it's interesting. God liked it, or at least, didn't forbid human evolution. God saw us in God's image. That's not necessarily anti-Christian. My United Methodist denomiation doesn't have a problem with evolution. We wouldn't be talking about "homosexuality" if God designed us not to be gay. That God "designed" us, must rank as a wildly egotistical, but common, conceit; like the sun and stars revolve around OUR Earth.(Teleology has pagan Greek roots and fits much better in polytheistic thought anyway, I think.)


04/27/2004 10:52:12 PM

ck: you show me in the 10 commandments where it says not to be gay? Do you honor the sabbath from friday night to saturday evening? I doubt it very seriously but it is one of the commandments. A sin if you will. But you go ahead and tell me that my bible understanding is wrong and yours is right.


04/27/2004 10:41:28 PM

ck: I take back that when I said I was your friend. I thought you had some compassion but you are a misinformed person who hates himself so much that you try to condemn those who are at least honest with themselves and do not hide. One day you will realize you can not fool yourself anymore. You have no right to tell me that I am wrong about what God has taught me. Jamiel has the right to be who he is and so do you but you are afraid to face it. You are not the final say.


04/27/2004 10:34:05 PM

denisemac: find it, even in your strange Bible, and I will believe you.blessed <


04/27/2004 10:32:40 PM

Also a truly straight man would not rape another man. More misinformation, and a homosexual attempt to disassociate themselves from their rather less than honorable members. So just claim that they are really heterosexual turned bad. Right; a man can’t even arouse a heterosexual. blessed <


04/27/2004 10:30:09 PM

ck: and again just because you were taught this from your church does not make it so. I am glad you are not the final authority on the bible.


04/27/2004 10:24:35 PM

newmexico1 As a lawyer you would be considered clever, but the kind of clever judges laugh at. If God designed man and woman to make love (and no where in the Bible is this disputed) the only way a man can make love to another man is like he would a woman. For in God's design, man makes love with a woman (period). There is no way for man to make love with another man, that is why the Bible calls it an abomination. The only reason I get involved is because of the misinformation that is being pushed. blessed <


04/27/2004 10:12:39 PM

My handy The Complete Parallel Bible, with four translations right next to each other, disagree with your interpretation, Mr.GODboy. The New Jerusalem Bible reads for Leviticus 18:22 You will not have intercourse with a man as with aa woman. This is a hateful thing. It's also something gay men don't do. They have intercourse with a man as with a man. It's straight men this verse is talking to. Making another man into a "woman," a person then in a state of perpetual subjugation, sbuservient, inferior, submissive, owned property, was indeed a hateful thing to do to another straight man. Like the "homosexual" problem in our prisons, it's not really a "homosexual" problem, it's really a heterosexual problem, a straight men raping other straight men to make them into submissive-women-substitutes problem. And, it's the thing that people such as Mr. Randall tacitly encourage.


04/27/2004 07:02:50 PM

continued from below- Just look at the word wife in the English language. One of it's meanings is now the equal partner to a husband. 80 years ago, it would have been the less partner in a marriage. 150 years ago it would indicated propert of the husband. That is just in the last 150 years. The word and concept of homosexuality did not exist until about 150 years ago. What are you talking about?


04/27/2004 07:01:05 PM

I have heard this verse to back up about gays but it still remains that God made them the way they are and they can't change. You have no idea what gay is about or what Gods word is about. If you did you would not be spouting off that it is a sin like you do and do not realize that pointing fingers is wrong.


04/27/2004 06:59:46 PM

GODboy082- What are you talking about. The Bible was compiled a couple hundred years after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ by a committee who argued over what writings to include and what to leave out. The original books were in ancient Greek and Hewbrew. They were translated and interpreted many, many times over the last 18 or so centuries. Are you saying you have read the originals? continued


04/27/2004 06:58:58 PM

you really need to learn Gods word before you go off spouting what his word is.


04/27/2004 06:54:12 PM

Once a sin, always a sin Here's the verse from the bible : Leviticus 18:22 "Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin.


04/27/2004 06:52:57 PM

Bull, the bible doesn't change for modernism, it's the same as it was since the beginning, except different versions and differently languages, the wording has barely changed at all and it still has all of it's original meaning still in tact.


04/27/2004 06:41:00 PM

godboy: first of all it does not say homosexuality that is a modern day word. Second of all it was to the hetrosexuals who were practicing it because the egyptians were doing it and therefore the Israelites were also and he was teaching them his ways. You are reading into it without knowing scriture and what scripture is all about.


04/27/2004 06:39:14 PM

ok tell me where it says that then.


04/27/2004 06:38:55 PM

Here's the verse from the bible : Leviticus 18:22 "Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin.


04/27/2004 06:36:06 PM

That's a lie, GOD did say that, it's in the bible, don't tell me that GOD didn't say that, that would make GOD a liar and GOD doesn't lie. I am not casting stones and saying I don't sin, I am saying that it's wrong and just because I sin doesn't mean I have to back down and say that it's okay because I sin too.


04/27/2004 06:25:19 PM

Godboy: I guess you are without sin huh? I guess you can go throwing stones? I guess you know better then anyone what being gay is all about. God does not say it is a sin... You are believing what you want to justify your hate.


04/27/2004 06:17:09 PM

"You regard homosexuality not as something in a person's nature but a behavior one falls into. Is that correct? Behaviors are a choice. I do not contend that they ask for the feelings anymore than any of us ask for feelings. Feelings are sometimes out of our control. Behavior has to do with choices." That's exactly what it is about....


04/27/2004 06:13:02 PM

His father (Randall Terry) is a loving, compassionate man and would probally do what any father might do if they had a son or daughter dealing with this sin. He did the right thing to try to help his son with this sin. He doesn't hate him, he hates that he is a homosexual, he hates his son's sin.


04/26/2004 07:09:02 PM

I just saw the article myself as well. Unless it was edited really quickly I don't see Randall's complaint. The only pictures are one of Jamiel and one of Randall protesting somewhere. If he considers street protests "private" then all I can say is that he's worse than Antonin Scalia! Other than revealing the shocking reality that Randall's much once-touted (and publicly displayed) family is less than perfect, I don't see his right to complain. To be honest, any man that trots out his kids as a symbol of his "family values" and drags them around on political tours has no business complaining about them "prostituting" the family name!


04/26/2004 05:59:15 PM

reynold926- Funny, I just thought I would stop by and read this thread. Ahhh, yes, I agree. Sorry, I was lost with your post from last week. Thanks! Peace!


04/26/2004 05:19:57 PM

FYI I just picked up OUT magazine so I could read the article for myself. There are no pictures in the article that are so deeply personal that Randall Terry should have the reaction that he had. He's a public figure. Pictures of him and his family are printed all over the place. I think what he's REALLY upsed about is that Jamiel says that his father's divorce was a turning point for him in deciding to come out. JohnQ...if you're still following this thread...the blatant misinformation I was referring to in my post from last week is the LIE that the average age of death for gay men is 42 and that 90% of lesbians were molested. What a crock!


