The 23rd Psalm: A Study Guide

Questions to reflect on as you read Psalm 23.


01/13/2010 01:56:03 PM

Yes you are so right when we feel like the hold world is on your shoulders,and at any times in our walk throught this life,Christ is our very Special Shephard for us to follow,and he will guid and proctect us all the ways.Thank the all might God for his son"JESUS CHRIST"


05/12/2009 11:53:57 AM

When I read Psalms 23, I think of the charastics of the sheep and the job of the Shephard and relate myself and Jesus to the text. Sheep are totally dependant on the Shepheard for their very existance as they follow him through the valley, where the enemy lies in waite to kill them. Their only way of defence is to run. Our only way to defend ourselves from Satan is to run to Christ our Shepheard. He is our only defense in time of trouble. He will supply our every need when we look to Him and allow Him to lead us through this life.