The Problem With Monotheism

Why the world's two largest faiths, Christianity and Islam, have a tendency to 'turn evil.'


08/13/2004 12:20:10 PM

This article can be summed up in 5 words: All paths lead to God. Every religion holds a piece of the truth. We all know there is something bigger than all of us. What many people choose to be in denial about is that religion was created for money. So groups of people could be controlled, admonished, oppressed. The only circumstance under which religion is good is when it serves one's one spiritual journey. Unfortunately, this is often a secondary function. Sometimes I get so frustrated and feel like yelling 'Wake up people!' I don't profess to have the answers and no one else can either. Stop killing your fellow man under this facade. Religion is only a means to an end, not the end!


05/03/2004 01:58:29 PM

It's not about mono-theorizing about Deity(ies). It's the monopoly of the energy to support a person's or a group's beliefs within a society that's at issue. This monopoly of rights (speech, assembly, cash flow) by a government is why people left their former countries and founded this one. This is why the applied socialism of Stalin and company died away. This is why monarchies don't work and democracy does. This is why the current government in the US needs to be reminded that monopolizing tactics of commerce/wealth and foreign "policy" won't work and only cooperation will. Monopolies in religion and in all of life are self-limiting and die of their own mental/genetic isolation and lack of evolution. Violence won't stem this. It is rightly so.


05/02/2004 08:47:28 AM

I think the basic point is a valid point. Men always will seek power. But a polythesist will be more tolerant in a religious sense than a monotheist. Mulitple gods can have multiple points of view. A single God will only have one point of view. It by separating church and State that we attempt to make monotheist's more tolerant in a religous sense. Naturally, monotheists will oppose separation of church and State and will attempt to force the State to enforce their beliefs and customs.


05/01/2004 02:36:27 PM

What he is saying is what I've beleived all along. I just posted this on another article about monotheism. These people who adamantly beleive their and only their religion possesses the absolute truth are called fundamentalists. These people are suffering from a collective mental illness that is the root of much of the violence in the world. It truly terrifies me to see that the current leaders of our country are part of this sick cult, and we are in grave danger of losing the separation of church and state that protects us from these lunatics.


05/01/2004 12:26:53 PM

I think this is a very balanced, sensible article. He hasn't condemned religion, or Christ. He has spoken sensibly about keeping your eye on Christ's message. There were people in Jesus's time who wanted him to be more political, and to invoke change. He worked instead to touch people's hearts, and left control to God, not man. God has given all of us free will, and it is our role to honor that, and to trust in him. God has not instructed us to legislate his kingdom, but to spread his word, and touch people's hearts. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit does the rest.


05/01/2004 08:57:48 AM

Well, that was short lived, and you do have to give some credit to technology. Frankly, the Inquisition didn't have the same tools (both military and bureaucratic) that the Communists did, but they DID get ousted in rather short order (in terms of history). Actually, I believe if you count all the Inquisitions, the 100 years of religious wars during the Reformation, the Witch Hunts, the interdenominational wars, and that's /just/ Christianity, we haven't even talked about the Biblical genocides, the wars Islam waged while taking power in the Middle East, the /current/ conflicts in places like Pakistan, Ireland, the Sudan, India, etc... that you'll find the Communists were... amateurs.


04/26/2004 03:49:33 PM

Oh please. Nobody has been more evil than the communists, who were atheists! They have killed more women, children, Jews, Christians, Muslims, anarchists... you name it! They killed more people in the 20th century than any other group ever! This is such propaganda.


01/09/2004 01:16:11 PM

Another example is blind obedience to a leader. When people become so convinced of a particular person or charismatic leader that they blindly will follow that person, it can lead to.... BUSH... o' my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


06/05/2003 10:08:40 AM

Firstly, I would refute the idea that Judaism has been less harmful than Christianity and Islam. Certainly there have been atrocities committed in the name of Judaism as well. Secondly, my test would be a simple one. Since we are all creatures of God and each of our religions say that we are made in His image, to do some loathsome act against innocent people only proves that you are the child of a corrupt and evil God who would do likewise. This means that either your God has become a monster that no rightful person would serve, and you are only a small, horrible copy of His corruption, or that you have totally mistaken the nature of your God and allowed yourself to become corrupt. I ask you, as a believer, which is most likely?