04/26/2004 01:33:20 PM

Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue. Reported by the News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN, 1993-AUG-16: "I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good...Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty, we are called by God, to conquer this country. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism." 9


04/25/2004 10:53:04 PM

Certainly it would appear that I am biased. I have reason to be so. Just as I as a black man have reason to question the claims of racist eugenicists.


04/25/2004 10:51:28 PM

Well that certainly holds water for me. Well, theory about religion was invented about a heterosexual atheist. The study discouting the Freud's views on homosexuality was done by a heterosexual Christian and a few of his lab aides at California State University, Sacramento.


04/25/2004 10:49:39 PM

I never said Freud was right about religion. I merely pointed out that Frued had many opinions and that some of this theories carried over into other areas. Are you suggesting that he was wrong about religion and right about homosexuality? There is empirical evidence to suggest that he was wrong about homosexuality. There is also suggestive evidence to suggest that he may have been wrong about religion. I don't consider Freud a credible indicator on many areas, nor do I discount all of his work. The same applies with the majority of the psychological community.


04/25/2004 10:26:57 PM

Great greling Freud was right about religion but wrong about homosexuality, and you just happen to be a homosexual atheist. Well that certainly holds water for me. They will never be able to prove or explain homosexuality psychologically, physiologically, or medically nor will spiritual things ever be apparent to the unspiritual. They are dead to these things of the spirit blessed <


04/25/2004 10:17:00 PM

Likewise, I am a total virgin and a homosexual. I don't suffer from "sexual addiction", but I know many heterosexuals that do, some of which refuse to seek clinical treatment. All major professional organizations with respect to psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and sociology do not view homosexuality as a mental illness and feel that attempts to "convert" homosexuals to heterosexuals are quackery.


04/25/2004 10:13:22 PM

Freud also had the theory that religion had similar causes. This, however, has more evidentiary support, through something similar, called the Embryonic and Parental Shell Theory. It is based on solid scientific findings. Do I think that religion is merely all in people's heads? Perhaps. I am an atheist, so this would appear to make since.


04/25/2004 10:08:41 PM

2. Predating Kinsey is research by Sigmund Freud and his relatives. (This goes back to your asking how someone can be traumatized and what it has to do with homosexuality.) There are cases, from what I've read, of gay men who were also sexual addicts who approached Freud or his daughter for treatment. All they wanted was to be freed from their addiction...they didn't want to become str8t. However, during the course of their treatment one of the side effects was that they saw their homosexual desires dwindle as well. So often, addictive behavior I've seen does indeed come from past wounds, and the story I'd read of Freud's patients buttresses the notion that, for some, homosexuality is indeed a result of an emotional wound. In fact... Freud has been disprove many times as a crackpot on many circumstances. Recently, there was a major discreditation of his theories regarding homosexuality.


04/25/2004 09:30:28 PM

Randall has no right to complain about Jamiel putting pictures of their family in a magazine article! After all, Randall has been trotting his children out for photo opportunities for years to show off his "family values"! Randall suffers from a serious case of selective privacy. When his family was a perfect model of his ideology he showed them off as much as he could. When he turned around and ignored his own advice and got a divorce, suddenly his family life became "private". And yet he was still willing to show off his kids when they were supporting him and hadn't yet revealed anything scandalous. Randall used his family to advance his career. How dare he complain if they make things public as well!


04/24/2004 12:15:41 PM

we must of read different ones. His article did nothing but lash out at Jamail saying all the trouble he had been into trying to demean him into being someone who was very sick and not just gay. I agree with what your last post just said though. I know they are both working out their problems and they both need to stop and listen. Anger can make us say things that are out of line. I had said in another post that I was hoping they would find that their love will bring them peace and acceptance for one another. Thank you for showing me that my post sounded judgemental.


04/24/2004 11:59:32 AM

Did we read the same article? Randall was the one who said his conversations with his son Jamiel was private and did not go in depth. Jamiel was the one who turned family secrets and photographs over the magazine. Randall has been very gracious, I think most posters here has allowed their feelings for homosexuals kind of rule their hearts on their opinions. I understand this man given his history, it's hard for homosexuals and homosexual sympathizers to give him a fair shake but the fact remains we must give him a fair shake or who are we; but the ones we say are unjust for we have become unjust also. Justice for both Randall and Jamiel. blessed <


04/24/2004 09:54:10 AM

ck: judgement? Sorry that it sounded that way. I didn't mean that I believe his dad is a hypcrit but that his son feels like he is. If he judge someone to be sin and yet he himself got a divorce has no right to judge his son. That is a hypcrit no judgement is needed just observation. I just meant if he felt this to be true he has every right to speak it. Maybe his son is gay and made him angry for saying it in public but to bad mouth his son only proves his son was right in coming forward. That is not a judgement call but an opinion.


04/23/2004 11:19:01 PM

Another judgment denisemac? You and I do not even know Randell. But you just judged him. blessed <


04/23/2004 06:10:43 PM

imdancin: he showed no disrespect to his father. It is his father who has brought that upon himself. Jamail has every right to expose his father for what he is. A hypocrit. A man of hatred and prejudice. His father is the one who shows immaturity by slinging his sons trash for everyone while his son talks of respect and love.


04/23/2004 06:06:18 PM

newmexico: thanks for sharing your knowledge of the Randall's with us.


04/23/2004 02:25:36 PM

Mr. Jamiel had been public as an anti-gay activist, like his father, four years ago. He had campaigned for his father and written columns. If Mr. Jamiel has had a change of heart on his earlier anti-gay activities, he had a moral obligation to say so. He did. It was Mr. Randall that destroyed his own "home." There is no home for Mr. Jamiel to bring sadness upon. The sadness is all of Mr. Randalls reaping of what he had sowed.


04/23/2004 02:22:29 PM

johnq: keep listening to christ and not these self righteous ones. for they do not listen matthew 7: Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measure to you again. they think they have authority to point to others their sins and think they have no sin. I stand as christ and do not accuse you for we are all in sin with you.


04/23/2004 07:00:46 AM

It's like the "enemy within," or "the spy who was my son." Who's going to love him, the magazine people, or the people who cheer him on to go against his father because of their own agendas? I don't think so, to many he is just a pawn to get at his father. To be used and discarded. blessed <


04/23/2004 01:36:57 AM

Honor they father and mother..........who said that? Honor? Respect? In no way did this son, honor his parents. He sold pictures, personal pictures for political gain and money. He sold out for his own benefit. He knew his actions would deeply hurt his father. He showed no love what so ever for family. He showed he had pleanty of self-love, certainly no Christian maturity. How could his father ever trust him again. I am sure if he is a Christian he can forgive him, as God commands us, but as far as living with him and trusting. I think it would be very hard.


