My Childhood, My Sabbath, My Freedom

What I wanted more than anything was to be ordinary. The Sabbath was when I could be.


10/06/2010 02:10:57 AM

Re Mr. Jackson's claim that: "In all religions, the Sabbath is a day ... " This world has thousands of religions, and only 3 of them have a Sabbath: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Beliefnet should be ashamed of itself (but probably won't be) for printing such piffle without fact-checking: particularly since the religions without Sabbaths include most of those that are featured on Beliefnet itself. Andria


04/18/2010 02:27:12 PM

Re Mr. Jackson's claim that: "In all religions, the Sabbath is a day ... " This world has thousands of religions, and only 3 of them have a Sabbath: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Beliefnet should be ashamed of itself (but probably won't be) for printing such piffle without fact-checking: particularly since the religions without Sabbaths include most of those that are featured on Beliefnet itself.


07/25/2009 11:11:42 PM

I don't think I had a "normal" childhood, either. I kept having close encounters with things that could've killed me. I still do at age 37.


07/25/2009 02:29:52 PM

The Wave Goodbye BALCK AND WHITE NIGHT A TRIBUTE TO MJ FROM HIS FANS WORLDWIDE at 9:00pm on August 29th, 2009 turn off your power source (breaker) now its "BLACK" light a candle "WHITE" watch the world WAVE. This does several thing we save alittle of Mother Earth by not using any power for an hour, we prove that we can do something together. WE ARE THE WORLD & WE CAN MAKE A BETTER PLACE. Join me and hopefully million of others in this global statement of Unity. Please pass this Tribute on. Happy Birthday to US!


07/25/2009 02:29:17 PM

BALCK AND WHITE NIGHT A TRIBUTE TO MJ FROM HIS FANS WORLDWIDE at 9:00pm on August 29th, 2009 turn off your power source (breaker) now its "BLACK" light a candle "WHITE" watch the world WAVE. This does several thing we save alittle of Mother Earth by not using any power for an hour, we prove that we can do something together. WE ARE THE WORLD & WE CAN MAKE A BETTER PLACE. Join me and hopefully million of others in this global statement of Unity. Please pass this Tribute on. Happy Birthday to US!


07/25/2009 02:27:05 PM

BALCK AND WHITE NIGHT A TRIBUTE TO MJ FROM HIS FANS WORLDWIDE at 9:00pm on August 29th, 2009 turn off your power source (breaker) now its "BLACK" light a candle "WHITE" watch the world WAVE. This does several thing we save alittle of Mother Earth by not using any power for an hour, we prove that we can do something together. WE ARE THE WORLD & WE CAN MAKE A BETTER PLACE. Join me and hopefully million of others in this global statement of Unity. Please pass this Tribute on. Happy Birthday to US!


07/25/2009 04:01:29 AM

I loved what roxanna wrote about MJ. Especially, THOSE WHO MATTER WILL NOT JUDGE YOU AND THOSE WHO JUDGE YOU DO NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!! I think the world was not ready for someone like MJ. In the bible it says that Children are Angels. God gave MJ the heart of a child, the talent of a musical genius, the limber bones to dance like he did (which I am very envious of), and the voice that made people listen not only to his music, but his messages in those songs. He did so many things for humanity and especially children (which I am also envious of). This may sound off the wall to some of you, but I think the Lord did give us an Angel in MJ. If he was a child molester, (because he let children sleep in his bedroom), then my mom and dad are molesters too (which is ridiculous). When I was a little girl, I always slept in their bed. I guess it's in everyone's own opinion if you look at it dirty or look at it lovingly, I'm gonna take the lovingly side. Didn't make my parents bad parents, in fact God gave me the greatest parents. MJ wanted peace in the world, Didn't matter if your black or white, he tried to have respect and love for all. That's the message that I got from him. That's the message I get from the Lord as well. Not only respect, but to love one another. If all of us could think that way, what a wonderful world it would be. Some people say "mean" things about MJ, (which I've seen a lot of) but doesn't the Lord want us to forgive those unfortunate souls. We need to put ourselves above these people. Maybe MJ was a confused soul, but what MJ didn't know was the ordinary life of childhood, which is most that he wanted. Some of us had good childhoods, and others have not. The people that have not, probably would like to relive their childhood. MJ was just in the spot light, which he then was open for ridicule. (Kind of like the Jesus). So I guess I'm going to believe that MJ is up with my Mom (who was also an Angel), and hope the Lord gives us other Angels, and just maybe they just happen to be out there. RIP MJ - XOXOXO - And Thank-you Lord for giving us some happiness in my life time . AMEN


07/24/2009 03:44:02 PM

SKFK- You hit it on the nose. We can only inspect the fruit of a persons life spiritually. Michael was a confused soul and and his fruits were from a worldly point of view, but the point I am trying to make is the way the "so called" Christians handle things. They come from a self-righteous and condemning attitude. They talk with disgust and start condemning the person rather than feeling the sorrow like Christ would for that person. If you are a close friend of someone and you know everything about them, then you can inspect (not judge) their fruits, but how are you going to inspect? are you going to talk harshly to them or show the love of Christ to help them. On the other hand if you are inspecting from what you hear on the media, tabloids, how can we truly inspect. Yes, Michael appears to not have been close to God from what we see, and it is very possible he is not with God from that view, but what if all these 'so called" Christians go to the judgement seat of Christ and you see Michael standing by Jesus and the ones we thought would make it dont. We need to show some compassion is the way we speak and rather than say "he was not a christian, he is in hell burning for what he did." we should mourn and say "Dear Jesus I hope that he had time to call out to you for forgiveness. That is my prayer. He showed a belief in God and felt the peace of God when he went to church but his life was one that made it hard for him to completely live the life., but he had knowlege of God and just might have made it and if he did he is like the Thief on the cross. No one truly knows what his last moments were. The Thief on the cross symbolizes he got close to God at the last moment, he had no time to gather fruits, but Christ saw his heart. In His Love, D. Benitez


07/24/2009 11:43:00 AM

d.benitez u are right we are not to judge. Judge only the furits that we bear.


07/24/2009 01:11:41 AM

This is unbelievable. This is the most comments I have seen on any subject so far. The thing that upsets me is all the bad Christians out there. I pray Michael made it to heaven. Whether he did or not, I really cant say, only God knows. You all better hope you make it to heaven. I believe God looks at the heart of a person. Michael had many problems and out of all the brothers and sisters he was the most affected, I believe, because he was so young and lost his childhood. Yes, Michael was the wierdest person I have ever seen, but that was his outer appearance. He was searching for happiness and I believe it could be possible that he cried out to God and God took him because there was no peace for him on this earth. I believe God cried for him and everyone is condemning him and just deciding he went to hell. That's the problem with Christians, they get self-righteous . Judge not lest you be judged. Ask God to give you compassion. Ask Him to help you feel the sadness others feel. He was a sad soul. Talk about the good things he did. Have you ever listened to his music? He had great messages. To move on, I too believe Michael was innocent. I believe he did things that were outrageous and questionable, but I think my own personal beliefs is that he went beyond what is allowable for the day & time. You don' take children to your bed even if it is innocent, but then I hear also he slept on the floor and let them sleep on the bed. Who knows? (God knows). Michael had a childlike mentality because he never had a childhood. All I want to say is dont jump to conclusions. Remember the two thieves on the cross? The one cursed God and the other said Jesus did no wrong,but he deserved to die and asked Jesus to remember him in Paradise. If you haven't read all the responses, read Jahbeliever (FANTASTIC). We all need to remember God's compassion for us. In Christ's Love & Compassion, D. Benitez


07/17/2009 03:59:46 PM

Michael is not a king or royalty. He was a great singer, dancer and entertainer. I am disturbed and dismayed with the media coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. I have heard the reports of his lack of a normal childhood but that is not the total reasoning for his adult actions. The abuse excuse has been played to the hilt. I don't know Michael nor does the mass majority of people. With fame and fortune people loose their own idenity. Michael was born with a great talent to sing and dance. His talent brought great fame and fortune but it came at a price. Matthew 16: 26: "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? I pray for Michael's soul that he is at peace with God. I pray for Prince, Paris and Prince, jr. (blanket) that God will be with them to give them comfort and safety because they have been now thrown into the public eye. I do applaud Michael for trying to protect them but with him gone their lives have changed. The only reason that I would comment of Michael Jackson death is the life of drugs (pain killers) legal or illegal is the real important lesson to Michael's death. With all the media coverage , hopefully by his death someone's life might be saved.


07/15/2009 02:56:51 AM

I was born 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness 1957,and am the same age (51) as Michael Jackson,I remember the Jackson 5 debut in 1968 they were BIG. MJ was baptized a Jehovah's Witness and then disfellowshipped/disassociated/excommunicated to be shunned. A lot of my dysfunctional life is directly related to my apocalyptic Watchtower sect upbringing indoctrination and I wonder about same with Michael Jackson? There are a million hurting EXJW kids out there. Best regards,Danny Haszard Michael Jackson Jehovah's Witnesses chronicles


07/12/2009 09:34:53 PM

Michael wrote a letter to the Watchtower Society in 1987 stating he no longer wished to be associated with the organization. Michael didn't write this. He neither spoke nor wrote in the manner in which this article was written. It does, however, contain some true facts. At best, it was written for him by someone else.


07/12/2009 06:28:08 PM

suggested reading: From Eternity to Here: Re-discovering the ageless purpose of God. by Frank Viola.


07/12/2009 05:48:29 PM

The Prophet Micah speaking to the Israelites and the simplicity of what the Creator requires of ALL HIS CHILDREN (Michah 6:6-8 New Living Translation, Tyndale Publishing) "What can we bring to the Lord to make up for what we've? Should we bow before God with our offerings of yearling cows? Should we offer him thousands of rams and tens of thousands of rivers of olive oil? Would that please the Lord? Should we sacrifice our first born children to pay for the sins of our souls? Would that make Him glad? No, O people, the Lord has already told you what is good, and this is what He requires: to do what is right, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Sweet simplicity: do justly to one another, be merciful to one another and conduct your life with humility before your fellow man and your creator, for we are only dust, our time on earth is so short, our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone as though we had never been here. But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who reverence and obey His sweet simplicity of justice, mercy and humility. Today choose to do what is right, show mercy to sonmeone who may not deserve mercy and carry yourself with the humility and the knowledge that today may be your last and only opportunity to serve a fellow human being. love and blessings, cath


07/12/2009 01:00:53 PM

It is sad for me to watch how all of a sudden people are listening and reading what Michael had to say now that he is gone. I too believe Michael was innocent on all accounts. From an innocent child to innocent in court. I meditate on the success and happiness of his children and in that meditation, stress the importance of happiness and the childhood that was taken from him. It is shameful what mankind does and what they do not pay attention to until it is too late. I hope Michael's light continues to shine down on us all. Through his work and through people who believed in his messages as strongly as I. Thank you, Michael! Mazz


07/12/2009 04:57:47 AM

I believe in your innocence Michael. God bless your soul and I hope you are with Him in that better place we all believe in. You are really free now and yet what you were blessed with -your musical genius- will live on in the hearts and minds of all of us who loved you as the wonderful person as well as the star that you were. You may have made mistakes but all of us do too. In that sense you were like any of us-ordinary people. You lived to see it all- the good,bad and the ugly. In the end I hope you found peace with your maker, the One who made you so special. Hope your love will continue to guide your children all thru their lives. You were ONE-OF-A-KIND, NEITHER YOUR FOLLIES OR YOUR CRITICS CAN ARGUE THAT. WE LOVE YOU here in India.


07/10/2009 06:55:58 AM

I agree with jwelder. I also strongly beleive that he would have encountered somewhat of an abuse as a child. It's very evident in the way how he expresses his childhood as well as how he loves his own children and how he sees GOD in his children. Sometimes our faith teaches us to forget and forgive those who hurt us and that time will heal. But it all depends on how emotionally overwhelmed the victim whould have been growing up in to an adult with all those painful memories inside. All I know is that whenever I see Micheal off stage, he's been a very humble person for a celebrity with such fame. He's a genuine man. And I sincerely hope and pray that he's with GOD. I hope GOD gave him a 2nd chance to put things right with HIM before he left this earth. GOD is merciful to those who seek him. Micheal - may you rest in peace and I hope to see you in heaven someday. GOD BLESS YOU.


