Let Our Cries Come Unto You

A response to 9/11: Prayers of anguish and words of solace from the world's religious traditions.

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My eyes fail with watching for thy promise;

I ask, "When wilt thou comfort me?"

--Psalm 119


These two things have befallen you --

who will condole with you? --

devastation and destruction, famine and sword;

who will comfort you?

--Isaiah 51


But some of them said, "Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?"

--John 11


Comfort, give comfort to my people.

--Isaiah 40

Pleas for mercy and aid


Laments of mourning and affliction


Rest for the dead and the suffering


Comfort and solace



Laments of mourning and affliction


I grieved for my friend or my brother;

I went about as one who laments his mother,

bowed down and in mourning.

--Psalm 35


"Have I not reason to lament

What man has made of man?"



I weep and lament when I behold our beauty created in the likeness of God lying in the tomb disfigured, bereft of glory and form. 0 the marvel of it! What is this mystery concerning us? Why have we been delivered to corruption? Why have we been wedded unto death?

--Orthodox Funeral Hymn


It is as if the sun and the moon have left the sky.

--The Buddha


Oh, only for so short a while you

have loaned us to each other,

because we take form in your act of drawing us,

and we take life in your painting us,

and we breathe in your singing us.

But only for so short a while

have you loaned us to each other.

Because even a drawing cut in obsidian fades,

and the green feathers, the crown feathers,

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