04/22/2004 10:20:48 PM

kwayne1: I've said all along homosexuality is a spiritual soul sickness and controlled by spirits just as so much we allow ourselves to be put through. Look at the modern vampire; their argument is just as valid as the homosexual when weighted in purportion. There are people who would love to define themselves as non-humans and have similar arguments on their legitimacy. To scrutinize any variance to the norm as it pertains to the human design should always be viewed from the spiritual realm and in that realm demons or spirits are a possibility. Not pretty, so imagine how hard we would work to force our minds to keep from looking at these very real possibilities. blessed <


04/22/2004 07:44:23 PM

Ahh, the '$' in my last post should have been a '&'. Thanks!


04/22/2004 07:41:00 PM

kwayne1- BTW, after much praying and soulsearching the only explaination I can come up with on why I am gay/bisexual is: 'that is the way God made me'. I will however keep an open mind on this issue. As a Christian, I have no reason to believe that homosexuality is a sin. My Christian beliefs are much more along the lines of Matthew 7 $ 22 rather than Leviticus 18, etc. I believe God made a variety of different type people. And, that we are all God's children. Peace!


04/22/2004 07:35:20 PM

kwayne1- You have written many very wise posts the last couple of days. Several thing you have said make great sense. I do believe that many, many people's wounds are and continue to be 'SELF-INFLICTED'. However, I do not agree with some of your conclusions. I will again suggest to you that often things are in correlation rather than causation. I do very much appreciate your ability to interact with out becoming caustic and/or emotional. Peace!


04/22/2004 07:03:52 PM

His answer: "For the most part, NO." (And again, this gentleman was a true funda-gelical type.) He said he'd seen a few occurrences in GLBT folks where he thought demons were involved, but that in his view most who were in the group got that way due to "deep emotional wounds". (I'm going to add something here, friend, on which I have bitter experience. There are some of us who were never wounded like Jamiel Terry, my friend, the actor I referred to or others have been. Unfortunately for some of us, our emotional wounds, we've learned, were very much SELF-INFLICTED." But again, I've no idea on you, JohnQ, nor will I attempt to guess.


04/22/2004 07:01:03 PM

One time two years ago I was in a Georgia pharmacy waiting for a prescription to be filled. The owner was a Christian and had several books on Christianity. One which caught my eye and was different from the others was on demonic possession. (The reaction to "The passion of the Christ" stunned me, as I've learned there are several who don't believe in Satan, but that's for a different forum.) In his book was a question: "Is homosexuality a result of demonic possession?" (He had many instances of other conditions which were.) Well...


04/22/2004 06:58:34 PM

2. Predating Kinsey is research by Sigmund Freud and his relatives. (This goes back to your asking how someone can be traumatized and what it has to do with homosexuality.) There are cases, from what I've read, of gay men who were also sexual addicts who approached Freud or his daughter for treatment. All they wanted was to be freed from their addiction...they didn't want to become str8t. However, during the course of their treatment one of the side effects was that they saw their homosexual desires dwindle as well. So often, addictive behavior I've seen does indeed come from past wounds, and the story I'd read of Freud's patients buttresses the notion that, for some, homosexuality is indeed a result of an emotional wound. In fact...


04/22/2004 06:55:04 PM

JohnQ, I forgot to mention...I've no idea how your sexuality came to be, nor would I try to even guess right now. Interesting you should mention Kinsey for two reasons. 1. I know of a gay scientist, a very intelligent young man (also a follower of Christianity), who has said that (and this is using animal analogies, which so many are wont to do comparing "gay rams", "gay penguins" and other such occurences to human behavior) if we go by the animal kingdom it would be impossible NOT to have people who have gone from a "Kinsey 1" to a "Kinsey 6" (or whatever the numbers were from completely gay to completely straight).


04/22/2004 06:24:12 PM

Personally although I don't agree with everything kwayne says I do believe he raises so very real and true points. He's right on point with many of his post but if we dare to believe them they just might shake our faith in what we came to believe about ourselves. blessed <


04/22/2004 06:19:25 PM

faynew: You speak in absolutes you cannot possibly know. And from my experience with people alone I can tell you, you're wrong. Although some things you say have basis, there are no absolutes except in God. blessed <


04/22/2004 02:22:28 PM

kwayne1- You wrote: "And faynew, how do you indeed KNOW it's not possible to change orientation?" Since no one really knows at this time, I will state my opinion. I believe that as Kinsey suggested some 50 years ago, some people are very straight and some people are very gay. In between is where most people fall. This ranges from gay to bisexual to straight. I think it is possible for some bisexual people to be happy with mates of either gender..but, most people are far more drawn to one or the other genders. I think the real question is: 'Why would anyone want to be someone different than they are?' Peace!


04/22/2004 02:15:26 PM

kwayne1- Absolutely, many people have been sexually abused. However, there is a big difference between causation and correlation. Just because someone is gay/bi/straight and was molested....it does not mean that they changed oreintation do to the molestation. As far as wounds, I believe whether physical, mental, or emotional...wounds should be allowed to heal. I do not understand what not being homosexual has to do with healing wounds. Peace!


04/22/2004 11:28:01 AM

JohnQ, did you even read my whole post? I said that I know what happened to my friend (and apparently Jamiel Terry) did NOT happen to many GLBT individuals. Just because it didn't happen to you (I praise God for that) doesn't mean it didn't to others. As for "disservice"...there's no doubt in my mind that there are many in the GLBT community who have become so because of being traumatized at an early age, and due to repeated choices they've made as a result. If so, they have been wounded. And what I seem to hear from many in the GLBT community is that instead of healing (even if that healing involves leaving homosexuality) they should keep their wounds fresh. And faynew, how do you indeed KNOW it's not possible to change orientation? Do you have the power of mental telepathy to read the thoughts and hearts of others?


04/22/2004 09:49:06 AM

kwayne, you are doing as great a disservice to gay men and women with your tale as Randall Terry is doing to his son. The man who describes himself as homosexual/bisexual needs to learn to understand himself better. No amount of love from father to son can 'cure' a person of homosexuality. In the first place, there's nothing to cure. We are all whole and complete children of God, and gay and lesbian people do not choose their sexual orientation. While it is possible to change behavior and live a frustrated and unhappy life denying one's sexuality, it is not possible to change the orientation that gives rise to the desire. It is unfortunate that our fear causes us to deny and reject such a large segment of our sosiety, despite Jesus' admonition that we "love our neighbor as ourselves." Randall Terry and kwayne need to learn to love and embrace, not castigate and tolerate.


04/22/2004 09:44:22 AM

kwayne1- So are you saying that young girls who are abused by older males would have been lesbians if not abused by males? Is it possible that your friend was gay and abused by his father? I assure you that I have a great relationship with my father and some of my uncles. I also had a great relationship with my mother and some of my aunts. I was never sexually abused. Yet I am gay/bisexual. Any thoughts on why?


