What Unitarian Universalists Believe

Central tenets of Unitarian Universalism, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.


09/14/2011 11:41:01 AM

I scored 100% on the quiz as a UU. Several years ago, I began to question faith as a catholic and religion itself as a whole at its core and found several deficiencies. I'm glad there is something that defines me. Ha Ha Ha.


08/12/2011 05:50:30 AM

Hmm.... I scored 100% Neo Pagan, 99% UU - but this is all to be taken with a grain of salt. There were some questions which didn't necessarily have the anwer *I'd* give - so I selected something close. Pretty interesting though. Now I know what Neo-Paganism is... But it ain't me! lol! Does anyone else find it ironic and funny that "helloyourstupid" mis-spelled the words you're (TWICE) and inaccurate? Man I sure did! Lmao!


06/13/2011 02:07:09 AM

I have attended Christian based worship since I was in the 3rd grade. For me, I have come to experience that Communion is one of the most sacred aspects of worship. I recently began attending a UU Church, not because I am done with Christianity (in fact I would not be where I am spiritually without out!) but I want to learn more, be with others who want to learn more. The one aspect that I miss and it is not feed, is Communion. I leave worship hungry each Sunday.


06/13/2011 02:07:01 AM

I have attended Christian based worship since I was in the 3rd grade. For me, I have come to experience that Communion is one of the most sacred aspects of worship. I recently began attending a UU Church, not because I am done with Christianity (in fact I would not be where I am spiritually without out!) but I want to learn more, be with others who want to learn more. The one aspect that I miss and it is not feed, is Communion. I leave worship hungry each Sunday.


04/26/2011 12:50:37 PM

I have been attending a Unitarian Universalist Church here is South Orange County Calif. for the last maybe 6 or 7 yrs.....at first it seem to be a refressing oasis away from the western cultural contamination of orthodox & neo-orthodox christianity that dominates our western civilization.....the pastors seemed to be well read and awake as opposed to the close minded functionally iliterate christian pastors..... however! over time i have come to realize that my personal background is nothing like the archetype of a Unitarian......when i was in New Mexico last yr., the congragation there was a little more diverse and liberal, but still not nearly as unique as my circuitous life...... for the last several yrs. i would supplement my dhuka by attending a men's group at the infamous saddleback church as a card carrying heretic..... the paradox is, i can relate to the christian men in terms of our shared background in terms of drama and chronic disfunctional family history, but i cannot share their faith and and at the same time i cannot truly connect with the Unitarians because we come from such different worlds......although at the book club, once a month, the Unitarians look forward to my assessments of the books as i have actually lived the tragety and drama in the novels......great writers, write of adversity........


03/15/2011 01:46:14 PM

Very interesting. I am currently attending a methodist-branch church and also actively exploring Buddhism with emphasis for now in Vajrayana Buddhism. I have also explored Nichiren and Zen Buddhism, dabbled in the B'hai (excuse the spelling) faith, and played with runes. I meditate daily and firmly believe that we are all interconnected, affecting one another's lives whether we recognize our actions or not. I believe in God and a holy Trinity. I trust Jesus and vow to embody the Buddha. I scored 100% UU, with Neo-pagan and Mayhayana Buddist closely following. Though I have attende church most of my life, Liberal Protestant Christian or whatever was down the line at 88%! Good to know I am not rated very high as a conservative or fundamentalist Christian because I don't feel that way at all. Now in my fifties, it is very important to me that I live my life meaningufully with love that makes a difference.


03/04/2011 04:21:45 PM

UU has some very definite beliefs. Go to UU.org and check out the principles and the religious traditions that it is based on. Most who read them say "Gosh, I must be a Unitarian!"


03/03/2011 03:54:07 PM

I had never heard of Unitarian Universalists before. However, I took the quiz and got 100% UU. After reading about it, I would say it explains my beliefs 100%. I definitely learned something new today!


