Be Your Own Bible Scholar

All you have to do is think like a Bible character.


02/05/2011 10:31:29 AM

I just finished reading the book--amazing! It is fresh, shows painstaking detail, very objective, and full of insight. Why haven't the seminary professors been writing like this for the past century? We would have significantly better resources if they did. I think it shows that Christian curriculum is lacking in the area of studies in comparative literature. Too bad Reis doesn't study Greek too. Rober Alter has also done so great work of a similar nature.


09/27/2002 02:20:13 PM

Wow indeed, human1! it's refreshing and encouraging to see someone have the courage to look deeply into the Bible, think for herself, use her imagination (very intelligently, I think) and have a sense of humor and wonder, all at the same time. Let's face it, friends; biblical scholarship can be a dry, tedious business sometimes. I'm finding a reading that book! Another thing that is impressive is that Ms. Reis' has the courage to say that the women in the Bible had their flaws too. I get so tired of the "woman good, man bad" rhetoric of so many feminists.


09/27/2002 01:24:57 PM



09/27/2002 12:03:20 PM

The story about the man flirting with her in front of her husband is funny--You know, when you think about it, some Bible characters don't seem to act normally at all. Their responses don't make sense, even when you take into account the different contexts of their lives×.


09/11/2002 01:18:31 PM

One must admit that this is a refreshing way of looking @ the bible. She is also modest & doesn't present her views as the absolute truth. And that her language is just like every day conversation. This is in my mind a very positive developement.