What Neo-Pagans Believe

Central tenets of neo-paganism, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.


05/09/2013 01:04:36 PM

Personally, I believe in Paganism as a religion that has been misrepresented by the Western media as I have proven by posting a thread that says Paganism is not a religion. It was founded by Loreena Mew in A.D.1000 Breton (now England) as a reaction to the folk religion in Europe. Today, it is one of the largest world religions.


06/23/2012 02:54:21 AM

I have found myself quite interested in the Norse mythology, but have always found myself mostly atheistic in views. Apparently I was 100% Secular Humanism, but my responses were entirely based of the characteristics of Egil from the Icelandic saga of sharing his title. I was expecting this to result in 100% pagan, as I've always considered the Edda's somewhat Nordic-Pagan, but apparently the authors had a different view. I think that the term pagan is simply too general to only be considered one religion, as it is really a collection of hundreds of religions mixed in with folk tales that are all put into one category. This seems unfair, as I saw at least five different branches of Christianity on the results. TLDR: Skewed quiz has too general results, obviously made by Christians.


05/30/2012 10:58:19 PM

My name is David Edward Oliver and my test showed 92% neopagan. It was in top three. I was surprised!?!


05/24/2012 12:21:46 PM

I was also surprised to rate 100% neo-pagan as I do believe there is a God but I do not believe anyone knows what or who that may be. I think neo-pagan is just a way of labeling those of us who are unafraid to step outside the box. I embrace most any practice that brings me peace or makes me feel closer to nature or spirit I looked as hard and as long as I could stand in the structured church and became dissulusioned by the lack of concern for what I consider to be legitimate questions. There really isn't a title for this and while I have no problem with paganism I am not sure that is correct as far as what I 'am'.


08/31/2011 03:55:02 PM

Well...my grandmother will be very disappointed with this result. But it fits...Time to read up it seems


07/14/2011 02:09:04 AM

I took the quiz to find out if there was faith better for me then my own only to have it pop up as the faith I have been practicing for the last three years. For me being a neo-pagan matches the little girl who believed in reicarnation and equality with a love of the planet. What I love about it is that it is personal. Most pagans find it on their own and not through family (I raised a Jehovah's Witness and my family is Mormon). I feel at peace with my beliefs even if people who don't understand think it is evil. My believes, my heart, my faith.


03/06/2011 07:34:40 PM

Hi Elizabeth, You asked where you could begin your research, or learn more about neo-paganism and the themes involved: Holidays, Rituals and beliefs. Since you didn't specify Wicca, I imagine your open to exploring all realms of the metaphysical that could be contained under the neo-paganism umbrella. A personal suggestion, just as a way of throwing out an idea; would be to open up to a Local bookstore- or some kind of holistic kind of setting. Where a meeting with like-minded people will be attracted. If it is that you are looking for a mentor, a friend, or some kind of symbolic message manifested through a personal encounter; invoke the intention of openness, and this will allow you to move into the vibration of magnetism required to attract these people. Now if a local store, or something like that, isn't a viable possibility; perhaps you should single out that one part of paganism that you would like to explore on a deeper level. Or an idea, or concept such as; examing expirementing and exploring a certain aspect every month of neo-paganism. Perhaps you could start with Shamanism; Then Celtic Druidism; and then on the third month Asatru. (You can find many books on these topics, but I would suggest searching online for various websites that could allow you to familiarize yourself with a wide and perhaps diverse number of people that could assist you in your inquiries and curiosities. As you said in your comment you were looking for a catalyst that would allow you to expand your awareness on the topic of neo-paganism and your own spiritual beingness. The primary suggestion that I have for you would be to meditate. Meditation is when we no longer extend ourselves outwards; we no longer seek outside of ourselves for an answer, we no longer rely on someone or something outside of ourselves for our happyness; we look within, and we sit with our beingness. This if you surrender to this state; will most definitely be your most fundamental mentor; the most profound state. So to wrap it up the last suggestion I can give is to get out into nature. Ground yourself in the earth; merge with Gaia, surrender to the power of the various beings around you; whether it is the trees, the tiny critters, birds; or higher dimensional beings, such as fairies and other perhaps metaphysical beings. Open up to it, and it will engage you. this is merely one of the fundamental rules of the unvierse. To wrap this all up; you are always in contact with the universe; it's just whether or not you want to hear or listen to it. but the connection is a constant, unchanging, unmeasurable force that you can never disconnect yourself from. The connection of life is beautiful and diverse. Something you allready feel; but it will grow deeper as you move into further states of consciousness. Good day, if you have any more questions, feel free to email me at Cody432111@yahoo.com . Especially if you have deeper questions, that require more clarification. Love and blessings my friend, Cody