03/03/2011 01:31:03 AM

I like this religion! I feel like we can collaborate without throwing tantrums about who's right and wrong. That is one thing I really did not like about other religious groups. I didn't feel one bit comfortable with people trying to force beliefs down someone else's throat. I got quite sick of it. But this is great! Its liberating! We can believe what WE as individuals want about the Bible. We can have our own take on this whether we are or not confused about what we believe. I didn't know this existed until a few years ago... I feel much better about this now=) Its not about religion- its about your relationship with God! ;D


02/04/2011 10:26:49 AM

Ha ha ha ha ha... I got 100% I was looking for a religion that would fit me and I think, this is the one... ha ha ha ha... Oh my gosh. I was baptized as a Catholic and I already lost my faith... and may be, may be... this religions fits me... He he he he...


12/16/2010 02:21:20 AM

I got 95% UU which kinda makes sense I guess because Im so confused about religion and have many of my own different beliefs.After all UUs are basically a bunch of people who believe all different things and basically are religious outcasts in a sense.Im not saying this in a negative way but thats what UU is.Many different beliefs and people from different faiths.Confusing a little cause theres really nothing set in stone to go by but thats why I like it.


11/22/2010 08:34:36 PM

Very unexpected result. I was this site on my daughter-in-laws facebook page. I took the quiz and received a 100% on UU. I was raised Catholic and have not believed in the teachings for quite some time. I have never heard of Unitarian Universalists before this. I learned something new today!


10/22/2010 01:17:43 AM

This was unexpected. I got a 100% score for UU, but I've only the barest idea of what Unitarians believe. The few things I do know about the church impress me quite a bit, so it's not totally crazy that I might have a lot in common with it, but still, it always seemed a bit...out there for some reason. I was raised Mainline Protestant (ELCA Lutheran), and now consider myself an Agnostic Atheist (though I do have positive memories of my church, and a great deal of respect for what I see as the positive effects of Christianity), so I figured I would probably get classified as a Secular Humanist or something like that. Given that I scored so highly as a Unitarian, perhaps it might be a good idea to investigate further, although the respect I have for the Bible as a spiritual document is limited, so I might not fit in perfectly.


07/25/2010 08:08:35 PM

As expected, I scored 100% UU. Growing up , I always knew I was an UU just never knew its name. Even wrote a book with a distinct UU favor to it. Not on purpose, it just came out ISBN 9781615462667 and we say "bless it be"


06/10/2010 12:53:27 AM

Fun, I got 100% UU and I happen to be a UU seminary student. I mean it was a reasonable expectation even though I only just finished my first year and have only taken 1 UU course, but still weirdly funny. I also got 92% Neo-Pagan, no surprise since I'm a practicing Wiccan.


11/14/2009 05:13:58 AM

I have believed that I had a close affiliation to UU and that is just according to that which I had learned from the dictionary. after taking the quiz I AM 99% UU and 100% Liberal Quaker, I have yet to look at the others that I am close to, and this gives me some direction though I AM going to see what is said about certain faiths that I have been classified as being below 605 which i thought i was more associated to. Thanks for the Quiz it does give an interest to investigate more of ones own understandings.


08/27/2009 11:55:08 PM

First time I took this quiz, I was 100% Neo-Pagan & 100% Unitarian Universalist. This second time, I'm now 99% Neo-Pagan, but still 100% UU. All this from one who's been "mainline" Protestant all his life. As Mr. Spock would say, "Facinating!" Peace.


07/07/2009 02:23:23 PM

your idiots. this is nothing close to what i believe. i DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD or JESUS OR ANY OF IT. this site has inacurate survey skills.


06/30/2009 01:31:43 PM

Our congregation gives _A Chosen Faith_ to new members -- IMHO, it's a great introduction and overview. Beacon Press (links from uua.org) has a huge selection. Remember that UU is a noncreedal denomination, so there's a history, but really no fundamental text or doctrine. Each congregation, and each member, is different. You just have to visit a congregation, or check out the Church of the Larger Fellowship online. (see uua.org)


05/21/2009 11:18:12 PM

Hi...I am NEW to UU, but, am getting fairly VERACIOUS in reading material about the Church, it's History, and, it's Belief-System. Could someone please tell me of the books that are considered to be the FOUNDATIONS and FUNDAMENTALS of The Church of Unitarian Universalism? Thanks, and, God Bless! :-)


04/05/2009 10:51:38 PM

Amilius1970: So if UU's have a book, that makes the religion legitimate? I'll take less ceremony, corruption, rape, abuse of power, scandal, political meddling over having a "sanctioned" book any day. Maybe if you spent less time opining what constitutes a "real" religion you would be able to see past the first pages of your own spiritual journey. Take a look at UU principles--you might learn a thing or two about how to treat others and reserve your judgment to things you fully understand. -Osk