04/22/2004 09:36:23 AM

A friend of mine from Atlanta alternated between describing himself as homosexual and bisexual. He'd told his story in public before or else I wouldn't repeat it here. (And please know that I realize many GLBT individuals don't have a story like his or Jamiel Terry's, and were raised in (ostensibly) happy homes.) But in this very kind man's case, he knew precisely why he became gay. It was because he was seeking the love of his Dad that he never received. In fact, the main attention his father gave him was when he was molesting my friend and his sisters. My friend came to see that the way he'd seen things as a child was so wrong. He had a thirst for God's healing. But he'd been emotionally hurt so badly (praise God he was in an abuse survivors group) he wanted to go to but was afraid to visit an ex-gay ministry. The childhood memories were simply too painful for him to revisit.


04/22/2004 09:23:32 AM

JohnQ writes: "What do you mean by 'sexually disoriented'"? Glad to answer. Suppose your Mom gives birth to you in prison. That indicates she's made some bad choices, and is possibly unfit to be a Mom. Then let's say whomever raised you and your two siblings exposed you to prostitution and drug use, and committed "bad deeds" against you, as Randall Terry says happened to Jamiel. Abuse of any kind to a child 8 or under sets down patterns in a mind which can't make sense of them. I think we can be assured, however, that this is a young man who needed a Mom and Dad, and affection from both. As I said earlier, there are many of us (myself included) whose romantic attractions originated from things we chose to believe about ourselves, men, women and love, choices which were made at a very early age. I don't see any way such an early childhood background such as Jamiel Terry had could have helped him see himself, men, women and love in anything but an abnormal way.


04/21/2004 11:57:51 PM

I very much encourage them both to reconcil and find common ground. I believe that Jamiel must speak the truth about who/what he is. If that is straight...great, if it is gay....great, and/or if it is bisexaul...great. He should be free to choose and free to be. Peace!


04/21/2004 11:06:25 PM

Great guy this Randell Terry guy, and a compassionate man. For the situation he is in given his set of beliefs I believe he is doing more than enough for Jamiel. I also believe poor Jamiel has been exploited by the press, (prostituted) just as he was exploited in his youth before he came to this loving home. He has made some poor choices. People can cheer him on in his poor choices but it was Randell who raised him, not the people who are cheering him on separating the family even more. blessed <


04/21/2004 07:37:56 PM

reynolds936- Which misinformation are you referring to? Peace!


04/21/2004 07:22:05 PM

The more I thought about this article the more outraged I became that beliefnet would post an article that has such BLATANT misinformation in it without making some sort of editorial comment. I just sent them an e-mail. We'll see what they have to say. If you are similarly inclined, the feedback site is http://www.beliefnet.com/about/feedback_general.asp You need to know the URL of the article and that it is in the news & society section.


04/21/2004 07:11:31 PM

kwayne1- What do you mean by 'sexually disoriented'? If you are referring to Jamiel Terry, I thought the article says he is gay. Peace!


04/21/2004 12:26:34 PM

Sorry to have to split the message below into 5 separate posts!


04/21/2004 12:24:54 PM

In addition, with what Jamiel Terry was exposed to (and I don't think Randall Terry truly wants to say what all went on, possibly to protect his son, and possibly to protect his siblings) you can be assured he didn't have a strong father figure in his life. No Dad would knowingly let his kids be hurt like young Jamiel and his siblings apparently were. But you can bet your house on one thing...Jamiel Terry WANTED affection and affirmation from a Dad, especially if his mother caused him nothing but hurt. What if in his early years the only male affection and affirmation he got were from males who also abused and molested him? What if he came to associate both together as "what I want and NEED from another male?" I'd honestly like someone to show me a child with a background like Jamiel Terry's or the actor's who DIDN'T get sexually disoriented. The question I have in my mind is: "What kind of counseling and treatment, if any, did Randall Terry get for his adopted children?"


04/21/2004 12:24:36 PM

Still continuing... Can anyone tell me with a straight face how a young boy could look at a biological mother like that (who would sell him out to her paid johns who would do only God Himself knows what to the boy), and think from his earliest recollections: "Woman are nice. They, like my Mom, are sweet and kind and won't hurt me. I WANT one of them in my life someday." Who can honestly say that a boy would truly BELIEVE this with a biological mother like the actor's, or possibly Jamiel Terry's?


04/21/2004 12:23:59 PM

Still continuing... Let's just say that romantic love does indeed manifest itself before sexual love. Let's just say romantic love may be biologically programmed to a degree (we're all created as sexual beings) but is influenced from earliest childhood memories, when a child is deciding who women are, who men are, what "love" is, etc. Let's also say that PARENTS, or at least primary caregivers, are the initial role models for what the child will come to see a man or woman as. And let's say Jamiel Terry's early childhood was at least as bad as the aforementioned actor's. (Who despite his vivacious onscreen personna has been under frequent treatment for depression.)


04/21/2004 12:22:59 PM

Continuing my thoughts from below: Now, one of my gay bulletin board acquaintances is involved in the entertainment community, and knows among others an actor who I've always seen tries to bring happiness and merriment to his audience. My acquaintance says said actor "had a childhood I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy." When I asked the former about this privately, he said the actor's mother was a prostitute, who would let her clients "diddle" her son as part of her paid favors. :>((----


04/21/2004 12:21:55 PM

I get the feeling that Randall Terry is not wanting to tell the whole truth...to PROTECT rather than hurt his son. He says, from what I've read, that his son was literally "born in prison". He says that Jamiel and his siblings were taken from their "very dark" home when his son was 8 because the children had been exposed to prostitution and had bad deeds done against them. Well... I've known lots of gay people, in person and on bulletin boards. In the latter categories I've found it fascinating how, in discussions as to what "gayness" really is about (if such can be quantified) they inevitably settle on the definition that it results from romantic attraction toward men, not sexual...the former must be present before the latter. (The National Review's John Derbyshire, in a column aimed at straights, says pretty much the same thing: http://nationalreview.com/derbyshire/derbyshire200402200836.asp )


04/21/2004 08:07:11 AM

I am shocked and astounded by what I have just read. Does he really think that a child traumatized young cannot be helped past a certain age? And that homosexuality is based on trauma anyway? I would say the action of outing oneself in the press is the worrying behaviour on the part of the son here, not the homosexuality. Mr Terry perhaps needs to look closer to home for both the real problem and the real solution.


04/20/2004 11:25:22 PM

It seems Terry Randall is a victim of his own thinking. If he had any self-awareness at all he would be taking responsibility for his words & actions. It's such a head trip to create an environment that is so hostile to gays (and consequently his own son) which then creates all sorts of mental anguish for gay people and THEN he has the cruelty to blame it on homosexuality. As for the blatant anti-gay lies he has spread in this interview and over his life, I just wonder how he can call himself a Christian and engage in that kind of behavior.