07/10/2009 03:03:26 AM

The question arises was Michael Jackson abused? The answer is absolutely yes, he manifested every symptom in his life. The belief system of Jehovah’s Witnesses cult routinely covers up abuse and of this Michael was a victim. The weirdness of his life and actions are easily explained by understanding the “us against them” belief system of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was never at peace and always felt like a failure to his mom for not emulating and living her beliefs. The result was a sad person trying to find peace but deep down feeling he was never good enough where it really counted. Isn't it striking that those that have been involved and "fallen" from the Jehovah's Witnesses have strikingly similar experiences to those who were involved with and "fell" from Scientology?


07/09/2009 07:44:30 PM

Wasn't** anything wrong with him. Sorry about the typo.


07/09/2009 07:42:45 PM

There was anything wrong with him at all. He was such a good person! I must admit in all honesty, I started out kind of ignorant about M.J. because my only knowledge of the man was gotten through the sick, twisted media... I did not know nearly enough about it, nor did I try. At first. Since his death I have found out things about this special, amazing person we are left behind without now -- things that make me envy those who had the honor of being his friends. Besides, I read articles about the whole "paedophilia" case, and his self-defense in the matter. There is no doubt to me he is innocent, just another victim of a sick world fascinated with slaughtering talented people's reputations. I like what roxanna said about that above. As for the skin lightening, that was a result of a pigmentation disease called Vitiligo, that destroyed his skin's melanin overtime. That was why he was always protecting himself in the sun, and using light make-up to clear up blotches. He was NOT trying to turn himself white. R.I.P. Michael. God bless you.


07/08/2009 10:12:39 AM

It amazes me how people who claim to be of faith can make comments as the ones I have just read. First Micheal was not nor has ever been a pedophile. It is funny how when we as a society can not understand something we condemn and proceed to say hateful and discouraging things about it. This is what killed this young beautiful HUMAN BEING!! Because we do not love as we should we can not understand the passions of others who have learned that our hope lies in our children. It is apparent that the love he had for children is a love those who condemn and have mamned him has never experienced. Nor have I but I did feel it when I saw him or heard him speak. It is unfortunate that our society is feeled with hate and hostility. Know that if there is a heaven and there is a God Micheal Joseph Jackson is dancing and singing his way through eternity and those of you who continue the discourse do not have to worry any longer you will never have to encounter him YOU WILL NOT GO TO THAT PLACE OF PEACE UNTIL YOU LEARN TO GIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TOO. (RIP) IN PEACE MIKE AND KNOW THAT YOUR LEGACY WILL ALWAYS BE ONE OF LOVE, GENEROUSITY, AND GREAT TALENT. THOSE WHO MATTER WILL NOT JUDGE YOU AND THOSE WHO JUDGE YOU DO NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!!


07/08/2009 04:57:13 AM

All JW's raised in this cult grow up freaks! They are isolated from the world, they are so afraid of being disfellowshipped. My husband was disfellowshipped from this cult and I think it was the best thing that could ever happen to him.


07/07/2009 06:14:43 PM

Watchtower Society Jehovah's Witnesses religion goes like this: Michael Jackson was DISFELLOWSHIPPED then he scandalously turned 'apostate' and associated with another religion. According to their JW rules he cannot have a JW funeral period.There are thousands of EXJW's in this disfellowshipped state and their own mother must shun them This is all absolute hypocrisy of the JW leaders. I love MJ nothing against him just this corrupt religion that they will bend for a VIP.


07/07/2009 06:04:43 PM

Elephant in the room (aside from MJ's "alleged" pedophilia, of course): The entire African-American entertainment community,Jehovah's Witnesses and even the political establishment is rallying around Michael Jackson. And yet, MJ, perhaps more than any other celebrity/public figure you can name, spent his life essentially trying to deny his race - whitening his skin, straightening his hair, having surgery to create a "Caucasian" nose, having more surgery to remove other African-American facial features, reproducing with a white woman so that his children would be mixed race. Why is nobody talking about this messed up Jehovah's Witness?


07/07/2009 04:03:22 AM



07/05/2009 04:36:20 PM

I believe that Michael was a truly good person but was extremely naive. His childhood was robbed from him and all he wanted was to live his missed childhood through other children. He trusted too much and was taken advantage of. Since his death, I have found a new sense of admiration and respect for Michael Jackson.I don't know if he did hurt kids or not but really believe he did not. He knows what he did or did not do and so does God and if he did do bad things to children, he is paying for it now. This article makes me believe even more that he was not capable of what was said he had done. I pray that he has finally found the peace and happiness he searched for all his life and that he will now be forever young like he wanted! Rest in Peace Michael!


07/05/2009 12:55:45 PM

The media is not making "people" that I know ACT any way.! I believe he was a very 'different' person myself....however, I find it strange that the last poster really seems to have issues with MJ and those "issues" that you have DID COME FROM THE MEDIA! so don't judge what is being said about him now if you are judging his passed based on media facts... If he did one tenth of what was reported , I would be surprised.... You can't have it both ways and with this being a spiritual website it would seem you to would believe nobody is judged here on Earth .... HE will be judged at the Pearly gate just like the rest of us!!!! including you mediacircus


07/03/2009 09:12:32 PM

Enough about this clown, lets get on with the REAL issues of the world! This 50 year old man loved to hang out with children- not adults, Wake up everyone! That is a red flag for a child molester! I am sick and tired of all the media on this sick man- HE WAS SICK! in more ways than one! I can't believe the way people are acting, but I do realize they are acting like this BECAUSE OF THE MEDIA!


07/03/2009 03:17:40 AM

This letter about sabbath doesn't come as a surprise to me to me, I grew up with Michael and have always loved him. I use to say some day I will marry him and make him so happy, but that day didn't come so I cherished every song and video M J ever made. I learned to love him for who he was a entertainer. I can't pay attention to what people because I feel if a person has any relationship with God(our creator) they would have to see the God in M J he has all the characteristics of Jesus, first the giving, and the the childlike humbleness it's all there. The Word Of GOD says we must humble ourselves as babes to enter into His Kingdom and to me Michael Jackson found a way to Praise God in all he did. You would have to be blind and crazy to not see this. It was just Gods perfect timing to come pluck His flower(Michael Jackson) and place him in Heavens Garden. I have no regrets I can and will continue to cherish his style and music till we meet again in Heaven. I'm real sure M J got past all the strong holds that attempted to hold him back and just look at the off springs he left to be even greater on this side. Oh ! I could go on and on but I'll just say people can really be busy bodies when it come to M J. Please stop hating and cutting your blessings short because you didn't fulfill all your dreams because M J did it to the fullest OK ! I almost forgot to tell you all I did date a young man by the name of Michael Craig Jackson that I'm sure we would have gotten married but I let people that were hating inside the church detour me with talk about things I shouldn't have. I guess you can say I let others control me because they didn't want to see me happy and I did live to regret it so don't let people dictate your actions. I'm M J didn't REST IN PEACE Michael Jackson...............


07/01/2009 09:17:19 PM

For all the people sitting in judgment, whether Michael Jackson will be in Heaven: I was shocked, confused, bewildered As I entered Heaven's door, Not by the beauty of it all, Nor the lights or its decor. But it was the folks in Heaven Who made me sputter and gasp-- The thieves, the liars, the sinners, The alcoholics and the trash. There stood the kid from seventh grade Who swiped my lunch money twice. Next to him was my old neighbor Who never said anything nice. Herb, who I always thought Was rotting away in hell, Was sitting pretty on cloud nine, Looking incredibly well. I nudged Jesus, 'What's the deal? I would love to hear Your take. How'd all these sinners get up here? God must've made a mistake. 'And why's everyone so quiet, So somber - give me a clue.' 'Hush, child,' He said, 'they're all in shock. No one thought they'd be seeing you.' JUDGE NOT!! Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car .. Every saint has a PAST... Every sinner has a FUTURE! Now it's your turn..., "I Matter because He Has Made Me Matter"


06/30/2009 02:25:34 PM

I am so amazed that I've yet to hear/read, anyone,( with knowledge of such) put the pieces together, regarding Michaels' transformations. Is it feasible that he suffered from a form of; Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder? Having an ego-centered, tyrranical, unstable sadist, for a father; Michael was 'primed' for problems. Being emotionally abused, as a child can cause far greater harm than most people understand. Being forced to ' go on with the show, no matter what!' is abusive in and of itself. Being further traumatized by being ' disfigured' by burns to the face and looking into a mirror, only to see someone elses' face is horribly destabilizing, at best. (the Pepsi commercial) The dis-integration of ones' personality, is a mental and emotional HELL.!! from wich most people, never fully recover. Fotunately, Michael had GOD at his core, rather than self. Michaels' awareness of the presence of GOD, was experienced by looking into the faces of his children. His own 'innocense' is obvious to anyone, who is enlightened. No-one who knew him, could fathom anything other than LOVE and kindness motivating him in his life. He viewed his talent, as his 'gift from God' thereby, willing to work extremely hard to expand his (gift) talent as a way of thanking God, for the bestowment His/Her Gifts. Internalized pain can take on many forms, in order for the pain to be ' seen in the light of day' so as to be healed; thereby explaining some of the 'interesting' ( albeit 'bizarre,weird, etc...) lyrics, sounds, back-drops, and dance; included in Michaels' repertoire. Everyone has a 'dark-side', even JESUS; when Jesus saw the money-changers in the temple, He overturned the tables and chased the men out of, " My Fathers' house". Only GOD knows what pain Michael was spared, by 'passing' so young. Michael gave us so much and he will be missed by so many....may God shine His Face upon Michaels' children and mother; as well as the fullfillment of his dreams of; Peace, Love and True brotherhood, for all..


06/29/2009 01:58:57 PM

Wow, I never knew how passionate Michael was about this kind of thing it really makes you think how time is short and that you should thank the Lord for each day he gives you with your husband/wife and your children! No matter how mad they may make you at times, they are really a gift from God.


06/27/2009 01:48:51 AM

Dear people, I am so glad that you all are not in charge of who goes to heaven and who dosen't. Cause by your standard no one would get in. I am remined of another verse in the bible. You should not try to remove the splinter in your nieghbors eye untill the plank in your own is removed. I belive that MJ is asleep in his grave. and that the Good Lord the God of creation will be the one to decide when MJ is risen. Be it the first resirection or the second. Yes he had some faults but according to the bible whom all of you claim to belive in " we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. but if we are faithful and just we will see Jesus Christ. So chill out people..................Gods in controle not YOU as much as it pains me to say I hope that if in heaven my mantion is next to his that he and I can be friends other wise it wont be MJ that will be worrying what happened to me.


06/26/2009 06:22:05 PM

it truly amazes me at times that people think that everyone just goes to heaven when they die. Michael was raise a jehovah Witness. Just because he observed the sabbath does not mean he went to heaven, anyone can do that. This man loved to have little boys in his bed with him and sleep with them. People go to hell folks, if one is not born again let me put it the way the bible puts it, except you be born again you shall not see the kingdom of heaven. And this man, was not born again, by no means. but people refuse to believe that. They have put this man on a throne, and treat him as if he where a king. He was one very sick person, mentally and physically, and as a business man he was like JR from Dallas.


06/26/2009 11:40:17 AM

Everyone is so saddened by his death. you can share your thoughts with other fans here


06/26/2009 07:46:55 AM

yes50, to say that micheal will not be in heaven, because he was not "born-again" doesnt just insult micheal jackson, it also insults Jesus Christ. I would have to wonder how you come to know so much about what micheal's beliefs were. Micheal had issues but no one is perfect, and the allegations against him have never been proven, and he did more than many to bring poverty and injustice to the world's attention through his music. If our good deeds and intentions in this life count for nothing, and Jesus only lets us in heaven if we believe in him, then what is the point in even trying to get into heaven? I for one would rather spend an eternity in hell with others who actually tried to do good in the world and put a lot of work into it, than spend an eternity in heaven with people who sole effort was to believe in some dictator-like deity.


06/25/2009 09:39:34 PM

Michael was a very mentally ill man, and physcially he was sick too. He was broke, and he loved to have little boys sleeping in the same bed with him. I hope that his childern will go to betty rowe. Who is the mother of these childern. And they need a stable home. I do not believe at all that Michael is in heaven I would say hell. Going to church anyone can do, and just be a pew warmer. Michael was not born again, meaning he was not saved, he never accept Jesus as his Lord and savior. I can say he was in big time debt, and that causes stress. But a come back with that big concerts he was going to have NO way would that do it. I do feel sorry for his family, whom lost a son, and brother.