03/02/2011 01:06:32 PM

I took the test and it brought me here.. I was born & raised as a Roman Catholic- went to church every Sunday with my grandparents as a child, baptised as an infant, first communion- the works. As I got older, I started to question some things- like "why should I confess my sins to another sinner?" among other things. As a 'tween' and teen I became fascinated with 'witches'..I started reading books about them (fiction & non-fiction) and I guessed at the time it was just a normal curiosity for someone my age because everyone was into the 'vampire' 'witch' craze at the time. But as I got a little bit older I realized I really connected with alot of the things I was reading about, like the worship or celebration of Mother Earth and the balance of good & evil etc..I still believe that there is one supreme God who created all, but I also believe that their may be other Gods or Goddesses under 'God'. I definitely believe in magic and the power of Mother Nature - but I believe it's all possible because of the one Supreme God. Does this make me a neo-pagan? I'm a little confused- I guess because I was brought up being Catholic for so long, and obviously 'witchcraft' is 'evil' in that religion.. Where do I begin to research and learn about the 'holidays' 'rituals' 'beliefs' of neo-paganism?


01/10/2011 10:08:00 AM

I was always interested and enthralled by paganism but I also had Buddhist views so I was confused as to what I was.. Was I a Pagan Buddhist or a Buddhist Pagan? Or even neither (o_o); But as it turned out I am 100% Neo-Pagan!! And 83% Buddhist. I am so glad I don't have to be confused anymore. I feel wonderful now that I know for sure. :D


01/01/2011 11:37:08 AM

I cant wait to fill out medical papers. Religion- Neo Pegan.


12/24/2010 01:01:17 PM

I had no idea what faith I was as I kind of made it up so far through up to this point in my life, and i took the quiz turns out I'm Neo-Pagan! :D I looked it up a bit and the questinaire thing works yay :P I am glad I can class my ideas fit into a catagory as I normally feel like I am within a relm to myself with them, turns out I am not, but still crazy in my own ways... Not sure whether it is for me yet though as there are so many things to be decovered in life, things to learn, things to experience so I think it rash to decide upon a religon after doing a quiz, but Neo-Paganism rules!!! I never expected to be classed as a Pagan, but I guess that having a witch of a G-Ma, it all fits in as she has influenced me in many ways! XD so hello fellow Neo-Pagans!!! :D Fleur


12/24/2010 01:01:17 PM

I had no idea what faith I was as I kind of made it up so far through up to this point in my life, and i took the quiz turns out I'm Neo-Pagan! :D I looked it up a bit and the questinaire thing works yay :P I am glad I can class my ideas fit into a catagory as I normally feel like I am within a relm to myself with them, turns out I am not, but still crazy in my own ways... Not sure whether it is for me yet though as there are so many things to be decovered in life, things to learn, things to experience so I think it rash to decide upon a religon after doing a quiz, but Neo-Paganism rules!!! I never expected to be classed as a Pagan, but I guess that having a witch of a G-Ma, it all fits in as she has influenced me in many ways! XD so hello fellow Neo-Pagans!!! :D Fleur


12/16/2010 11:47:02 PM

rock on right back at you JaredSalinger paganism is awsome i knew /decided i was going to study/become pagan befor i even took this test, my only hope was it didnt say i was christan or catholic as i have sead some pretty hurtful thing about those particular religions (mostly about alter boys and priests and micheal jackson)... thank goodness i am neo pagan and blessed be to all other neo pagans


09/28/2010 06:35:24 PM

I scored 100 on buddhism and UU.. Bt I find I am more Neopagan and New Age.. But I'm still trying to find out more


09/25/2010 11:49:24 AM

Wow, that I scored highest for neo-paganism is a surprise. I have learned a little about paganism through my own research into spiritual or metaphysical beliefs, practices, and phenomena. And, I have appreciated the freethinking of people who have put themselves into the loose category of paganism. But, I was expecting the get a score that represented belonging to a small group of people who think for themselves without regard to doctrine. Now, I will really look into this. My father was a warlock (as they called it back then) in training, or something like that before he became a Buddhist. I thought he was the happiest when he was practicing witchcraft. Buddhism is wonderful in many ways. I studied and practiced it for 7 years and got a lot of good from it. I have also delved into many other philosophies and religions, and always come back to this place of psychic knowing about my existence that seems to fit very well into what seems to be (according to this site) neo-paganism. Cool! Rock on my pagan brothers and sisters! Jared.


