The Next Big Challenge for Clergy

The temptation of online sex sites seduces evangelicals


02/25/2006 04:43:30 PM

Follow whatever my penchant with the word "addiction" and suddenly, it's not my own doing anymore - much less my fault. How about a persistent and widespread addiction to side-stepping responsibility and an unwillingness to recognize natural attraction?


02/23/2006 10:14:04 PM

I do agree. We Christians do a very good job at barely touching the surface of the sin of sexual addiction. We mostly shoot our wounded and it is no wonder that so many continue to fall back into it time and time again. There seems to be very little that has been done to get to the root of the addiction. The sex part is merely the subject of what is filing the hole in our lives. The only way to change is to fill it with the knowledge that God can fill this void in yours and my life.


03/22/2004 08:58:32 PM

I found the following line from this story amusing: "But it is surprising that in a community that puts so much emphasis on combating sexual sin--premarital sex, homosexual sex, and adultery--stressed-out evangelicals are turning to web porn for relief." This is not a surprise if you have the objective eye of a non-evangelical. Boy, the obvious things that fly right by the fundies! How deep is the denial here? You know, the article didn't mention the obvious -- that porn addiction is really about something deeper than sex, deeper than mere curiosity. It is about dysfunctional love. It is about fear of love. It is about the inability to connect to another person via sexuality. Yet it seems that fundies just can't see this. Why do the evangelicals rant on so much about sin and praying and all that and do so little for the underlying issues? And you wonder why they are such a messed-up bunch. Kee-ripes.