02/05/2009 12:33:10 PM

I find it interesting that alot of people feel the way G.Larson feels about the sabbath and whether or not it's binding or not. Jesus went to church on Saturday (Luke 4:16) when he was on earth. He didn't come to abolish the law, he came to fulfill it. Notice that even when he died on the cross he died on Friday and rose on Sunday, evening and morning make a day. Otherwise, that would only be 2 days. Christ kept the sabbath even in his death. Sin wouldn't exist without the law. Romans 6 makes it clear that grace alone can't save us. I would encourage more dialogue with G. Larson so this can be more clear.


08/10/2005 11:20:10 PM

(Part two) Michael Jackson's comments about the Sabbath may mislead some to think that Witnesses observe a weekly Sabbath. They don't. (Neither do they call days that they do public ministry a "Sabbath" either.) The Bible shows that every day is a Sabbath rest for true Christians, since Christians enter into God's Sabbath rest once they permanently set aside personal interests in order to God's will. (Hebrews 4:9-11) The scriptures also show that the Sabbath and the rest of the Mosaic Law was for the Jews, not for other people. (Deuteronomy 5:1-3; Psalm 147:19, 20) The Law was given to prepare the Jews to receive Christ--Galatians 3:19-20. So Christians are not under the law. (Romans 7:6) Therefore they are not required to keep a Sabbath. (Romans 14:5) Further, Christ's death abolished the written Law--Galatians 3:10-14; Colossians 2:14. His death was the end (or fufillment) of the Law--Romans 10:4; 6:14. Christians are to fufill Christ's Law. (compare Galatians 6:2)


08/10/2005 11:03:51 PM

(I am posting my comments in two parts because of space limitations.) When "Kind" posted that Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, he was incorrect. Jehovah's Witnesses believe in the Bible as God's word. Since Jesus and God himself both stated on numerous occasions that Jesus was the Son of God, of course Witnesses believe he is God's Son. They don't however, believe that Jesus is God himself, or part of a trinity. One reason is that many times Jesus pointed out that the Father is the only true God, thus eliminating himself. (John 17:1-3) Paul is one who confirmed this. (See 1 Corinthians 8:6) Also, Jesus, Paul and Peter several times stated that it is the Father who is Jesus Christ's God-- John 20:17; Ephesians 1:3; 1 Peter 1:3. There are many other scriptural reasons they reject the trinity teaching-- ones too numerous to post here.


06/17/2005 09:12:15 AM

Micheal Grew up as a Jehovah witness, and they do not believe in Jesus as the son of God. I was wondering if he was fasting during his trial because he lost weight from 120, to below 100 pounds. I wonder whether the fact that he was speaking to Jessie Jackson is indication of him having accepted Jesus Christ. The bible says when I was a child I acted like a child and when I became a man I put away foolish things. Although Micheal wants to live the childhood he did not have, there is a part of him like in all of us that will always be a child. But he can accept Jesus on faith, like a child but he has to mature in Christ. He should not spend his adult life believing he is peter pan. If he is seeking Jesus then he should get a bible that he understands and begin reading it. Its also a good idea to send his children to sunday school. I hope you read these posts Micheal, no matter what you are going to have to grow up. And if you spend your adult life wishing to be a child.


02/07/2005 09:11:22 PM



01/07/2005 12:09:24 AM

I feel that God has a purpose for everyone.I am 30 years old and am married.I still feel as carefree as a child and others feel that I don't look a day older than 23.Well,I believe God made me that way and I do not feel ashamed or embarrased when people call me childish.Innocence is something that most of us loose as we grow older.I am glad that I am able to keep a little bit of it in me and wish to remain this way till my last breath.So,I relate with Michael in a different sort of way.Just be happy with all that you have and find your childhood - as you are probably doing already,in your childrens' eyes.That is probably God's gift to you in His own special way.God bless You.


11/11/2004 08:23:30 PM

The fact that Michael Jackson puts so much emphasis on the childhood he missed is one of the main reasons why I think he is innocent for what he has been accused of. I mean they've said that he's been warned about spending so much time with the kids back at the Neverland Ranch. I think that he was having so much of a time giving those kids what he wished he had, that that was the reason he's in the mess he's in right now! I know there's still some other pointers both positive and negative to show, but I don't think it changes anything, unless there's solid evidence (for the negative.) I'm very glad to see that he has a spiritual side. I believe that God loves us all, and I hope Michael Jackson believes, or will come to believe, the same thing.


08/18/2004 07:25:58 PM

I think he beleives he is telling you a story about his childhood . He is not asking you for pity in any way . He is telling us that he has learned that God is everywhere and especially in the heart of his children . He has been awakened by his children and he can now see what life is about and should be about . As a mother, I read into it like that , hey I could be wrong . I think to be a parent is as close as you can get to the glory of God and thru them he is sending us messages about what is important . Good for Michael he has also picked up on this . simplebliss 8/2004


11/23/2003 07:14:51 AM

So, MJ missed out on childhood. And he wants for his kids, the things he missed. Why would he subject them to the insanity of a celebrity life? Why would he NOT protect them from both the celebrity life and sycophantic hanger ons? EVEN the paid ones. Many celebrities keep their children away from the prying lights, precisely to give them a normal upbringing. It is rare for a child to be as famous as his/her parent. A child can not live up to that. What will MJ's kids be like?Does Joe feel any responsibility for MJ? any pain? As to his guilt/innocence: this is the SECOND CHARGE, maybe it's true after all. How many kids did WE let him abuse by not charging him criminally the first time?


11/23/2003 12:43:05 AM

I think this "Spiritual Guidance" person IS Michael Jackson, what with his/her eight consecutive posts on the subject. Or maybe it's Shmooley Boteach.


11/22/2003 07:05:25 AM

My heart breaks for Michael Jackson, the boy. I am not famous, nor wealthy, but I had an extremely traumatic childhood. I grew up with him and have had an intuitive empathy for him, along with others like us, for as long as I can remember. Perhaps we cannot recover what we believe we have lost spiritually and emotionally, until we lose everything that is of this world??


11/22/2003 04:59:28 AM

Michael, I also love the days, like the Sabbath, when all there is to do is to be in touch with God. But you know what? Every day has that opportunity. Through our work and our actions, we can serve God. Every task can be lifted up like an offering. Michael, I pray you will be able to serve God in every moment, making Him your only desire. I pray that I can also do this!


11/22/2003 02:12:36 AM

Michael Jackson hasn't been a Jehovahs Witness since 3 years after the Thriller Video was made. He sent a letter to the Govering Body of Jehovahs Witnesses to resign being a memeber. The only 2 people in his Family that are Active Jehovahs Witnesses is his mother and his sister Rebe


11/21/2003 09:59:33 AM

this is to the person who said that Micheal JAckson needs to be like all the rest of us and take a job doing construction and start drinking beers... Misery Loves company


11/21/2003 09:41:49 AM

My last words(i know this is a bit much..ok a whole lot but I feel so strongly on this I had to say all I felt) Right now you are like your brother Daniel, in the lions bin with the blood thirsty lions circling around you, you are like the brothers in the the firey furance with the heat and pressure all about you, but just like them he will come and deliver you, right now he just have them thinking they have you, but it's all apart of his plan...he will show them the GOD you believe in is real and even the most horrible lies told against you can not stand.. I love you in the name of Jesus, the father the son and blessed holy spirit.


11/21/2003 09:41:06 AM

Dear Sweet and inspiring Micheal, if you have the chance to read this... know this, the battle is not's the Lords. No matter what evidence they may have planted or what lies they tell stand strong as you always do, hold your head high and please, please don't let them take away from you what makes you "different" I believe that you believe in The almighty and if you believe in him with all thine heart and all thine soul he will deliver you.


11/21/2003 09:40:02 AM

You know, they lied on Jesus, the hated him for all he did, they persecuted(prosecuted) him for all he did, because he was "different". Every lie they told against him was refuted in the end, and I hope all that have tried to cause Micheal pain and anguish will be refuted as well


11/21/2003 09:38:41 AM

I just think it is so unfair that this man would give so much of hisself and welcome so many in to in return always seem to get greedy, and evil people. You know there seems to be two ways to acquire fame and fortune and they are through evil and good. This man's history, his track record although "different" or "strange" to us is nothing but good. How dare any of us try to judge him when every one "every one" has done something of somethings that makes them fall short of the glory of heaven.He is very "different" and it is loudly noticed because he stands out. He stands out from those of you who are afraid of real love, true love and unconditional love, he is "different" because of the things he went through and the things he didn't. It seems that we couldn't wait to see him in cuffs. He has been chased with the out come of failure every since he showed the world he wasn't afraid to be different.


11/21/2003 09:36:24 AM

So many are criticizing him and already judging him for what they know nothing of. You know, I wonder why it seems to not even be an option to think the little boy is lying or his parents aided him to lie. Why it seems impossible to think that maybe the prosecutor, which souds so much like persecutor has evil motives. Yes Micheal Jackson is different from us... he is pure and of love and hope and everything that GOD wanted us to be filled with. Although he has absolute stardom his heart and soul remains pure. If he was not "different" than us and this rumor surfaced we would find it harder to believe, but because he chooses to hunger after a childhood he missed in a way that we find strange he was made crimal all most immediately.


11/21/2003 09:32:41 AM

Micheal Jackson's childhood suffered and now he wants to make up for it, not only for hisself, but for any child that may have to do without something he feels as though he missed. He spends his money on what ever he feels or believes to ease the struggles of another. He has earned his money to spend on hisself as well.


11/21/2003 09:31:30 AM

I think Micheal Jackson reflections show that there may be hope for the world. I also would like to comment about the recent gossip of his life. I agree with one of the post here, in a person's life that has no fame it is normal for a child or children to come to their bed for comfort or just their presence. When I was young I loved my ex's mother and slept in her bed with her. When someone's child is having a sleep over and maybe the children are frightened by what ever they come to where...not to the police, but to the person they trust the


11/21/2003 09:13:22 AM

Get a real grip, is all I can say. This article ticks me off. I am sorry for the childhood that you (MJ) felt was robbed from you. No one can ever bring those days back. Once the truth of life is given to us at any age we cannot go back to the beginning and start over. Many of us has had our childhood taken from us all too swiftly. I still feel like crying for the many assults to the own child in me, and the way some adults misused my innocents. Instead of crying for the child I once was, I try to heal my inner-child, through being the best mom, to my beautiful girls. I am an adult, sometimes I wish I could go back. I never have to grow old, but grow up I must, and have. We all have our heartaches of childhood. So Get over the dang pity party.


03/02/2003 03:25:45 PM

As if I could find more to say- but I want to commend those who came here of pure heart and shared their stories and opinions with love- your stories stand out and remind me that God HAS touched many lives and hearts and I am touched when I read them.


03/02/2003 03:07:20 PM

7)I have learned from experience that whenever I try to do good and be as God has directed me to be I am critisized and my benevolence is accused of ulterior motive. 8)I am conviced that this is all that has happened to MJ. No- he is not perfect (the plastic surgery was unnecessary) but he is only human. He tried to tell us this before people tried to rip him down from the pedestal of which we placed him. 9)I think that if the people on this board are the saved and truly religious then the negativity only displays why some people shy away from religious institutions and why our world is in such turmoil. 10)While we are crucifying the good people with our cynicism and listening to Judge Judy instead of the good word, the devil is pointing out to the nonbelievers and even some of the believers and saying that that is what all we (God's people) are about.


03/02/2003 03:05:54 PM

4) I thought when I came here I would finally hear from people who understand what it is to be of good faith and kind heart. I think I instead found very rude judgemental individuals who were willing to find fault and expressed cynical views that is more the devil's work than God's. 5) I do not want to judge you but I ask you to remember Christ received such negative reaction and response when all he did was try to promote God's way. 6)People thought Christ was lost from faith and trying to impersonate God. They falsely accused him and remember he was hung by the public (not literally)


03/02/2003 03:04:51 PM

1)I am not a Jehovah's witness but i would not dare critisize them. They strive to do the Lord's work and follow in Jesus's steps- so girl who suggested that MJ commit to Jesus- know that Jesus is believed in in the Jehovah Witness faith. 2)Also MJ has opened the gates to his home and tries to give kids the love that he lacked- that's all. 3)MJ is a man of pure heart who has done more to serve God than most of us here and still we try to judge him instead of offering him support and love.


03/02/2003 03:03:38 PM

I think MJ is an exceptionally spiritual and blessed man and I thank God for allowing him to have such a positive influence on my life. I am inspired by him that truly all hearted people do exist. Those who spread the concept of God, Christ, and love unconditional. I have heard it in his songs and seen it in the way he lives his life. -I am saddened by some of your remarks- and this is not all of you-but those of you who have come up here with such negative replies about this man who has shown us a thing or two about being devoted to God and his cause.