04/20/2004 06:47:04 PM

newmexico1, my statistic came from nowhere but my head. I simply stated it to show how absolutely preposterous Terry is in his assertions, his thinking and his willingness to play on popular prejudices to make a bad point. My apologies. I am in shock at the number of people that are willing to believe what anyone they don't know wrote. Good for you for doing and publishing the research.


04/20/2004 06:01:34 PM

CAUSE OF DEATH: INEQUALITY.(mortality statistics analysis, United States)(Statistical Data Included) Dollar & Sense, May, 2001, by Alejandro Reuss http://www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m2548/2001_May/75143974/p1/article.jhtml


04/20/2004 05:55:20 PM

National Urban League Statistics http://www.nul.org/pdf/sobaexec.pdf


04/20/2004 05:41:08 PM

More recent statistis on African Americans. http://www.healthgap.omhrc.gov/aa.pdf


04/20/2004 05:33:19 PM

I don't understand where this statistic came from. The average death age of a male black man in America is about 24 years old. Should we make them white? http://www.rcgd.isr.umich.edu/prba/perspectives/spring1995/ccollins.pdf


04/20/2004 05:18:14 PM

another look at the "42" statistic. http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/rainbow/html/facts_cameron_obit.html


04/20/2004 04:57:59 PM

Repeating this dubious statistic may actually contribute negatively to the average age of death of gays. It encourages fatalism, anomie, a "live fast, die young" attitude.


04/20/2004 04:51:51 PM

"The average death age of a male homosexual is 42 years old because of disease, because of suicide, because of alcoholism, because of drugs, because of violence." A dubious statistic, and here's why. http://www.indegayforum.org/authors/olson/olson27.html


04/20/2004 02:02:44 PM

I can almost hear the rage in Randall Terry's voice. Just by reading his reactions to the questions made me feel extremely sorry for Jamiel, no matter how much he says he loves him. I would like to hear what Jamiel's mother/ Randall's wife has to say about the article in Out Magazine.


04/20/2004 10:52:45 AM

"The average death age of a male homosexual is 42 years old because of disease, because of suicide, because of alcoholism, because of drugs, because of violence." The average death age of a male black man in America is about 24 years old. Should we make them white? Randall Terry is lucky to still have his son. What a shame he has to make it so difficult for them both.


04/20/2004 10:12:15 AM

Funny how Terry's language sounds exactly like that of a pedophile when the kids come forth. "why is this happening to me?" "why would my kids do this do me?" Whine, whine, whine. Narcissistic @#$%


04/20/2004 09:56:49 AM

cknuck: I'm sure you've been asked this before, but I still think it's a valid question: If homosexuality is a choice, then when did you "choose" to be heterosexual?


04/19/2004 10:28:25 PM

Jamiel probably pleased his father with this 2000 essay. Why is Homosexual Marriage being Compared to Civil Rights? By Jamiel Terry for WebToday http://www.888webtoday.com/jamiel3.html Which means, that Jamiel already was a public figure on Gay Rights in his own right. Wrong, but his own man, who has repented...unlike his father


04/19/2004 09:42:24 PM

4/19/04 8:19:09 PM I'd like to add to my thread below that while being made to pretend that they are not who they are (like homosexuals are made to do by society) can be pretty horrible for any human being. BUT most homosexuals deal with it and are as emotionally and physically healthy as the rest of the population. I'm still waiting for one of the "perfect" Christians out there to make a case for why we shouldn't love ALL of God's children, as Jesue beseeched us to. No takers?


04/19/2004 09:40:56 PM

4/19/04 7:24:51 PM AND it's also my understanding that Jesus directed us to love ALL of his children. I don't believe he made any exceptions, like except for the homosexuals, except for the white people, except for the short people. I hope that this clears it up for all the homophobes out there who CLAIM to be good Christians. This is right out of the Lord's mouth.... 4/19/04 8:01:30 PM My dears, homosexuality is unhealthy ONLY in that AIDS is a big concern today, and many HETROSEXUALS have a hard time remembering to use a condom. It could also be said that homosexuality is unhealthy because the general public has been conditioned to shun them, and they have been made to hide or suffer unbelievable consequences. My goodness, that would make ANY good soul a little nuts, don't you think? one more...


04/19/2004 09:40:54 PM

4/19/04 7:24:51 PM AND it's also my understanding that Jesus directed us to love ALL of his children. I don't believe he made any exceptions, like except for the homosexuals, except for the white people, except for the short people. I hope that this clears it up for all the homophobes out there who CLAIM to be good Christians. This is right out of the Lord's mouth.... 4/19/04 8:01:30 PM My dears, homosexuality is unhealthy ONLY in that AIDS is a big concern today, and many HETROSEXUALS have a hard time remembering to use a condom. It could also be said that homosexuality is unhealthy because the general public has been conditioned to shun them, and they have been made to hide or suffer unbelievable consequences. My goodness, that would make ANY good soul a little nuts, don't you think? one more...


04/19/2004 09:35:14 PM

4/19/04 6:59:31 PM Cknuck, I disagree with you, sir. It has as much to do with vanity as, like I said and perhaps you did not catch, being born with brown eyes instead of blue eyes, or being tall instead of short--it is a genetic phenomena--and it is my understanding that God doesn't make mistakes. 4/19/04 7:13:28 PM Sir, being black? Again, being homosexual has as much to do with vanity as being born black or white, male or female, ignorant or intelligent, having the trait of needing to berate others to make yourself feel good or being a tolerant human being. Are you suggesting that being born black is a choice, too? Please explain. more to follow....


04/19/2004 09:25:27 PM

I just realized that I've been making my comments/observations to the wrong group of people. There are TWO threads going, one for Jamiel (where I've been joining the conversation) and one for Randall, where my comments NEED to be. Here they are, and I wait with anticipation to hear from any of the homophobes out there who want to argue the point that Jesus told us to love ALL of God's children... More to follow as there is a limit to the postings.


04/19/2004 04:07:03 PM

It seems to me that Randall Terry's concerns are all about himself - what this has done or not done to him, who gives him sympathy or not. He views it as a betrayal because his son made a move to be honest with himself, and it doesn't fit Randall Terry's viewpoint or agenda. Also, the issues that Randall Terry cites to substantiate his claim about the destructive nature of homosexuality are kind of a which came first "the chicken or the egg" question. Many of those issues exist within homosexuals and they exist within other populations. Many do not exist in many homosexuals just as they don't exist in many other people. Also, perhaps they are exacerbated in individuals who are different and not supported in their developmental process or made to feel unacceptable, immoral, and damaged by a larger society and individuals such as Randall Terry.


