Dinner with God: Tofu or Steak?

What does your religion say about meat? Beliefnet features and other websites dealing with the faith-food connection.

Buddhists Don't Have to Give Up Meat

By Lama Surya Das

Buddhist Perspectives on Meat

Chicken Dignity


It's OK to eat meat, as long as we treat God's creatures humanely. By Richard Mouw

The Bible Says It's OK to Kill Animals for Food, But...

God's real intention was for people to one day realize that the message of compassion should be applied to all beings.

Interpreting Peter's Vision of Animals in Acts

It meant Jewish Christians could approach Gentiles, not that Christians can eat whatever they want.

Are Humans Abusing Dominion?

A National Review interview with an animal rights author.

Dominion Means Humans Are Above Animals
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