What Christian Scientists Believe

Central tenets of the Church of Christ, Scientist, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.


04/25/2011 05:07:05 PM

One of the biggest mistakes made today is confusing Christian Science teachings with those of Scientology. There are no secrets to the teachings of Christian Science, Christian Science Reading Rooms are open to the public and all our books can be bought or borrow by anyone. Our librarians are all volunteers available to answer questions during business hours. People tend to believe comments from various beliefs that said to be quite knowledgeable about other person's religion. I believe that to be able to explain someone something is necessary to study the subject. Unfortunately not everyone uses the best approach when it comes talk about to religion If you are serious and unbiased about finding out about Christian Science, here are just a few sites where thousands of Christian Scientists converse, read and write religion subjects daily. This is the best way to be informed on what Christian Science is all about. www.yourdailylift.com http://christianscience.com www.spirituality.com www.elheraldocc.com (Spanish)


08/13/2009 05:19:33 PM

There is no life or reality apart from our Father Mother God of all creation