02/28/2003 05:03:10 PM

Windsinger, get real. Everyone has the choice to live their lives how they see fit.


02/26/2003 08:25:56 AM

I wanted to be ordinary, so I plastic surgeried myself into an alien.


02/23/2003 02:23:16 PM

I am so sorry. I know that was long winded. But I definitely have an opinion. Ohh, and I also think that Michael needs to get counseling immediately. To deal with all of this garbage. If he can find a good one. Listening to some of you that claim to be counselors . . . I really have to wonder. You don't have to agree with him. It's his business so just leave him alone and sleep as you will.


02/23/2003 02:14:43 PM

People, we have more important problems and it seems to me that Michael has been a part of the solution. Where have you been? Besides on-line criticizeing him. I hope you are doing your part. For your families, your children and the unfortunate in your communities. Or are you to busy doing your own thing, too tired, watching TV, on your computer, playing video games . . . what do you do with your spare time. It's too bad that this career that gave Michael the means to do so much has also taken so much from him. I wish he could be more active in community affairs and be able to live his live as he sees fit.


02/23/2003 02:14:18 PM

Many families live in small quarters and have to sleep together. Does that mean all poor people are deviates? There is no shame in compassion and I as a Christian United States Citizen am ashamed that this country has come to having its religions leaders and counselors shame a man for having it.


02/23/2003 02:12:16 PM

When my children were frightened, they were welcome in my bed. If they had company they were all in my bed. If there was no room for me, then I went to the sofa. But that is the only reason I left. They come for comfort and your "adult" presence because they are scared or ill. Bed is not synonomous with sex . . .


02/23/2003 02:07:03 PM

As far as the criticism of his "caring". I would pray that more of you men that can't understand WOULD UNDERSTAND!!! The world could be a wonderful place... For those of you that say you don't care, one way or the other, that is really to bad but it says alot about you. You should care one way or the other. All of this stuff about sharing his bed...the man shares his home and his life. Many men refuse to share their anything with anything else not even their own families. So I guess it is not so hard to understand why this kindness and compassion would not be understood by most men and probably some women in this world. We can't put our arms around someone to comfort in this day and age without someone trying to make something smutty out of it.


02/23/2003 02:06:12 PM

I understand his feelings about the sabbath. I wish I could be as devout with mine. The day was made for our joy and fellowship with God. Michael is a very spiritual man it seems. Some of which is probably because of all the trials he has had. I'm sure he will continue to have more.....


02/21/2003 05:46:06 PM

I totally understand where Michael is coming from. I also did not have an ideal childhood. My father was a very strict tyrannt. I suffered many beatings and I was not allowed to go outside to play with the other children. Because we lived in the city (Philadelphia) and my father felt that the neighborhood was not good, he did not want me associating with anyone. So I spent many days looking out the window watching the other children play. God has help me to forgive my father. Michael, I believe that you have not forgiven your father. Jesus died for us to set us free and God gives us a way out. Sometimes we can know God's word but not really understand it. Ask God to help you forgive your father and ask him to give you peace, and ask the God to direct your path in fasting in prayer.


02/21/2003 12:00:47 PM

I Have been praying for Michael quite sometime. He is saddly misguided, and a lost soul. He needs to find Jesus Christ & ask for turn his life over to the Lord!!! To only find the Truth, Mkdoodle


02/15/2003 11:56:43 PM

God has given each of us the power to change our inner man. Inside of Michael there is a broken child ,and in time God will allow the Sabbath to return in his heart .Michael knows God is alive in him ,and he is being kept by the Master creator for a purpose


02/15/2003 11:08:54 PM

Arrested development. Traumatic childhood. Shy by nature. Super talented. World famous. Became very rich. Each on its own differentiates a person from the rest. All together, probably explains a little of MJs life. He is living in Neverland. A more innocent and simpler world of his creation. He should probably spend some time in therapy - and I say this with respect and sincerity. He is wealthy enough to be able to create and live in Neverland on earth, however that probably is not the best way to heal his traumas.


02/13/2003 03:15:24 PM

How does the song go, in the end only kindness matters. Dawn


02/13/2003 10:50:31 AM

jkopanko: "Why is anyone continuing to entertain this person with debate?" You mean, like you? (; Don't worry about it: it ain't that entertaining. I sincerely mean the sentiment, and like the way the judge phrases it. MJ is not the only one without the ideal childhood. At some point, you just have to move on. In the meantime, relax! I don't care about MJ one way or the other, actually. I am (or, was originally) only responding to the question. MJ normally would never enter into my thoughts, believe me. Even for a 'star, and for whatever reason, MJ stands out as...eccentric. And it is reportedly his own statements that let it be known to the public that he has young, overnight guests. How else would we know about it? This is just a BB for opinions. No need to get overwrought about it. You have yours, I have mine. Neither matter much, as I see it. (;


02/13/2003 09:44:42 AM

"As Judge Judy says, he should 'put a period to it (his childhood) and move on.'" Why is anyone continuing to entertain this person with debate?


02/13/2003 04:43:41 AM

CONT' If such actions are his way of seeking healing for a traumatic childhood, then I would advise him to consult a professional, rather than 'self-treating.' As Judge Judy says, he should "put a period to it (his childhood) and move on." He is, after all, in his forties. He hasn't been a child for nearly 30 years. If his past impairs him that much, (and I'm not saying it does) he shouldn't have taken on the responsibilities of parenthood, which indisputably require the maturity of an adult.


02/13/2003 04:43:09 AM

"Nobody thought Julie the Sound of Music was anything abnormal...This is the difference in the innocence of the sixties and the paranoia of the 90's and 00's." Not to mention the difference between fiction and real life, eh? "He plainly stated that he sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor although he "shares his bed" by giving it to the children. On one occasion he let the children on the bed with him, but we don't know if this was all night long or not." To sleep on the floor would NOT be 'sharing a bed', to me. As for whether if was "all night...or not", what difference does that make? And I stand my earlier assertion: it is NOT appropriate behavior for a grown man. Additionally, it is singularly nonsensical of him, considering his earlier 'multi-million dollar' settlement to another child. I'm not out to 'destroy' MJ; how could I? He's as interested in my opinion of him as I am about his of me. This IS a place to trade opinions, is it not? CONT'


02/13/2003 04:30:12 AM

"IF you had ever stepped in to effect change in the life of a child, and lived all the effects, I just do not see where you find him suspect." What has that to do with MJ? "I do suggest you look into it though, not because you don't know him. But for yourself. We who do this, not only understand the inablilty to judge, we also gain so much for every loss." What I do, have done, and will do for the unfortunate has not caused an inability in me to 'judge'. But 'judge' is not a dirty word, to me. It's merely the ability to discern characteristics; to observe and draw a conclusion from my observations. "...To those who never have, and feel fit to judge, I offer my sympathy, for the lack of experience." As it happens, I have had experience in dealing with such. So no sympathy needed, here. (:


02/13/2003 02:32:23 AM

Is there anyone else who finds it horrible to watch a talented, gentle, caring human being torn to shreds for money, ratings, and spectacle? What is WRONG with people??? Why is it so difficult to simply LEAVE IT ALONE already? Is MJ going to be taunted, bullied and bashed for the remainder of his LIFE ON THIS PLANET??? Are we no different than the Romans going to the Colosseum, to entertain ourselves with the display of relentless cruelty toward other human beings???


02/12/2003 05:24:49 PM

Bobbitt, Do a little more research than just watching a "documentary" which was made to grab attention and make money. His kids' mom has said she carried the kids for him. Just like a surrogate. She is happy, the kids are happy, Michael is happy. Also, if you were listening, you would have heard him say he did not sleep in the bed with the kids. Get over it. He is just providing those kids with a magical wonderful peaceful vacation, which he never had, and most of them could never have. If he was a woman we would not be hearing these things. I do day care. I spend 60 hours a week with kids. They sleep in the same room I am in all day. Does that make me a molester?


02/12/2003 01:41:39 PM

typo "...and [insert "its"] implications."


02/12/2003 01:40:52 PM

Lets face it squarely: The principal source of all the anti-Michael movement is homophobia and implications.


02/12/2003 12:04:55 PM

I think someone's choice the user name "Bobbitt" demonstrates where this person is at, and the integrity, conscientiousness and seriousness of anything they might want to post. "Face it...grown, mature adults have no desire to entertain young male children in their beds or to have them over for "slumber parties", and a man with clear thinking would not want to go around with makeup on." I guess that such things as "individuals" are purely theoretical... certainly, nothing we'd ever see in the real world! Such paranoid cynicism makes me feel sorry for the type of insular, impoverished existence this person must lead.


02/12/2003 10:03:23 AM

I totally agree with Bobbitt6. How can this boy/man be of pure heart. He has little boys sleeping over for slumber parties. What man in his right mind would do this. Now that Mike is a man he talks about he's Peter Pan, he has a magic tree on his estate, he hangs the youngest child over a railing saying that the baby enjoyed it and yelled "Eeeeeeeee". The mother has to make an appointment to see the two oldest children. I can understand that he did not have the childhood he wanted but he now has to understand that he's a grown man and grown men don't have slumber parites for little boys. What grown man do you know that likes to play water balloons instead of making love to his wife or woman? He has lied about his facial appearance. He never had a cleft in his chin, he never had eyeliner around his eyes, they were never slanted, he had beautiful brown complexion, so his nose was a little big, he was quite a handsome fellar then, now he looks like a walking white zombie. Peace


02/12/2003 07:47:34 AM

Nane1, My point exactly. Those who judge him, are doing so from afar. They haven't sat and spoken with him, they haven't tripped over his feet running, to greet children. They haven't seen the eyes of a sick child uplifted as their hero walks in. And they haven't seen the eyes of parents, who are so tired of their vigil, while he stays holds a sick child's hand till that child falls asleep. Nor, have they done so themselves. Of course people are going to pick on him, his heart is for the child in harms way, not politics, gossip, and namecalling. Such mature adult behavior I witness here, of those who say he is childlike? Dawn


02/12/2003 02:33:43 AM

allkdathrt, how can you possibly say that Michael Jackson is of pure heart? Face it...grown, mature adults have no desire to entertain young male children in their beds or to have them over for "slumber parties", and a man with clear thinking would not want to go around with makeup on. The whole think about Michael Jackson stinks! The only people in this picture that are pure of heart and truly innocent are the children he invites to his home. I am so sick of hearing about poor, innocent, little Michael. I watched the documentary, and all I saw was a very controlling, lying, immature manchild. I hope he includes prayer in his daily life, because I think he needs it as well as mental therapy. I truly fear for the children he calls his own. He loves them, but won't let them see their mothers? How normal is that, and how is that putting your child's interest before your own?


02/12/2003 02:07:08 AM

I beg to differ on the person who said JW kids aren't allowed to go to h.s. football games or participate in after school activities. I was raised by a JW mother and a Dad who never went to church. His work schedule was such that my mom was pretty much the caregiver and rule maker in the house. I was allowed to go to the games. In fact she often went to the baseketball games as well. I was in band, math team, knowledge bowl, and choir. I personally had no interest in going to dances but If I had wanted to I could have gone. I also took ballet until the tenth grade when I realized I didn't have the talent to be a professional dancer. All the activites were a matter of choice between the parents and children. I also spent a week being a counselor at an outdoor education camp run by the school district.


02/12/2003 12:19:30 AM

I believe that Michael Jackson is of pure heart, and it is the media that is evil. They'll say anything to make a buck. I'd like to see the parents of the kids he knows interviewed. I feel for him. Yes, it was stupid to hang his baby over the railing, but I think that is all he has done wrong. I'd also like to see the teen boy who accused him of trying to molest him take a lie detector test.


02/11/2003 11:02:20 PM

I don't know what to say regarding some of the comments...I wish you knew him like I do...


02/11/2003 07:44:11 PM

Actually before any of us judge any plastic surgery that Michael Jackson has undergone, I think you should know that he suffers from vitiligo, which is a loss of skin pigmentation, usually occuring in large, uneven splotches. I have a family member with the same condition and it looks bad on a person of caucasion heritage. Imagine uneven splotches of white on the beautiful, nubian skin, of a person with a black heritage. Michael had his skin tone evened out through bleaching. Even if this weren't true, it's nobody's business if someone wants to improve their appearance by bleaching their hair or teeth or having plastic surgery.


02/11/2003 06:34:34 PM

His reflections are beautiful...who are we to judge the man?


