Why I Like Being Wiccan or Pagan

Beliefnet members discuss what their religious beliefs mean to them.


like being Pagan because my Paganism affirms the sacredness in all life. I don't have to go looking for a holy place, I have only to walk outside to see the Spirit inherent in life. It's a faith that flows through every aspect of life, tethering you to the magnificent world around you and reminding you at every step that all life is connected and interdependent. Paganism is my cauldron of endless sacred inspiration.

-- Peragana



love being Pagan because

sex is holy and

love is a sacrament,

birth is a miracle and

death is a sad rejoicing;

animals and plants and

rocks are my Brothers and Sisters,

and sin is an alien concept;

And when the wind whispers my name

and the creeks and rivers sing me songs,

and the trees tell me secrets,

and when priests can be men or women

and the Lord and Lady hold us all

in the arms of the World-

Then I love being Pagan

even more.

-- pagandenma

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