09/07/2010 08:27:18 PM

I always suspected I was a witch at heart. Living in Kansas that's no a real good thing to be.


07/29/2010 11:18:20 PM

Yeah a while ago I took this quiz and it told me I am 100% neo pagan but now I'm 100% uu


05/16/2010 07:09:40 AM



04/09/2010 09:03:28 AM

Sarah, I am on a similar path trying to find a religion that fits what I believe. I'm not the type to label myself as anything so I can understand how the labels may be unnerving. However, I suggest using the suggested religions as a starting point. Investigate, read, ask, talk about all of them. I am currently in that process and I have come to realize that I'm not "really" looking for a religion. I personally am looking to solidify what it is I believe already. If I find a religion that fits what I believe, great. If I do not, then I have learned much more about my beliefs than I knew before. After all it is most important to know what you believe. Who cares what label it falls under? My soul walks with your soul on this path. Enjoy.


04/05/2010 01:08:18 AM

I took the quiz last year and it told me I was 100% Reformed-Jewish. Now I'm 92% Reformed Jewish and 100% Neo-Pagan. How things change when a mortal searches for a god.


03/24/2010 11:41:24 AM

It's true that it's a big step to go from atheist to open-minded/searching/etc. in 6 months. However, many atheists, including my former-self, often study religion at one point out curiosity for their irrationalities. If your confused by the names of the faiths, ignore them. What really counts in understanding them is beleifs of them not the names. Just remember to keep a record of the ones that ring true to you so you can further research them. So, keep optimistic fellow dicoveror(sp?). FYI: My top five are always some combination of Unitarian Universalist, Neo-Pagan, New Age, Theravuda(sp?) Buddhism, and Liberal Quaker.


01/21/2010 05:14:58 AM

Hi Sarah. It sounds like many of us that you're on a journey of sorts - it's a big jump straight out of atheism, even to a web site like this! It may well take some time to move into a comfort zone and sometimes the labels are helpful and other times not. My journey is moving along from Anglicanism towards Quaker but everywhere there are labels. If we have moved from the land of black and white into the rich rainbow of the new order of things at a personal level, then don't be too perturbed just yet - these things take time to settle into place. Try talking with some trusted friends or perhaps go somewhere you could worship and dip your toes into the water (maybe take a friend with you for safety and debriefing later?) Thinking of you :-)


01/16/2010 10:11:45 AM

I have always been 100% atheist until about 6 monts ago when i started questioning what my beliefs were. I have finally decided to investigate different religions to find out if there is something out there for me. Ive been feeling unsure of many religions as i do not agree with many of their beliefs/views. I came across some info on Unitarianism which seemed to almost fit with how i feel. Then i came across this website and thought id give the quiz a go to see if it could shed some light on which direction i should investigate. I scored 100% Neo-Pagan with 96% Unitarianism 94% Secular Humanism 89% Therevada Buddhism & 88% New Age. I am now even more confused as i cant get clarification in my mind what each of these mean. Can anyone help/advise me?


01/02/2010 03:04:54 PM

I scored 100% as a Neo Pagan with Buddhism and Unitarianism coming very closely behind. I was raised Catholic but have never really connected to that faith but I did give it another look... I also looked into Islam and Judaism. When I was on the verge on conversion to Judaism (a faith that I very much respect) some voice in my head kept telling me to wait... as strange as it may sound a woman dressed in white came to me in a dream and told me "Be sure you know what you're doing." Now, I guess I'll take a look into Neo Paganism but I'm not quite sure where to start. I feel some odd connection to the old Greco-Roman faith. This quiz definitely opened my eyes...


01/01/2010 10:50:16 PM

I had drifted away from paganism as well. I was looking into Catholicism and Islam (yes, both), but as much as I wanted to accept one or the other, I couldn't fully accept them. Everytime I take this quiz, I get 100 percent neo-pagan. I know this quiz is for fun, but I've decided (as part of my new years resolutions) to just accept who I am. And I'm pagan.