02/11/2003 05:40:13 PM

What is Michael Jackson's obsession with looking like a girl? Frankly, it makes him look dumb.


02/11/2003 04:24:08 PM

I hear rumors of Prince and the Williams girls being JWs--but I can tell you one thing--IF they are, they won't be for long, or else they have paid off the local elders because JW kids are not even allowed to go to their High School football games or be in any after school clubs--let alone be involved in the Olympics(JWs are not even allowed to go to the YMCA!) or perform on stage in sexually suggestive situations! Michael's mother was a JW, his father never was. I understand it to be the same way with the Williams girls and Prince. To a JW a mother who is and a father who isnt is called a divided family and the mother is still subservient to the father in all things, including if the father decides the kids are not raised JW. she is taught some sneaky ways of teaching the kids, but what the father says goes. Michael is a very mentally sick young man, and he does not need to be involved in a crazy-making cult like JWs to make matters worse. I pity him, but I don't believe a word he says.


02/11/2003 04:23:29 PM

I was born and raised third generation Jehovah's Witness and I lived in Southern California from 1981-1990-the Michael Jackson years-AND I was a regular pioneer for 25 yrs. Michael is full of crap. JWs do not use the words he uses in that article, he misuses the terms he does get correct--pioneers were the actual missionaries--what he describes is the ministry all JWs are required to do and the participants are called publishers--BIG DIFF to a JW! JWs do not observe any Sabbath. Period. And they do not 'sell' Watchtowers(a sore point to a real JW) and as far as I know JWs have never been allowed in Malls to preach. My recollection of Michael Jackson in the 80's is one of total embarrassment and denial from the JWs. that he was even a baptized member, and certainly if he ever was baptized, he has since been disfellowshipped(excommunicated) for conduct that JWs do not tolerate. continued in next post:


02/11/2003 09:02:03 AM

cha, "However, Michael, if you so want to be like the rest of us, do all of us a favor and take control. Please drop out of the public spotlight and just do it. Get a job doing construction or highway work, buy a small rambler home, change your name to Bob, start drinking beer, and just be ordinary like us. " Don't be so arrogant and intolerant toward the differences of other people. Who are you to tell anyone to "be like you". "Take a job doing construction work"??? What is that even supposed to mean??? ... (continued below)


02/11/2003 09:01:39 AM

(continued from above) ...This is a person with LONG and HARD WORK-CULTIVATED TALENT. Michael has paid his dues. Michael has WORKED to achieve the fame and money he has attained. His entire childhood was sold out from under him, sacrificed to this WORK to develop his god-given GIFTS. "Get a job doing construction"??? Maybe you should get a job in the sanitation field tagging behind the trash truck? Sound good. OF COURSE NOT. Why would you be so gratuitously insulting, non-compassionate, and hateful to another person?


02/11/2003 08:36:00 AM

I have absolutely no respect for Michael Jackson, but his story is very warm and uplifting, and I can even find a little sympathy for him. His circumstances were, and continue to be, beyond his control. However, Michael, if you so want to be like the rest of us, do all of us a favor and take control. Please drop out of the public spotlight and just do it. Get a job doing construction or highway work, buy a small rambler home, change your name to Bob, start drinking beer, and just be ordinary like us.


02/11/2003 05:22:59 AM

Michael Jackson's Sabbath thoughts were uplifting and inspiring to me. Michael reminded me that God created the Sabbath in an unfallen world, then in Exodus to the Jews to Remember it. The Bible says, Jesus and all of the Bible people kept the Sabbath holy. It is still a place of refuge for the children of God, wherever we may find ourselves in this world. Michael has a unique situation, as many people do that they need a rest from. God said we all need that rest, that refuge, even in the unfallen Garden of Eden, so how much more people need it today. I am also praying for Michael and current situation he faces where someone abused his trust and twisted his words around. Michael and others of us know how Jesus himself felt when some people claiming to be holy tried to stone him for every word he spoke. Thank God for the Sabbath and Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath by His own words.


02/11/2003 02:04:42 AM

The "masks" thing is absolutely absurd. How can the point be missed that this is actually a sign of a practical PROTECTIVE INSTINCT? Celebrities are not treated the way ordinary people are treated by those they encounter. Who has had more personal experience with this than Michael? The desire, and demonstrated effort, to keep his children's identities and faces out of the public spotlight is for the purpose of affording these kids the freedom to be able to have a NORMAL, ANONYMOUS EXISTENCE in the world with other human beings: Something Michael was never himself allowed, and something he clearly appreciates the value of.


02/11/2003 01:58:14 AM

The desire to descend on Michael like vultures and tear him to shreads--utterly refusing to see THE PERSON, but instead substituting cynical models of "human motivation"-- speaks volumes about the hearts and level of spiritual existence of his attackers, but remarkably little about their intended victim.


02/10/2003 11:56:08 PM

After reading Michael's story, I finally get it. I finally...get it. If I had had the childhood he had, I would want to remain a child forever, and lets be honest, nobodys completely sane. Admittedly, some are crazier than others, but if we were all equaly insane, that wouldn't be any fun, would it?


02/10/2003 09:36:02 PM

I could watch Michael Jackson perform for hours but the man is definitely in need of some mental health therapy. I don't think he's really sound to take care of children. Any grown man who enjoys having slumber parties with little boys and wants little boys in his bed is definitely a "sick" man. He's also made himself into a "freak" with the continual face surgeries. Blaming all this on his traumatic childhood is a "cop out". Imagine those poor little kids having to get their masks put on whenever they venture out.


02/10/2003 09:31:19 PM

The poor, sick, miserable man. I feel so much pity for him. I hope someday he is able to heal from the abuses of his childhood and find peace within himself.


02/10/2003 05:58:24 PM

Michael Jackson is pathetic. He is a 44 year old man with the ego and behaviors of an 8 year old. While he is probably not a pedophile (I think he is too afraid to have sex with ANYONE) he is most certainly not a bit right. What a shame a person of such talent should be exploited to the point of insanity by the stage father and mother who ruined his life. Should someone that "sick" raise children of his own - probably not.


02/10/2003 03:48:26 PM

However Michael finds peace and serenity and healing from the trauma of his childhood, as long as God is in it, I say more power to him. Here is one celebrity out of the few I'd like to sit down and discuss the meaning of life with for hours...


02/10/2003 03:45:42 PM

He plainly stated that he sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor although he "shares his bed" by giving it to the children. On one occasion he let the children on the bed with him, but we don't know if this was all night long or not. Let's not let semantics, pseudo-psychology, and dirty minds destroy an individual's career and ability to help those in need. As usual, the individual with true love and caring for his fellow human beings is sought out and destroyed by the villagers with burning torches because he is different.


02/10/2003 03:43:53 PM

"..."the most loving thing to do is share your bed with someone." If such a thing doesn't set off your parental radar...HMMMM...." Nobody thought Julie Andrews having the entire Von Trapp family children invade her bed (UNDER THE COVERS WITH HER IN THEIR NIGHTCLOTHES! WHAT PERVERSION!) in the Sound of Music was anything abnormal, else it would have been censored. This is the difference in the innocence of the sixties and the paranoia of the 90's and 00's. I do not believe Michael Jackson is a child abuser. I do believe he is a sincere individual crying out to children in pain and able to understand them better than most due to his own chidlike innocence.


02/10/2003 01:33:36 PM

What a sad, sad human being. So unhappy with the talents he was given that he mutilates himself and raises his children to believe that they are in such awesome danger from others that they have to hide their faces in public. I hope someday he finds a good therapist for himself and his kids.


02/09/2003 08:13:04 PM

IF you had ever stepped in to effect change in the life of a child, and lived all the effects, I just do not see where you find him suspect. If you have not, then you have no clue do you? I do suggest you look into it though, not because you don't know him. But for yourself. We who do this, not only understand the inablilty to judge, we also gain so much for every loss. And there are risks, the lies about him are just an example. That happens all the time, the child wants to be good and does what asked. I've been stabbed by many of these kids. And yet, when asked to intervene, I do it again. Why, because it is possible, if you can take the heat, to free children from suffering right now. I have great respect for someone who faces these risks and still, for another child faces them. To those who never have, and feel fit to judge, I offer my sympathy, for the lack of experience. Dawn


02/09/2003 07:40:58 PM

CONT' "If not, then we need to learn respect. Maybe we could begin with Mr Jackson." Sorry; I'll never consider him one of humanity's great sufferers. And I can never respect a man whose actions with children are as suspect as his. That's putting it mildly, believe me. "Our opinions are nothing, only God's will." Well, this IS a forum for discussion, is it not? I wasn't comparing my opinion to God's will, certainly. In fact, I take BB's pretty lightly, on the whole. They wouldn't be interesting or entertaining to me otherwise. This one is included! (:


02/09/2003 07:40:33 PM

"I hope those as sceptical of Michael Jackson as they present themselves. Are assurting their opinions, having walked the walk he has lived." Many of us have had traumatic childhoods. I would certainly enjoy being able to spend millions on a shopping spree, now! (; The past is past; what we do with the now and the future is all that we can alter. "That those who criticise have sat with their enemy gave him cloak and coat also. And so, are fit to judge, because they have beenm babtised with the fire he has known." If I give my enemy my cloak, then I won't have one. Can this be said of him? In any event, I feel free to 'judge', as the question we're all responding to is "What do you THINK...?". CONT'


02/09/2003 05:48:45 PM

I think Michael Jackson worked. God worked six days of the week and was no aristocrat. Michael Jackson is an American who worked more than perhaps he should have and might have received better counsel.


02/09/2003 01:20:20 PM

I think it is well written, intelligent, full of feeling. I have a lot of empathy for Michael Jackson, and respect for his talent. However, I don't like his excessive plastic surgery. I think he looked great on his "Billy Jean" video


02/09/2003 10:31:15 AM

I hope those as sceptical of Michael Jackson as they present themselves. Are assurting their opinions, having walked the walk he has lived. That those who criticise have sat with their enemy gave him cloak and coat also. And so, are fit to judge, because they have beenm babtised with the fire he has known. If not, then we need to learn respect. Maybe we could begin with Mr Jackson. Our opinions are nothing, only God's will. Dawn


02/09/2003 09:05:12 AM

Michael Jackson appears to be an extreme example of such public adoration. This, despite his alleged sexual misconduct with a child. I'll grant him the benefit of the doubt, but his continued behavior forces me to view him with a jaundiced eye. I'll hope he's sincere; people can find comfort in his reflections whether they're accurate or not. In that, he may have accomplished some good.


02/09/2003 09:03:46 AM

I'm getting off the track about his Sabbath reflections, LOL. But I have to say that I'm...skeptical. Frankly, I wouldn't believe the guy if he told me the sky was blue.WOULDN'T resist! (; To me, he's just another pop star in a galaxy of 'em...admittedly not the most average group in the world. I suppose it takes the creativity of a Michael Jackson to stand out in such a crowd. What I find alarming is the public's willingness to regard their every utterance with awe, in some cases. It is nonsensical to find merit in others' opinions merely because they are 'stars.' What on earth makes some (for example) 20 year old rapper an authority on public education?


02/09/2003 08:49:46 AM

Several have made comments about family sleeping arrangements for warmth and comforting one's children in their beds. Somehow, I feel certain that he is able to achieve good climate control in his house without resorting to such measures. And as for sleeping with guests...! The key word here is GUEST, which is not to be confused with OFFSPRING. Surely, if (for example) one of his defenders here had a 12 year old child spend the night with a friend, he/she would find it more-than-a-bit STRANGE to learn that the friend's father slept with your child. Because..."the most loving thing to do is share your bed with someone." If such a thing doesn't set off your parental radar...HMMMM.... It goes beyond bizarre; the man already paid someone a 'multi-million dollar settlement.' What does it take for him to get a clue?? Giving up his bed to kids and sleeping on the floor? Is he seriously trying to make people think that he has only one bedroom? Give me a break!


02/09/2003 08:36:54 AM

'The Road Not Taken' is not an original theme; I doubt there are many people alive who don't wonder 'how the other half lives.' I suppose we can be gratified that he was able to go 'slumming' among the shag carpet and recliners; he imagines that he has thus been able to get a taste of 'ordinary...magical' life. ROFL! I wouldn't mind 'country-clubbing'(??) to see how 'they' live. I somehow doubt that it would be as easily accomplished, though. (; Someone said he was a man with poor judgement; at least! That's the most charitable thing that can be said for his bizarre (at best) sleeping arrangements with progeny AND (reportedly) overnight guests.


