"A New Religious America"

A review of Diana Eck's much-discussed book on pluralism

Mosques in Ohio, Hindu temples in Tennessee, Buddhist monasteries in Minnesota, Sikh gurdwaras in Maryland, Jains and Zoroastrians and Wiccans in Wyoming and Texas and Mississippi--that's the United Stares in the year 2001, "the most religiously diverse nation in the world," according to the book "A New Religious America" by Harvard professor Diana Eck. Not only is there more variety of spiritual beliefs in the United States today than in any other nation, Eck writes, there's more than in any nation at any time in history. The Founders dreamed of freedom of religion, and Americans are now exercising that freedom to an unprecedented degree.

One Nation, Under God

  • In an interview, Diana Eck says we are a Christian nation no longer.

  • Read an excerpt of Diana Eck's new book.

  • Another view: Despite pluralism, Rick Rood says, there is still just one way to God..

  • Explore the website of Eck's Pluralism Project.
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