12/06/2009 10:25:59 AM

This is for kikiyushima: You do sound confused, and my heart goes out to you. I am not trying to convert you to my way of thinking, but I am offering my viewpoint for you to think about and see if it fits with what you feel in your heart. To me, it is not so important what or who we believe in, as to do our best to be kind and considerate to others - and to the Earth. To me, there is no need to 'worship' God - though I do pray daily. I do thank God in Heaven for every day and for His(?) presence. I honestly do not know if God has gender - it doesn't feel that way to me. I also confess the negative deeds and thoughts I had for the day and do my best to make amends. I also have a prayer list for those who need it, and sometimes I pray for myself - for presence and protection from evil and hurt. I know people who actually write their prayers; I visualize myself writing, which slows my pace down and helps me to stay centered. I do not attend a church - I find that others telling me what to believe is not my style. I have been in therapy, and that does help with anxiety and healing. Even a few sessions with a therapist is so helpful and calming. Many of us have been told what to do in ALL aspects of our lives, not just religion - and thus a good therapist can help us to tap into our true self (not the guilt self!) Hope these thoughts help you. :)


11/04/2009 05:06:46 PM

I've been out of religion for nearly four years now. I continued ot go to Christian church because I helped out with the pre-kindergarten kids, but I hated the sermons. I hated being preached at and told what to believe. All I want is to believe what I want to. That's why I started looking into Paganism about a year or so ago. Looking at everything, I think it's what I should follow, but my main problem is what I should believe. I've seen so, so many things and with so many pantheons, I don't know which to follow. I like the Grecko-Roman pantheon because it feels familiar, but there's a certain...something to the Norse mythos that I like. And I've always had a facination with Egyptian gods and goddesses since I was young. I know you can combine beliefs, but it's just so overwhelming. I don't know what to do. I need religion in my life. Can anybody offer me any advice? I really need it.


08/31/2009 11:20:41 AM

I've been practicing Wicca for years in secret and I haven't been a part of a Pagan group before. Because of my Conservative upbringing I haven't been able to really practice this religion the way I want to. So I took this test because I've been struggling to see if this is who I really am. I got a 100% Neo-Pagan and I'm glad I did. Now that I'm living in my own home and not my mother's; I'm finally living according to what I feel is right. =) If anyone has words of advice for a "new" pagan please let me know.


08/06/2009 08:58:32 PM

I took this quiz, and I was 100% Neo-pagan, then Mahayana Buddhism. I actually fell out of religion recently, but I am trying to get back in it. I believe that this test is pretty accurate, and my beliefs are very close to the description. I am also looking or like minded people, so give me an e-mail if you would like to chat.


07/12/2009 04:29:31 AM

I took the test tonight, and I surprised at the results. I answered the questions honestly.. and from my heart, and I am %100 neo-pagan. I too feel a strong connection to native peoles, and indiginous people in general. This test has really caused me to think hard about my spiritual beliefs, and my relationship with the creator.


06/03/2009 11:44:26 PM

I am 16 and i feel really lost at this moment...i have never been a religous person but i need somthing to believe in...god really has not answerd my prayers and so much death has happend recently and i feel alone if there is any information please contact me


05/19/2009 07:38:51 PM

Hi. I've never really done anything like this before. I'm new to the whole religion thing (outside of going to church with my family and good friends and never really getting it). I mean, I've always known what I believe, I just never really knew a title for it or found any religion that registered with me. When I took the test I scored the highest here and with Unitarian Universalism. After reading the info on both, I find myself drawn to this: the whole belief in a life force rather than a God, reincarnation, and belief that sometimes people's spirits stay around after death. I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone out there thinks the same way that I do. If so contact me! :)


05/08/2009 01:05:58 AM

I recently (about 2 weeks ago) felt an interest in Wicca. I read some information on the internet and was truly interested in adopting it as my religion. Wherever I went for help, people told me to make sure I really was into Wicca. I founs this, and was pleased to score 99%. If any WIccan out there sees this, PLEASE contact me, I would really appreciate to learn more.


05/01/2009 01:07:04 PM

I also answered the quiz and my score was 100% neo-pagan. The interesting part to me was that a medium told me about a month ago I was a Shaman in one of my past lives. Shaminism is an example of the neo-pagan faith. Throughout my life, I have also felt a deep connection to Native Americans. I am trying to get as much information about Shaminism as I can. Very interesting reading. God Bless You All and Keep the Faith!


04/17/2009 06:08:18 PM

When I did the Beliefnet quiz, I was surprised one of the top picks for me was Neo- Pagan, although the Unitarian Universalist and Buddist picks didn't surprise me. I believe in one universal force, that there is one God or Universal Force or Energy that we're all part of. I specifically didn't put I believed in numerous gods or goddesses. I study religion and philosophy and from my research and even emailing a practitioner of Wicca, found one belief in one force incompatible with most of the earth-based religions (although there is so much I admire about them, including connecting to nature, reverence for all things, etc.). I did read this page and was surprised at how much I did find compatible with my thoughts. Is the big difference between Neo Pagan and Wicca the multiple deity thing? ANY further info re what does or doesn't make up a Neo Pagan would be hugely appreciated!