02/09/2003 08:22:46 AM

I had to go find articles on his TV interview to catch up with what people were referring to in their posts about him. My opinion of him was NOT improved by this exercise. His reflections? I would like to hope that they were sincere; frankly, I don't buy it. Remember: the man is a consummate actor. It's been a lifelong profession of his. I had to laugh "...everyone...gets to stop being ordinary." Gee...lucky us! And (allegedly) disguising himself, gaining entry into private homes to "catch sight of...shag rugs and La-Z-Boy(s)..." Then he compares himself to the Pied Piper, an unsavory character to say the least! I also noticed that he was able to disguise himself to perform his missionary work for "years and years after (his) career had been launched", but was unable to repeat these successes in order to attend his own church in peace because of the media. "Even reporters are...children of God." "Even"?? LOL


02/08/2003 10:47:55 PM

I was reading the article and I thought that for everything that you read about this person that he is trying yet a new angle and one has to wonder whether or not he is sincere in his expressions of what the Sabbath truly means. I for one can not imagine anyone like him sitting down with a Rabbi and discussing the initimate details of the Sabbath. I for one am very skeptical about him and his agenda. I think that he should get to the root of who he is by going back and meditating on the actions that he has done in the past. He can do this when he is thinking of ways to wax poetic on the subject of Sabbath or the Shabbat. I find that he is not one who we need to define what is or is not the Shabbat. He is one that if we hear less from he will not be missed.


02/08/2003 03:31:17 PM

Michael is quite in touch with his realities and speaks so openly about his views. I believe he has been treated unfairly by the media not to mentioned betrayed, and the truth is that he has given up alot of himself and what is considered "normalcy" and given alot of himself to the world through his music/song for our entertainment and pleasure. He is a wonderful person and seems to be a great parent. I too am a parent and I for one can say with all sincerity, Thanks So Much for being you, Thanks for the years of musical pleasure as this world would not be the same without it, I think you are a beautiful giving person inside and out. Stay true and happy you deserve it!


02/08/2003 12:27:54 PM

We need to leave his appearance alone. The man has lost some of the joy we know he once had, the press and all our curiosities lead to this. If you watch closly in the moments of animation, his face is the same. He just has been beaten down, and lost something, that he once expressed well. He desearves a sabbath as it means to him, beyond srcutiny, and thought, Maybe then the face will realight, and the young man will once again sparkle in the eyes of the older. But, until we leave him alone with a sabbath to breathe God's freshness. We can not know or see the truth. Dawn


02/08/2003 12:13:42 PM

I think Sabbath is whatever day you chose it to be. As a child who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, as Michael was, and who is only a few months older than him, I know that Sundays were our day to relax, and to put God first in everything. That is why the pioneering, or field service, was done with such emphasis in our childhood religion. It didn't matter...still doesn't... about what day is Sabbath for us...or anyone. What matters is how you carry it in your heart and what you do on the day you observe the Sabbath. I will always love Michael and I get tired of the people who judge him unfairly. It's time for that to stop. He is a wonderful human being and he knows what is important to him, and what is needed to make life happy for him and his children. So, it's time to let him live his life. Leave him alone!


02/08/2003 11:59:29 AM

For most of human history, families have slept together for warmth, safety and comfort. In many parts of the wold this is still a common practice. Why the hyper-vigilance in the US about normal intimacy (which is not by definition sexual) of families? Perhaps this severe repression contributes to the rising rate of sexual abuse the country seems to be having.


02/08/2003 10:03:24 AM

It mad me very sad for him and what he experienced. I think it shows his true heart. I feel as a little boy, he didn't get to "just be a little boy". He is a very kind and giving person, and truely loves Children and God.


02/08/2003 05:18:52 AM

Why would a faithful person willfully destroy God's creation? Why is Michael Jackson so unhappy with his looks that he has had to have multiple surgeries to alter his appearance? If he is so unhappy he should spend his time and money with a qualified counselor who can help him find some real peace and happiness. Where is his pastor or rabbi or priest in his times of need? His obsessive-complulsive behavior (more toys, more things, more children...etc) is a primary symptom of depression and/or anxiety. Given his abnormal childhood, it isn't hard to understand that the man has some deep-seated psychological disturbances. On the NBC interview last night he repeated and repeated his love for his kids. Parents don't drag their kids all over the world in masks and subject to possible harm by raging fans if they truly love them. His children are going to be much worse off than him if he doesn't give them some stabilty and consistancy. He is very confused about the meaning of love.


02/08/2003 04:49:18 AM

I think he was a very distraught and confused young man, He was abused by his father and in some ways scrutinized by his brothers sexual desires. I admire the way he is trying to keep his children safe. Although I think the mass should come off, and he should have more protection for them' The media should just stay away from celeb, especially where children are involved. The man loves his children. Parents should not let their young boys sleep over if they think this is corny. They are to blame, not Michael...


02/07/2003 09:15:07 PM

Infinite Bloom, may never have intervened in the life of a dying child. It is possible, that Infinite Bloom, never stepped into the life of children in a difficult family situation, and found how clingy and needy those children really are. The confusion, that their parents troubles have presented to their world. Having not done these things Infinite Bloom can only make a judgement from that lack of experience. However I have, and I do know how they follow you, and how quickly being seperated from you can bring the drama of their lives back to them. Some people do feel it is sick, to reach into the life of a dying child, and do whatever it takes to pray for a miracle. From their experience, doing so, is the definition of a sick mind.


02/07/2003 09:15:02 PM

Being that I donot come from that mind set, I can not judge Infinite Bloom's reaction. I am sure Infinite Bloom can justify, feeling that giving up your bed and sleeping on the floor is sick. I would be curious to know what life experience gave Infinite Bloom the wisdom to know what is sick behavior. Dawn


02/07/2003 08:42:22 PM

To me, the truly sad part about Michael Jackson, is that when he says he has never molested a child, I still believe him. Child molesters don't generally have the level of spiritual sensitivity his essay on the Sabbath indicates. Neither do child molestors usually show Jackson's intense desire to make a difference in the world. That said, he regularly shows terrible judgement in his relationships with children, and seems unable to fathom why other people would react the way they do to his comments in the recent TV special. Being different in a world that worships "normalcy" is hard enough...Michael Jackson, despite his success as an performer, bears the burden of being obviously more different than most.


02/07/2003 07:34:05 PM

Hypocrites Like Infinite Bloom say the believe this in their progfile: "Who are we to judge the lives of others? I believe that everyone has a purpose in life but it is our responsibilty to find out what it is. I believe and respect all religions, even if they are not for me. I respect others opinions, even if they don't agree with mine." And then do the exact opposite on this page. Good thing you are only looking after innocent animals. They cannot think and reason for themselves to recognize betrayal of trust.


02/07/2003 06:57:29 PM

He is sick & wrong. His behavior should not be condoned! In my eyes he will never be normal, because the fact is...he isn't. SICK SICK SICK SICK!! It is ok to be around kids..IT IS NOT OK TO SLEEP WITH THEM!!


02/07/2003 06:41:25 PM

I found Michael's essay very enlightening. As adults, most of us get a kick out of seeing a child 's smile on Christmas morning, or watching a child's expressions as he or she sees the fireworks on the Fourth of July, or holds a kitten or a puppy. Those of us who do not have children of our own, or whose children are adults now, may forget this at times. If I had had a childhood as pressured and hectic as Michael's was, I think I would seek out more children myself so that I could enjoy their joy and delight in things and so that I might get a glimpse of some of what I missed in my own childhood.


02/07/2003 02:37:59 PM

My heart bled for MJ last night....I am so sick of "adults" who think they know EVERYTHING crucify someone because they are "different" than what those adults have deemed as NORMAL behavior without in the slightest realizing that EVERYBODY is different...what is NORMAL? MJ knows where Heaven's right here and you just have to have the "eyes" of a child to see it...he is truly one of God's angels...I just hope he knows it... He also sees the "face of God" in children as do I....when are we going to start treating our children that way??? When are we going to start telling our children they are angels born in Heaven instead of "sinners" born in Hell??? Children BELIEVE what you tell wonder the world's in such a horrible place right now!!! Peace and Love to ALL


02/07/2003 02:25:36 PM

For more information on the REAL history of worshipping on the "venerable day of the sun", go to


02/07/2003 02:18:37 PM

Moving the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday was man's doing. Nowhere in the Bible does G-d the Father or Yeshua (Jesus) change His mind and instruct us to change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. When G-d established the Sabbath as the 7th day (Saturday), He did not make a mistake. G-d is the same yesterday, today and forever and so are His appointed times (HaMoedim). While it is wonderful to commemorate Messiah's resurrection, there was in no way any nullification of G-d's appointed times. He came not to destroy the law but to fulfill them.


02/07/2003 01:35:04 PM

Everyday adults question him about his sex life, the parentage of his children, his love of trees, and his face. And he needs help because he would rather connect with people who wish to just be and have fun. From his traumatic childhood, he reaches to those who have trauma right now, rather then sit in an office, crying tears over his lost childhood. In the end, I have to wonder what will help him gain that connection other's think he is missing. Sitting rehashing it. Or, helping other's out of it. He has chosen not to grant himself the time of finding that connection with adults. Instead, he reaches to children in harms way to do what he can to give them a little space to make a better place.


02/07/2003 01:34:58 PM

Maybe, when there is no child in the place of harm by the thoughts of adults, their whims, motives and abuses, he will take that time to quietly reflect on what he has gone The light of one who was not stopped by the abuse to save themself for the sake of the child being suffered to come, is one he chases, without thought to his own self, save what the loss of that one would mean to this world.


02/07/2003 01:34:07 PM

He truly finds that in his darkest hour, when adults passed judgement and thought that since he had not sought the professional help, they wisly understood he needed. That he was not alone. When he gave his cloak also, he was loved. When he reached from his dispair to children with cancer, he did stand in that little space, that is a better place. The cross. And there, found the one who is always with the least of mine own. When he is asked when I thirsted, he can say, a found you drink, and when he is asked I hungered, he can say, I got for you to eat(snowcones even), and when I was alone, he can say with true heart and true mind, I comforted you, you had my bed, I took the floor. Can any of us, answer, so truthfully, with the evidence so clearly undenialby and unarguably present. No excuses he will offer to the heart that would encompass the young. No gift, can anyone give to another greater then being understood. Dawn Dawn


02/07/2003 01:18:08 PM

Just proves that it's very very lonely at the top. I applaud Michael for keeping his faith and is thoughts constant, especially after what has happen in his life so far. Some of the comments below prove that some people thrive on the negative, than on the positive of life. He is an excellant example of God's love. Not like some of these negative individuals that posted here. So Michael, continue to do what you do best. Keep spreading the word of love and faith. I'm glad you have found your happiness. And remember the real "angels" are the one who make your heart smile.


02/07/2003 12:04:58 PM

I like Michael, and I wish the media would shut up there lying tongues and leave Michael alone.Sleeping with someone and having sex are 2 complete different things.The media has their minda in the gutter.Michael does not. He is a good loving kind caring man. Leave him alone already.


02/07/2003 11:54:49 AM

Although the Bible say to "remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy", I personally feel that we should try to keep EVERY day holy. I'm not saying that we should not do anything 7 days a week but what I AM saying is that I think that the main point of the Sabbath was to have a day to pay hommage to God. Well, do you really think that God wants our hommage and respect just one day of the week? As for the whole Michael "thing"; he obviously had a very tramatic childhood. He's not the only one. He seems to have a very childlike innocense. The problem is that he is not a child. Sooner or later he's going to have to make that connection. I pray that he gets professional help to help deal with his past and reality but that he can also hold on to his obvious deep spiritual nature.


02/07/2003 11:48:18 AM

Bardmountain is right, the Sabbath is from sundown friday night until sundown sat night. That is the Sabbath. For Christians, the "day of rest" does not even have the same meaning as it does for the Jews.


02/07/2003 11:36:25 AM

I'm not sure what you mean to by the New Covenant, but if you mean the New Testament, the sabbath is still Saturday. It wasn't moved to Sunday until several hundred years after Jesus' death. Again, not terribly important - just a technical detail.


02/07/2003 11:16:48 AM

To Bardmountain. True the Old Testament Sabbath is Saturday, but for the Christians who have received The New Covenant, the Sabbath is celebrated on the first day of the week when Christ rose from the dead.