04/19/2004 03:58:02 PM

Within the last few years science has found a genetic marker for people who are homosexual. This mean, Mr. Terry, that most of the time, people who are gay are made that way by God. It's like being born with blue eyes or brown eyes, or bing right or left handed, compassionate towards others, or not. There are also people who become gay because they have suffered some horribly traumatic event at the hands of the opposite sex. That being said, here is my question to you--given that you are an anti-abortionist, when God decides to make a baby who will be gay, should we abort THOSE babies just because YOU are ignorant and otherwise offended by something you've been programmed to fear and hate?


04/19/2004 03:24:00 PM

Randall Terry is ignorant of the facts. Gay men do not have a shorter life span that straight men; the "research" that led to this erroneous conclusion was that the "researcher" read the obituaries in gay-oriented publications and then averaged the ages. It's a bunch of hooey. Furthermore, people with a same-sex orientation do not choose that. The fact is that most gay people have chosen, at one point or another in their lives, to be straight, but found they could not change their orientation. Jesus said nothing at all about gay people or gay marriage, but He had plenty to say about divorce, judging others and casting the first stone. People like Randall Terry give Christianity a bad name; I think he wouldn't know Jesus Christ if He was walking among us today. Randall doesn't trust his son; I think he doesn't much trust God, either.


04/19/2004 01:03:36 PM

Amen psionycx, Jamiel's father has implied that Jamiel's sin (of which I dissagree the bible is clear on) is worse than his own of adultery (which in the bible is very clear) however not one christian is wailing about that. It's okay for Randall to do whatever against God but no one else. It appears very clear to me that he is indeed a hypocrite to the worst degree.


04/18/2004 11:34:46 PM

It's nauseatingly hypocritical for a divorced man to argue that people need to put morals above their personal feelings. But as with most people in his business, Terry believes that absolute morality only applies to other people. As for his complaints about violated privacy, Terry has made a whole career out of being a public personality and casting himself as an expert on "family values". In adopting that role he opens himself up to understandable scrutiny of how the family of such an "expert" operates.


04/18/2004 08:26:58 PM

if you have an enemy-centered religious beliefs than you make enemies ..he has made his own son the eneemy


04/18/2004 08:25:05 PM

i feel sorry for the son ...... ive got kids theyve done things that i dont approve of and were embarrassing to me ...... well as the previous poster said ..welcome to the real world MR terry


04/18/2004 10:51:31 AM

Terry whines because he and his son were netted by a political dirty trick. Apparently, because he imagines that he speaks for God, he also imagines that he is immune to political dirty tricks. He doesn't seem to realize that he is merely a politician who happens to use the idiom of religion as a vehicle to foist his programs on others. Welcome to the real world, Mr. Terry.


04/18/2004 06:45:51 AM

godzkid said: This gives the impression that Jamiel is tolerant & forgiving and Randall is not. Ummmm...how much do you know about Randall Terry? His "Summer of Mercy" abortion demonstrations in my city some years ago rather clearly indicated that his beliefs are more important than kindness, tolerance and compassion. He and his most ardent followers could fairly be said, I believe, to be directly responsible for the federal law that requires demonstrators to maintain a specific distance from patients entering abortion clinics. Some people may decide, without reading the interviews, what both men are all about. So, it's the headline writer who's to blame and not the reader who can't be bothered to read the full text of both interviews and to draw conclusions on that basis? Come on! This is preposterous. Randall Terry is a man most unlikely EVER to tolerate the fact that his son is gay.


04/18/2004 12:21:02 AM

WOW! i find it very interesting that this site seems to be trying to give both sides yet is so obviously tilting favor to the side of Jamiel Terry. What i am refering to is the headers for the interviews, Jamiel's quote is "He's Doing it out of Love" and Randall's is "He's Bringing Great Sadness to our Home, and Embarassment to our Family." This gives the impression that Jamiel is tolerant & forgiving and Randall is not. Some people may decide, without reading the interviews, what both men are all about. Throughout both interviews both men expressed their love for the other, and the disappointment & hurt they've both endured. I could be seeing things, but it just makes me wonder what was said and then cut from the article in order to spin things a little to the left.


04/17/2004 11:45:56 PM

rattivore- What is an 'objective moral disorder'? Jamiel does not mention in his interview nor, in the article he wrote that he is ill. What kind of a doctor are you? Peace!


04/17/2004 11:28:37 PM

The boy is obviously ill. In fact homosexuality is an objective moral disorder. If you are afflicted with same sex desires contact the catholic group Courage. They will help you.


04/17/2004 11:21:04 AM

Ok, so his son's an "addict". Can anyone say DENIAL... . The fact is that, no thanks to his rigid, 99 percent thought-free religious beliefs, he is constitutionally incapable of seeing that his son has always been this way. The "addiction" thing is simply a dodge to avoid the fact that he knows damn well that his views on homosexuality aren't backed up by the facts. He even tacitly admits that his son "has always had those feelings". Gee whiz, beev, could the "feelings" be the basis for his afectional orientation, rather than his "behavior" (whatever that is). Pax et Lux, Aquila


04/17/2004 01:20:16 AM

jghavens- You wrote: "He doesn't believe in homosexuality he never said "I hate homo's" he called it an addiction." Yes, and lies hurt people. Homosexuality is no more an addiction than is heterosexuality. Peace!


04/17/2004 01:10:14 AM

jghavens- Hi! I do have compassion for you and love (as in love for all God's children) for you. I do hate your sin. As a Christian, I take exception to you twisting the the word of God to suit you crusade. Either actually study the Bible in the original ancient Greek and Hewbrew or read a first generation translation. You are quote an interpretation of an interpretation of an etc. Please stop spreading condemnation in the name of God. God Bless You and may you open your heart and mind to God's love and will!


04/17/2004 01:00:54 AM

BTW he never said he hated his son, he's mad about the media involvment in a private matter! He doesn't believe in homosexuality he never said "I hate homo's" he called it an addiction. In Him


04/17/2004 12:57:55 AM

Well my pro gay friends Terry is a Christian, Romans says homosexuality is a sin. If we did not follow the bible and it's teachings we would not be Christian. I think he's hurt about the "coming out" thing, I think his son did it to get him for the divorce (coming out to the media). (He was obviously hurt by it-the divorce). His father is dealing with this with disbelief and anger. Yes Jesus taught us to love but you can love the sinner and hate the sin. You call Terry and people like him and myself bigots?? Why because we believe in the word of God where it says that it is?! I have only seen one other post on here by b-baggins that says the same thing I have. Get a grip people you talk about love but talk about hating people like Terry who "hates"; that's the pot calling the kettle black. In Him


04/16/2004 08:54:10 PM

I find myself quietly crying into my dinner plate over the hatred that Randall Terry is showing toward his son, Jamiel. I cried when I read Jamiel's story, and am crying even harder now, especially as a Christian. I cry for Randall, sensing that his hatred of homosexuals (who are God's children, created in God's Imange) has distorted his love for his son. That hatred is the issue here, not Christian beliefs, which he has twisted to suit his prejudice. As far as the issue of Jamiel's being adopted, the elder Terry has made far too much of it. Regardless if a child is yours by adoption or procreation, he or she is your child, and you have no right to disown him or her because of his or her behavior. Shame on you, Randall Terry!