03/13/2009 10:06:00 AM

"Diverse beliefs" would sum us up in two words. So would "well educated". Most of us know when to use "goes" and when to use "go's". There are Presbyterians who vote Democratic and Presbyterians who vote Republican. No one calls them "The church that doesn't vote for anything". There are Lutherans who eat lima beans and Lutherans who do not. No one calls them "The church that doesn't eat anything". There are UUs who believe that God exists and UUs who believe that God does not exist. This upsets people and they call us "The church that doesn't believe in anything." Most Christians believe God has three parts, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They believe Jesus was born of a virgin, that Mary was born without Sin and everyone else was born covered with Original Sin the way pelicans get covered with goo when an oil tanker springs a leak. (I'm simplifying considerably here, and I mean no disrespect.) UUs don't all believe the same thing about the nature of God. All of us have thought long and hard about it, and we each have our own beliefs about it. We do have common beliefs, but they have to do with actions, not the nature of God. We all believe in: 1) "The worth and dignity of every person". That means people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and incomes; straight, gay or lesbian. The gay or lesbian part usually upsets conservative people. 2) "A free and responsible search for truth and meaning". In practice that means we question some parts of the Bible and that almost all of us believe in evolution. 3) "The democratic process". In practice that means each congregation hires their own minister, instead of having a bishop send us a new one. We have more librarians and ACLU members per capita than most other churches. We have four other principles. Those three are the ones you hear about most often, and the three that set us apart from some other denominations.


02/08/2009 06:14:18 PM

In response to Amilus1970... can you source for me where you researched the comment you made... "There are no rules at all to this denomination and/or this sect. It is a religlion of Everything as well as a religion of nothing in particular." In Canada, it is not able to call it self a religion, no dogma no religious designation. Other then reading here about UU's have you read anything else? Generally, UU's consider many truths are available to all. That is to say that we do not all think alike, we can question, use reason, allow science to be part of our search. Our search for truth is not limited to once such books as you mentioned as your examples. Not to deny your perception Amilus, but perhaps there may be some resin clouding your perception, yes? Have you really listened to the lyrics of ..."Doowutchyalike"... "...And though we're usually on the serious tip check it out: Tonight we're gonna flip and trip and let it all hang out tonight We're gonna say what we like. 'Cause, yo, yo, we wanna know how many people in the flow, Would like to just let yourselves go And doowutchyalike, Yeah, well tonight's your night. Just eat food, try not to be crude or rude, Kill the attitude, chill the serious mood, And doowutchyalike," Are you so limited in your thinking that you need others to create rules for you? to tell you what is right and what is wrong? Pick up a pencil and draw a few lines for yourself. Understand that UU's believe that we are all interconnected, and that like most thinking beings we too are based upon the "Golden Rule" Good luck with your growth and godspeed?


01/26/2009 12:16:45 PM

In response to Amilus 1970 .... Perhaps UU's consider ALL "texts". Perhaps it is a place were we focus on our similarities rather than our differences. I believe tolerance, compassion and genuine respect for beliefs is the common ground. In everything there is right and wrong, consequences and reward. Why does anyone need a "religion" to create that box, with lines and rules? Doesn't God speak his wisdom to us all? Do we really need a congregation/religion to keep us "in line"? A Congregation nor a Religion will make me any more or less a child of God than I am right now ... open mind, open heart, humbled by a God's love that is so enormous I couldn't even begin to comprehend it. Let alone try to fit it into some religious box.


01/24/2009 12:55:11 AM

This sect of religion has no official text or "word of God" to call it's own, such as the Torah, the Qur'an, the Bible, or the Vedas, or even treaties for that matter. Which is a good thing if you are totally against dogma of any kind. If there were a theme song for the UU's it would be "Do Whatcha Like" by Digital Underground. Because anything go's. There are no rules at all to this denomination and/or this sect. It is a religlion of Everything as well as a religion of nothing in particular. Does that make any sense? No lines to draw. Because there is no right or wrong. Unless, of course, you are part of a congregation that is somewhat based on Christ. Then you might have a few rules.