02/07/2003 11:11:33 AM

Michael Jackson's reflections on The Sabbath are truly beautiful and I'm sure cane from his heart. He is a very sensitive person. As a huge personality always in the public spotlight, he must learn how to deal with the news media since they prey on sensationalism which is what they believe the public feeds on and thus adds to their monetary success. He is a child of God as we all are, but the difference is that he is more aware of this than most of us. As such, his inner feelings are often misunderstood by a materialistic world. God bless you Michael.


02/07/2003 11:03:25 AM

Doh! Correction: "When the Bible refers to the sabbath, it is talking about Sunday." should read Saturday, not Sunday.


02/07/2003 11:02:14 AM

Excellent point harpist4him, although one might argue the Sabbath was "moved" to Sunday by the early church. When Christianity was adopted by Constantine and the Roman Empire, the observation of the Sabbath was moved from Saturday to Sunday, which is when the Romans were used to having a day of worship (for Apollo, the SUN(-day) god). When the Bible refers to the sabbath, it is talking about Sunday. I don't think it's all that important either, personally. But good to know nonetheless :).


02/07/2003 10:54:13 AM

There seems to be confusion about what and when the Sabbath really is. The Shabbat (Sabbath) is was set aside by G-d as a day of rest from ordinary work. That day is the SEVENTH day... Saturday. There are people posting here who refer to SUNday as the Sabbath. It doesn't matter when you worship G-d (we should worship Him every day), but please, don't refer to SUNday as the Sabbath. SUNday is the 1st day of the week (look at any calendar, Jewish or Gregorian) and not the Shabbat. Even in Spanish, Saturday is called "Sabado" - - Sabbath. Call Sunday what you will, "the L-rd's Day" or whatever. Just do not perpetuate the untruth that SUNday is the Sabbath. Thank you, A Sabbath-Keeper


02/07/2003 09:49:25 AM

He asked us to look in our mirrors, and in our refusal, he became the reflection of our darkest selves. The truth is God states that we put our children threw a fire that he had not in his heart for us to do. Most of us gladly trip along, not understanding the meaning of this. Caught up in our concerns, and justifications, not seeing, the child in harms way is placed there by our willfull ignorance. Then someone comes along and says not by me. So in guilt, and preference he is milined and judged. Not because there is any evidence of guilt from him. But because we were charged to see the stumbleblocks before children, and we ignore them as often as we can, to discuss the adult behaviors, of I'm right, your wrong. Who's good, who's evil.


02/07/2003 09:49:18 AM

A concern God said was not for us. We take what God asked us not to see, and ignore what we were asked to know. And when someone comes and says, not for me, of course we see he is bad, we must, because we can ot bear to be wrong. That God might see, that we could have listened, we could have stopped child abuse, we just choose to judge, and know who is black, and who is white, rather then pull the child from the fire. If we are to convince ourselves we are moral, how can we possibly allow one to stand, who would do anything, give anything to change the harm, the stumbleblocks, in the paths of our children.


02/07/2003 09:47:13 AM

Those who judge, have never stopped their world for the need of a dying child they do not know. They have never stepped to show love, and a world of hope to a child in hoplessness. Or, they would know the gifts they withold from him of respect and kindness, mean nothing to him. What he gains, from a moment, of seeing hope in a place where it has died, sorry, will not be forsaken, just to hear a kind word from a cold heart. If any who judge have, then something stopped them from giving all to the one who hurt. Did judgement and ridicule stop them. Does that mean there are adults in this world who allow a child suffering, and hoplessness, because they are hurt by the words of other "adults"? Really, judgement would stop them because it hurts to hear, from trying no matter what, to help one child, who faces much worse. Sad comment on our morals as adults. Sad reflection of our selfish hearts in the mirror. Dawn


02/07/2003 09:28:58 AM

The people on this site are AWESOME!!! I was one of those that joked about how Michael Jackson looked, regardless of his past issues. And I feel really blessed to be able to read others taking up for him and still showing him love and respect despite his surgeries. I've learned from the people on this site that it's truly not important about how he looks and I shouldn't joke about it. Michael Jackson is human just like we are and unfortunately we can SEE his pain. Unlike some of us where we can HIDE ours. Be Blessed


02/07/2003 09:06:53 AM

It's a real shame to see this person torn apart by media vultures on the trail of ratings. Human beings are INDIVIDUALS, capable of a wide range of ways of being. Michael Jackson, almost from birth, existed only in an environment that is WILDLY unlike anything the average person has ever experienced: Wide adoration, horrible abuse, incredible responsiblitiy from the youngest age, and incredible standards, a disconnect from the "average life" of most people... and with the sole, overriding drive drilled into him from the youngest age to create dreams for the enjoyment of other people. (continued below)


02/07/2003 09:06:36 AM

(continued from above) Michael Jackson we see today is a product of this. He's a unique human being. HOW DARE these cynical media vultures descend on him in this sort of way now, judging his differences in the most hostile and negative ways imaginable, villifying his most sincere urges to be kind and benevolent and sharing for the benefit of young people? I think it is absurd to ASSUME that Michael's interest in children is sexually predatory. Such assumptions say more about those that put them forward than about those they are intended to smear. (continued below)


02/07/2003 09:05:57 AM

(continued from above) The problem is an utter disconnect between the interviewer/self-appointed psychoanalyst who comes to scrutinize Jackson like a prosecutor to get at "the truth" based on standards derrived from other people... and Jackson who is unique into himself, made that way from the earliest age. Jackson is CLEARLY an extremely sensitive, caring, special human being, with a unique sense of wonder, hope, curiosity, and moreover RESPONSIBILITY... no one can in honesty fail to acknowlege that. The fact that we're watching him being descended on and picked apart before our eyes by cynical, meanspirited nobodies and professional leaches is really a tragedy. This is a person with unique gifts to offer the world... who has ALREADY contributed so much for the enjoyment and happiness of others FROM THE TIME HE WAS A TODDLER. Cut him A BREAK. PLEASE.


02/07/2003 06:00:53 AM

It is not for us to judge anyone. All of us are loved by the creator no matter what we believe or what we have done. He knows what we feel inside weather we express it to the outside world or not. The only true unconditional love comes from the creator and his kingdom which all of us will see one day. It is my hope that we all can learn to love unconditonally one day as our Highest peers do in heaven. Michael you are loved by the creator and he knows your inner most feelings. He is there for you so just ask his angels to come and comfort you and they will. Love to all! Jerry


02/07/2003 05:56:17 AM

BS"D My heart goes out to him. I know what the typical childhood was like in blue-collar Indiana. The fact that he was able to accomplish so much vice ending up in the dirt barely making a living is a tribute to his personal integrity. And not only did Bashir's insinuations in the 2-hour televised interview make me upset, but Barbara Walters' capitalization on the inuendoes was unconscionable. I couldn't ever afford any of the several-hundred-thousand-dollar knick-knacks that he purchased at the store in the Venetian, but I applaud his taste! And I am sure that he has singlehandedly made the fortune of that particular vendor. I am sorry that his kids have to have their faces hidden in public, but that is, regrettably, completely understandable in this age. Hopefully they will grow up able to cherish the things that his father accomplished for them.


02/07/2003 02:04:25 AM

hey, michael jackson is posting with us right here on this board! it's an honor to be able to talk to you on the internet, michael jackson.


02/07/2003 01:46:32 AM

Since we are all out to criticize, what about those women who took scads of $$ to give birth and walk away from their babes? Where is th e outrage about that???


02/07/2003 01:43:30 AM

Although 1 of 9 siblings it seems he has no sense of family. Do many of us not wish and search for "unconditional love"? And, what difference does it make in YOUR life if he has had 2 or 200 plastic surgeries? How many has Joan Rivers and Cher racked up?


02/07/2003 01:38:00 AM

Call me crazy, but I cried as I watched this program. M.J. showed many what it is like to experience lonliness, even while being surrounded.One should feel either fortunate or sympathetic by comparrison.


02/07/2003 01:31:10 AM

If you have not grown up abused/debased & you were not making big $$ by age should stop adding to this thread. What we knew as safe life as a child, will probably never equip us to sit in judgement of another who has truly experienced these things.


02/07/2003 01:29:45 AM

WTF???? After reading these responses, one would think they came from the pen of Gawd him/her/itself. I passed this article around the office and everyone, without exception, agreed - it was trite garbage from a truly screwed-up individual. Now, whatever happened in his past, one can only hope that change has occurred and he has moved on, but come on people - THIS was moving?? Do you cry watching AT&T commercials, too?


02/07/2003 12:49:49 AM

this says it all: What I found especially moving was when Shmuley and his wife placed their hands on the heads of their young children


02/06/2003 11:16:04 PM

It was wonderful to read Michael's reflection on Sabbath. He is a very senstive man, and he is sincere. I know this...I have known him for over 15 years, my husband has worked on most of his albums, he has comforted me during times of my own personal losses....he is a lovely child of God....


02/06/2003 11:15:04 PM

I feel sorry for him. Unfortunatley, he epitiomizes the phrase, to to gain the world and lose your soul. . . .


02/06/2003 10:46:00 PM

Poor Michael. Dangling his kid out the window isn't technically illegal for someone with his kind of money, but I'm sure if I dangled a child out a window with a bag over his head in front of a crowd, a few state agencies might want to talk with me.


02/06/2003 09:00:22 PM

Michael Jackson always strikes me as a very sweet and sensitive man, and a big kid. I don't see that he's done anything wrong, but he's sure been wronged by the press and by all those who get a charge out of snickering over his eccentricities. Thanks Beliefnet for rerunning this piece, I would like to hear more from Mr Jackson, when he's just being himself he's a very poignant, interesting, human guy.


02/06/2003 07:07:55 PM

Urbanfaith, I agree with you. We are all one in the eyes of God. If Michael J. is breaking any legislated laws of "Man", then mankind will deal with these transgressions.If he breaks any laws of a supreme being, then it will be between Michael and whomever he believes is his maker. So many people on this thread remind me of chickens in the yard. Ever see how chickens treat another chicken that has something wrong with it? They peck it to death!! Alas, I guess one can't expect more from chikens than pecking and scratching!!!


08/09/2002 01:47:20 AM

..continuation.. I know he is a child of God just trying to make his way thought this world just like the rest of us. I would be a terrible human being if I tried to trip him up or make him feel bad. PS He does have vitiligo and he hasn't had nearly as much plastic surgery as the tabloids love to convince you he's had. Sensationalism sells. Apparently it has sold so well with some of you that you miss the issue he's speaking on and start talking about his face. Get real. ..end..


08/09/2002 01:46:56 AM

..continuation.. Further, neither one of you know how he feels about himself or what his view on life is. And to be acting a fool in such a beautiful place like beliefnet is ridiculous. I'm almost ashamed. He comes with his arms open, waiting for love and acceptance, and some of you treat him like an unwanted child. Neither do any of you know what's the best way to heaven for him. He doesn't tell any of you how to act or lead your own spiritual lives. So why is it so comfortable for some of you to tell him what's best for him? He expresses his thoughts about his spirituality, and he gets questioned about whether or not he thinks Jesus is his 'personal saviour'? Why all the silly and baseless assumptions when he makes his feelings known? be continued..


08/09/2002 01:46:01 AM

I cannot believe some of these responses on here. Jackson is talking openly about how he feels about what faith means to him and all some of you can do is talk about the way he looks?? As if that even MATTERS in the first place??? Are you serious? Not one of you here can pass judgment on who Michael Jackson is as a person because NONE of you know him. He pours his heart out about a very beautiful thing, and some of you trust to complain that you think he's a wacko? What exactly makes him so? How many times have any of you been hanging around him to know how he is? be continued..


07/11/2002 11:14:36 PM

By the way, I liked the article and what you had to say. I most liked the part about using/harnessing your gifts as a gift to the divine, and how you went through the effort of getting dressed up so people wouldn't know who you were. It is a strange paradox that the famous want to be average and the average wants to be famous (or rich, ect.) Later, Thor


07/11/2002 11:09:05 PM

continued.. I have always, my whole life wanted to meet him and talk with him to see what he is like in person when there is no crowd pushing in to see him. I will be on the look out for a fat bearded guy passing out J.W. flyers. Hey Mike, if you read this I would just like to say "hi". Your music is great, and I still listen to it alot of the time. Also, I would love to be able to try out for any bodygaurd job you might have an opening for. I do Judo and Karate and in training for NHB type events. I can be reached at I might even work for free if you just teach me how to dance!!! Good day, Thor


07/11/2002 11:07:35 PM

I do not care about his skin tone (although I think he looked better back then but that is my opinion and worthless since it is HIS body to do what he wants with it). Simply, it is not my place to judge him. I think all those rumurs and stuff is pure crap, just some people trying to get rich off of him. I like his music and see in part alot of where he is coming from (physical/mental abuse). continued


07/11/2002 04:44:25 PM

Disgusting! This stream of garbage from a man who simply used a not so bright woman to continue his demented seed. If there was any bit of sincerity in him he would still have the skin-tone of an African-American.