04/16/2004 08:06:00 PM

terry randall obviously loves his son, and is now having to deal with this. jameil has had time to deal with it. terry hasn't, or at least not as much. i think something else we all need to remember is that we can not fight hate with hate. love is the only weapon we have to fight hate, and that is gods love, and it is even for people that don't understand the way we feel or how they make us feel. when we understand that and put it into practice, that is when we will become a truly christian society. peace


04/16/2004 08:00:54 PM

i feel for both of them. i always find it very sad whenever someone uses God as excuse to hate.no matter wich way that hate go's.i am a gay man, and have had to endure, as have anyone else that is gay, people who hate me for what i am, as well as people that hate themselves for being what they are. god is love. we are to love each other as god loves us and that unconditional. one thing that gay people need to realize is that straight people have no idea what we go through to come to terms with ourselves. being taught that god hates gays is what kept me from god and his love for years. fortunatly he finally got through. it is a struggle for me not condemn people for what thay say or feel, but that is afterall gods job. only he knows our heart of hearts and will judge us accordingly. i pray for both of these men, and hope they can come to terms with each other


04/16/2004 07:25:06 PM

re: this story - Harper Valley PTAmen.


04/16/2004 04:47:24 PM

I'm confused. How is socially villified homosexuality a choice whereas socially acceptable heterosexuality is inborn? Wouldn't you choose to lead the easier life and not be gay if you could? I suppose "addiction" is the answer for that, but I'm a recovering addict and know it's not that simple; it's not an answer at all. But then those who never experience these things are usually the ones defining them, aren't they?


04/16/2004 04:34:45 PM

What gets me is the way anyone could pick one thing to "crusade" against. Even under the assuption homsecuality is a sin, why is it more worthy of attention than, say, gluttony? Where are the anti-gluttony activists boycotting fast food resturants and ice cream stands? Where are the "God hate's fat people" signs?


04/16/2004 12:48:19 PM

I do not have enough explicatives in my vocabulary to describe what I think of this bigoted fool. Obviously Jamiel is adopted. A bright, loving, open young man like jim did not come from the same gene pool. Message to Randall Terry: Open your eyes, jackass! Ever though about the possibility that THE REAL GOD is trying to teach you a lesson about your disgusting hatred and intolerance? Not your twisted, ugly, sick idea of God. That is not God. It is evil. Jamiel, bravo for following your heart. Don't let this man bring you down. As said in previous posts, you have the support of millions of fair-minded, loving people who TRULY FOLLOW GOD, who support you and love you the way you are. Peace!


04/16/2004 12:44:21 PM

Randall Terry must remain celibate the rest of his life to remain true to Jesus teaching that a man may divorce for infidelity but must then remain chaste, for he commits adultery if he has sex with another, or remarries. Since Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, I guess he could remain sin free by having a committed monogamous relationship with another man. He hates homos, maybe he cannot accept his own secret desires?


04/16/2004 12:06:12 PM

Jamiel and others, there are many, many straight people out in the world who do not care who you chose to love. We will win in the end for Love is a powerful thing. God who is power is Love and no matter what anyone, and I mean anyone, says you are loved you are valid and this world would not be without you. Peace to all who struggle, on either side of the issue. Please remember love does conquer all.


04/16/2004 11:31:04 AM

And being that Randall is a divorced man, it amazes me that it escapes his notice that the Gospel accounts record that Jesus in many passages said a great deal against divorce, yet mentions nothing of homosexuality whatsoever.


04/16/2004 11:27:20 AM

Terry Randall is exhibiting hatred, not "godly" love. He hates because he is convinced he knows the mind of God (which he believes is revealed in the Bible). And to know the mind of God is probably quite empowering to him. To have that empowerment challenged by his gay son has Mr. Randall reacting with his exceptionally cold demeanor and spitting daggers at the sone he believes to already be suffering inside. He leaves no room for mercy or compassion, which doesn't necessarily mean accepting his son's lifestyle. But it does mean listening without motive of judgment.


04/16/2004 11:21:36 AM

1) Terry Randall is an idiot. Not because he's anti-gay, but because he's heartless, and his "love" is cold and legalistic, not warm and compassionate. 2) Randall calls his son a liar numerous times in the interview. He says his son is immoral. Is it possible Jamiel got these traits from his upbringing? 3) Randall says homosexuality is an acquired trait, not an inherent one, yet he says Jamiel was likely scarred long before he adopted him. This isn't only a cop out whereby he tries to remove himself from any "responsibility" for his son's "perversion", but it's also cruel. If Randall is true to his convictions, he should have compassion on his son who is now, according to Randall, manifesting the effects of his terrible childhood.


04/16/2004 11:11:41 AM

Let's turn the tables around. Suppose, just suppose, there was a well-known anti-heterosexual activist whose son had just announced his heterosexuality. And suppose this activist claimed that his son "deeply embarassed and betrayed" him by telling his story. Randall Terry would be on the bandwagon praising this son for his courage and conviction. Of course, when the tables are turned, Randall squeals like a stuck pig. Randall Terry is not only a bigot and a tyrant, he's a hypocrite too.


04/16/2004 11:01:22 AM

Randall Terry couldn't be more arrogant or myopic. The world is all about HIM, his version of morality, his reputation, his needs, his life. Apparently, even his own family is not allowed to say or do anything that doesn't personally profit Randall. Jamiel has every right to tell his story to whoever will listen. That Randall is infuriated that his son's life doesn't fall into lock-step with his Christian bigotry is typical for a man who has spent his entire life trying to force his version of morality on the rest of the world.


04/16/2004 10:56:32 AM

"I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good ... if a Christian voted for Clinton, he sinned against God. It's that simple. Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a biblical duty, we are called by God to conquer this country..." -Randall Terry nuff said


04/16/2004 10:10:02 AM

b-baggins- Did you read the interview with Jamiel? It did not sound to me like he was attacking his father. I sounded like he was telling his story. Peace!


04/16/2004 10:08:27 AM

The majority of the talkbacks here are fascinating. A man takes $5000, writes a hit piece on his family, betraying their trust, and exposing their privacy, his father calls him on it, and the SON is the victim?!?


04/16/2004 10:06:46 AM

ruth, Terry's son is adopted. Terry took him in as a foster child from an abusive home. Some years later, he petitioned to adopt the boy. I find it interesting that you don't think handing over private family photos and attacking your father for money is not hateful.


04/16/2004 10:04:59 AM

darnay, I notice you make a lot of insinuations and accusations against Terry. What I find interesting is that the actual FACTS of what his son did are not in dispute.


