Clergy and Sexual Misconduct

Resources and links for communities and individuals dealing with sexual misconduct by a clergyperson.


11/04/2010 02:53:29 PM

This is a very important subject. Pastors cannot enter into "affairs" with their congregants, because the power differential between a member of the clergy and a parishioner renders the relationship nonconsensual. This is an ABUSE relationship. Pastors, like therapists, doctors and teachers, have a fiduciary duty to "do no harm" by establishing and maintaining proper boundaries. Even if a woman pursues her pastor, he is the one bound by a sacred trust to hold to those boundaries and is 100% responsible if they are violated. Clergy Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Clergy Sexual Misconduct (CSM) are rampant in the church. What is it going to take to stop this? Educating congregations as well as their pastors. For more information on CSA/CSM, see www.baylor/edu.clergysexualmisconduct/, and


03/23/2010 07:22:46 AM

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