Create Your Own September 11 Anniversary Service

More resources for September 11 memorials, commemorations, healing, and other services, from many faiths.

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Remembering September 11

Resources from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Prayers, hymns, and more.

Evening Prayer Commemoration

Hymns, pslams, and prayers for an Evening Prayer service to commemorate September 11, from the Oregon Catholic Press.

Worship Resources for 9/11 Anniversary

From the United Church of Christ. A new 9/11 liturgy, a 9/11 Bible study, and music for 9/11 hymns.

9/11 Commemorations


Individuals are invited to post their suggestions for September 11 readings and poems on this Christian liturgy website, or use them for their church's memorial service.


Project Zachor


Commemoration ideas from the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts. Features suggested readings and prayers for a Jewish memorial service, including traditional Yizkor and Moley Rachamim prayers, as well as new poems and responsive readings.


Audio Suggestions from CLAL

An audio CD, which users can download onto their computers, of words and music to commemorate September 11, produced by the faculty of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership.

Prayers for Jewish & Interfaith Services

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations provides suggested prayers, psalms, and songs for the anniversary of September 11.

Observing the One-Year Anniversary

Resources from the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism to help Jewish families "respond in a Jewish way" to the events of September 11.


Buddhist Peace Fellowship
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