04/16/2004 09:41:36 AM

It seems to me that Mr. Terry is a deeply ignorant, deeply egotistical man who, underneath it all, loves his son very much. His attempts here and elsewhere to cheapen his son's credibility just to prop up his own reputation are both sad and telling. The very idea that his son (or anyone else) would put themselves thru this for less than $5000 dollars shows just how little Mr. Terry knows about the deeply intense stress his son is under right now. Mr. Terry has build a career out of shaming and embarassing people, making them believe they are 'lesser-than' because they don't fall in lockstep with his deeply mis-informed outlook on the world. Mr. Terry is right, emotions are sometimes out of control, but behavior can be controlled. Mr. Terry should spend a little time reflecting on how effective his behavior is in conveying the love he does obviously feel for his son. God bless his family, and may he come to accept his son and his son's sexual orientation as exactly what they are....gifts from God.


04/16/2004 09:17:04 AM

part two... After a span of a few years, I became aware that all of my daughter's friends were either gay, lesbian or transsexual. Then she had a beautiful butterfly tattooed on her entire back. I said nothing as it IS her personal business.. but I knew.. and felt not one qualm. Finally she "worked up her courage", took me out for a fancy dinner, and told me. All I could think to say was that she could have taken me to the local fast-food place cheaper... AND, I loved/love her dearly... AND, she is the same awesome, intelligent, golden girl she always was.. Mr. Terry is missing so much. A child is priceless. And, at this time in society, what a wonderful blessing it is to me that I am able to actively work to help bring about gay/lesbian rights, including marriage. Mr. Terry is the one who is not worthy... and it is not sympathy I feel for him... it is disgust.


04/16/2004 09:16:27 AM

What a totally hateful person Randall Terry is. I can understand his embarrassment to a point. I cannot understand how a father could ban his own flesh-and-blood son from the family home. And to diminish Jamiel as a human being with every word is loathesome. I too, at one time long ago, had "doctrinal religious" issues about homosexuality. I chose to pray, and ask the God of my understanding to guide me in HIS choice of how I should consider the gay/lesbians I lived around. He did wonderfully... and I became good friends with so many worthy, caring, respectable human beings as a result. part one... to be continued


04/16/2004 08:45:30 AM

"We all fall short of the glory of God." I am Catholic, and as such, cannot come out in favour of gay marriage, a sacrament we believe to be ultimately ordered to procreation of the species. But what I can say is that the Apostle John characterizes who God is with a single word - Love. We cannot earn God's love. Instead he gives it freely, even unconditionally. When the prodigal Son returns home, he isn't welcomed home after a stern reprimand, or told to become the son the father will conditionally love. Instead the ecstatic father rushes out with a signet ring! That is the only kind of love that in fact is love, according to St. Paul in his famous ode to love. Fathers are born to love their sons, and sons are born to love their fathers. If we try to be fulfilled in and through what each other becomes, we will always be disappointed. Only unconditionally can we receive or give the Love that never disappoints, or can be disappointed.


04/16/2004 05:32:12 AM

My heart goes out to Jamiel, because he obviously doesn't have the loving father that he deserves. If his father really loved him, he would at least make some attempt to actually learn about homosexuality instead of talking from his rear and spouting all this cliche homophobic trash. He also wouldn't slander him and toss hateful accusations at him left and right. He acknowledges that his son is going through a tough time in his life right now, but at the same time seems hellbent on making it worse for him. It seems that the only way Jamiel will gain his father's love is by going to this ex-gay ministry program or whatever it is, and letting them brainwash him into thinking he is a worthless animal who isn't even worthy of life unless he is able to 'overcome' his homosexuality. But from what I've read of these programs, suicide would br much more likely result.


04/16/2004 05:31:31 AM

Terry says that we cannot live a life of peace and happiness because we live a degrading lifestyle, and that this is the reason why his son cannot find peace. Well, it is very hard for some gays to be happy because we are constantly under attack. Even if we're able to find the love of our life, we have to constantly live in fear of our life as well as our partner's life because of bigots like Terry, Robertson, Falwell, etc. To even hold your partner's hand in public can mean getting beaten to death or even killed.


04/16/2004 05:29:24 AM

I do not deny that there is a high rate of depression, suicide, etc. amongst homosexuals. However, Terry is claiming this is because homosexuality is a sexual 'addiction'. Ha. Not quite. It's because bigots like Terry encourage hatred towards homosexuals and have homophobic teachings being preached in the church, which is where many of these troubles gays go for guidance. I am a homosexual myself and I know from experience that sometimes it seems like the entire world hates you, and then you go to holy ground seeking peace and serenity only to get bombarded with hatred there as well. You are told that God hates you and that you can't believe in him. You're told you're going to burn in hell forever for something you can't control. You're told that AIDS is a disease created by God solely for the purpose of killing gay men, and that every gay man that has it deserves it a thousand times over. So how is it any surprise that suicide rates are so high in the gay community, particularly among gay teenagers?


04/16/2004 01:26:51 AM

3 Kids one of each kind.We knew very early that one child was different. Our choice based on our Born Again beliefs were to love that child and aceept that child as God made.Just as the other 2. Cut contact,lose all, tell him Bible says wrong once. Jesus is about Love, not condemnation for Believers.


04/16/2004 12:52:50 AM

What Mr. Terry fails to realize is that gays and lesbians do indeed suffer from higher suicide rates and younger deaths due to alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, etc.--not as a result of being gay, but because of the tremendous psychological damage done to a child during their formative years living in the closet. Of course if a person knows that their families and society condemns for being gay (i.e., being told they are "weak," that they're a "fag," that they are "going to hell" for being "an abomination,"), they will feel their life is worth nothing. It is bigots such as Mr. Terry that continue this hatred, which in turns fuels the fires that cause gay teens and young adults to want to kill themselves, whether it be by immediate suicide or his "death plan" approach. No one on this earth has any right to do that to another human being. God wouldn't want it. I can only hope Mr. Terry and his comrades can answer for their failure to make this world a better place at their deaths.


04/15/2004 10:53:38 PM

Say what you want about Terry. What I've heard is a hurting father who refers to a boy not his own as a son, time and agin.


04/15/2004 10:53:30 PM

While I feel great compassion for Jamiel, I feel very sad for Randall Terry. He will be tortured by his own doubts and fears for the rest of his life, and that will leave him in a dark and forbidding place indeed. Remember this Jesus led us to light and openness, not to darkness. Where do Randall Terry's ideas lead us?


04/15/2004 09:07:33 PM

What a sad family story! After reading both interviews I find I have great compassion for Jamiel. As for Randall, I fear that he has become a victim of his own prejudices and fears. Beyond saying that I must add that I blieve that very few if any ever choose homosexuality. Who would in the present cultural and religious contexts? As for the more recent acceptance of gay marriage and even the ordination of gay pastors, I regard that as proof that God continues to work in this world to right ancient wrongs through people of compassion and intelligence.