07/11/2002 02:06:35 PM

CONTINUATION 2......but because talking about our deep truths in public is really painful...and it really it is none of our business what kind of family he had and how he feels about his parents...he ends up publishing all this vague stuff about how he missed being free and anonymous...I feel sorry for his kids because they were another thing he paid for in his life...and they will have to grow up trying to undestand why their father (because I don't think their mother will be very present in their lives) althered and intentionally deformed his face to the point that he now looks like a freak and you feel like hsi nose is gonna fall from his face at any time...poor kids...I think they will walk around the city on sabbath peeking through windows and envying us, normal people, too.


07/11/2002 02:06:15 PM

CONTINUATION......... ...I don't believe MJ misses his childhood freedom...I think he misses not having had a loving father...I don't think he envied people who were anonymous...i think he envied klids who were not tortured by their parents to put on a show when he needed some time off, a kiss and a hug... I think what he really misses is to feel that he was loved by his father for what he was...his son...period...and not for all the money he made him./...he missed warm family reunions with no second intentions or implicit demands...


07/11/2002 02:05:10 PM

I have to say I agree with Simbiosis...MJ just can't stop winning...I know other people who like him got tons from life and even then couldn't stop complaining about it. We all go through tough things in life...and we all are tempted to envy others for having the only one thing we don't have...this is human nature but you have the free will to decide if you are gonna leave it behind you or spend the rest of your life complaining about it and doing whatever it takes to somehow buy what you never had...and that is destructive...


07/11/2002 03:41:02 AM

Hey... First of all, it's often so hard to know what to believe about celebrities whether it is in the news, tabloids, rumor, etc. Secondly, MJ may be a celebrity and a gifted artist, but he is also just a man, a human like all the rest of us and I believe that the Sabbath gave him a sense of normalcy in his otherwise out of the ordinary lifestyle. Third, who are we, as people, to judge others. I'll leave that statement as that. All of us have issues throughout our lives that people can use to question our faith and relationship with Christ. God's Peace, Belle


07/11/2002 12:36:43 AM

I was and still am a MJ fan, but the truth is that he is a little wacko. I do not blame him. I like his music. Growing up the way he did he can't help but be different, but it does not exempt him of being "wacko". We all are different in our own ways but MJ is just very different. Also I think it's a tragedy that he, skipping his childhood, is still living in a fantasy that he can re-live it. He is a very unhappy man; he lived his life for others. I think he needs to grow up a little and do some searching for some Truth in his life.


07/10/2002 06:42:24 PM

Me, My sister, and my best friend all think Michael is completly right. He doesn't deserve the negitive feedback, he is 100% correct. With out his childhood, he would'nt be the person he is today. JACKO IS NOT WACKO!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! If you read this Michael IM me at ShinraPuppet or e-mail me at P.S. I like your monkey!!!


03/01/2002 10:44:42 AM

I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. It's so sad about his childhood. Maybe he should look at it this way that he was put on this earth for a reason. Maybe if he had a normal childhood he would not of been who he is today. There are certain things we cannot understand.


02/04/2002 06:54:01 PM

These are Michaels reflections and they should be respected as such. One Love May we all see the dawn


02/01/2002 10:32:50 PM

Dear brother(s)and sisters in search of truth! Reflect on what the Lord Jesus Christ (and no other!), said at Matthew 12:1-8 and Mark 2:23-28 about the Sabbath. With regard to the greatest of all the commandments, please read Matthew 22:36-40 and Mark 12:28-31. (note!:- since the rabbi of Jesus time did not listen or believe he was the Messiah, I would doubt if little has changed over two millenium)...selah..


01/15/2002 07:07:34 PM

I think the other people who put messeges up here that say MJ should stop complaiing about his child life and stop trying to change who he is and stuff are not really MJ fans at all. I think MJ is great and I think he has a reason to complain about his childhood. I know anyone else would if you didn't have Christmas or B-Days or anything like that. I'm 13 and I have been I MJ fan for as long as I can remember. I THINK MJ IS THE BEST! HE REALLY IS THE KING OF POP! So if you sya he should stop complaining about his life then you truly are not a MJ fan. Sorry to tell you that but I don't think a true MJ fan would dis MJ. Thats all I have to say! Goodbye. P.S. All those people who don't dis MJ in their messages are true MJ fans. I LOVE YOU ALL!


01/10/2002 12:20:56 AM

Jenne Rosanne - respectfully suggest that if you quote the Bible that you at least quote it a little more accurately. e.g.: ""Love came into the world, yet the world knew it not, for the world hates that which is not like itself: hateful, lustful, malicious. But to all those who still believe in love, - the love which exists within every human soul....God gave them the right to become children of God....souls, with hearts made of love alone." ---it actually says "as many as believed in HIM, He gave the right to become the children of God." Not to take away from the beautiful value of love, but "believing in love" in some indistinct abstract concept is not what brings people to a redeeming relationship with the Father in heaven. it is only by trusting and accepting JESUS CHRIST as the Messiah and asking forgiveness for our sin.


01/10/2002 12:14:14 AM

partly not MJ's fault he has arrived at an attempted genuinely loving but unfortunately distorted worldview. It is worth noting that apparantly for his first 4-6 years his life was fairly average in some ways, except for the fact that the family's drive for financial success got in the way. Not that different from many families, in a way. The end result was more sensational, so the story supposedly takes on different meaning. I know a few folks his age that are even more miserable, without any fame or money.


08/18/2001 12:45:33 AM

I am in agreement with MJ that the Sabbath is a wonderful time (even for us little people) to relax and focus on our relationships, both familial and eternal. With his busy life I am sure he can appreciate any day when he has a chance to rest. And even though he may be the King of Pop, there is another King, one who loves him very much; so much, in fact, that he gave up His only Son for Him. He loves MJ just as much but not more than He loves any of the rest of us. And like the rest of us, the happiness and freedom he has always been seeking can truly only be found by turning over his life to God. No disguises, no masks. No matter what the world may say or think, He loves you just as you are. All you have to do is open up your heart and ask Him to come in; then your search will be over. ---Many blessings


06/23/2001 07:49:20 PM

I had to laugh out loud when I read that Michael Jackson said he felt the elders at the JW's Kingdom Hall treated him like a regular person. What he doesn't seem to grasp is that "the regular people" were ostracized for listening to "worldly music" which his music is considered to be! I was raised a JW and there's this strange denial game they play concerning the Jackson family. When the publicity is favorable, the JW's claim the family as belonging, then other times (I recall in the days of the Jackson 5) that they weren't. Seems that Michael is trying to make sense of it all, and creating his own belief system based on the aspects he likes.


06/02/2001 01:56:49 PM

Micheal Jackson's parents are not Jehovah's Witnesses. His mother is a baptised Witness his father is not. Second: The building they meet in is not called a church it is called The Kingdom Hall. Third: Jehovah's Witnesses do not observe the Sabbath. The remember the Sabbath and keep is Holy is part of the ten commandments which are the law God or Jehovah handed down to the JEWS. Micheal Jackson is not a Jew therefore those laws are not binding on him. Who really gave this interview?


04/21/2001 02:27:29 PM

response to Symbioses (part2) Can’t we all change everything to fit us? You are in charge of your own destiny, if you are not happy with your current situation, change it. We must all change to grow, it is part of life. To be stagnant is a waste of the amazing potential in all of us. ”He was dealt a high-hand... we weren't.” I see myself as much luckier than him. His childhood has left him with many scars and unresolved issues. He has paid a large price to be where his is. Is it worth it? Only if it makes him stronger, and if it enables him to accomplish whatever it is that he is here to do. Who knows why we are born into certain families, maybe it is necessary for some of us to go through certain hardships to attain a higher state. I wish him well, and hope that he is able to resolve the conflicts in his life, and find peace in his own skin. I wish you and everyone else who reads this the same


04/21/2001 02:25:03 PM

SymbiosisMoney and fame don’t buy happiness. I am happy to have had a childhood where I could climb trees, go out with my friends and be “normal”. We lived near a large park where we were free to play on our own, a creek where we could catch tadpoles, a rope swing over a creek, hills to roll down, bike trails. It was a charmed life. Being paraded around like a circus act does not appeal to me, and it doesn’t sound particularly healthy. I think that children who go through this miss out on a lot of “kids stuff” which is so important to become a healthy adult.


04/20/2001 12:29:47 AM

I read the whole article, and to me he sounds ungrateful. He goes on, sounding jealous of people who had normal childhoods. The 'normal' childhood is definitely no better than what he had. To me, he is spoiled, has 'everything' and wants it his way. It's always funny to me how wealthy famous people feel they can change everything to fit them. I'm sure he's made sacrifices, but haven't we all? He was dealt a high-hand... we weren't. He needs to get over himself, and just INTERTWINE


04/18/2001 06:03:59 PM

On the surface it sounds good. He is a very decieved man and I pitty him. The only way to heaven is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible tells us about the way to worship on the sabbath and how to live in order to get to heaven. I will add him to my prayer list and ask Jesus to help him find the one true God which is the Lord Jesus Christ. John 1:1 says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The following verses clealy say who the Word is and that is the Lord Jesus Christ and He is one God and the only God.


04/08/2001 08:39:31 AM

I remember having prayed God for Michael Jackson. I didn't know his parents were Jehovah's Witnesses. Well, I'm not from America anyway... I can identify with him very easily, because I know what is to have your face operated in a plastic surgery. For me, though, it wasn't an optional decision to have those operations, but a necessity because of an injury. One question I have, and it is: Does Michael Jackson knows the difference between faith in God and knowing Jesus Christ as a personal Savior?


03/24/2001 04:19:06 PM

Im probably not much of an authority on this kinda thing but man, all this place seems to be is a place where people argue about religion. Im having a hard time finding anything at all that is spiritually upbuilding about any of this. If you like this MJ article, check out the one about JA Rule. Both are the whiny testimonies of two men who couldnt "cut it" in their former faiths.


03/09/2001 03:33:51 PM

Um...who ever said the world regards Michael Jackson as "scum on the bottom of our shoes?" He's no different than anyone else, but perception makes him more or less. I for one, am part of this world, and do not regard him as scum. I think he's an interesting person, but has no more or less strife than any other person in the world. It's all relative, and depends on how you look at the situation. If he wants to continually step into the spotlight, out of his own free will, and let the world stress him out..and then feel sorry for himself, that's his choice. I for one, don't let the world's problems, big or little, personal or impersonal, dig at me. Again, it's all relative, Follow your bliss. :)


03/09/2001 03:55:45 AM

I am so sad that our world regards this once in a life time artistic genius as no diiferent than the scum on the botom of our shoes! I urge everyone to not read the tabloids. They are untrue; just like immature highschool slanderous gossip! Instead, read only credible professional news information! In closing, I would like to end with a quote "Love came into the world, yet the world knew it not, for the world hates that which is not like itself: hateful, lustful, malicious. But to all those who still believe in love, - the love which exists within every human soul....God gave them the right to become children of God....souls, with hearts made of love alone." Keep up the love Micheal jackson!! you are an inspiration to me!! I love you as my brother in Christ Jesus!! :O)


03/09/2001 03:46:47 AM

In this era in which we live, anyone can accuse anyone of anything, (especially if there is a great deal of money to be gained by doing this!) But unless there are actual facts and evidence to prove a crime, than an accusation is still just an accusation. (Note: during the intense 14 month FBI investigation, the FBI found nothing that could incriminate Micheal of the crime, even when the FBI did an intense genital examination to find the so called "identifying marks," they found nothing of this kind whatsoever.


03/09/2001 03:42:33 AM

Micheal, I thank you for caring so much about our world and about our children. I am very sad that I still live in a world that judges others by how they look, rather than for the content of their character. I urge everybody here to get a copy of the book titled "Dancing the dream." It is now out of print, but Micheal Jackson published it in 1992 and it contains his very deepest thoughts and reflections. I thought that I was a wise person myself, since I pray alot and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ very much. But when I read this book, it brought me to tears, for it was so beautiful and deeply touching! By reading his deepest thoughts on God, love and what inspires him, you truly get to know the type of heart that Micheal has. It is indeed a very sensitive and vulnerable one; a heart that truly feels for the pain of others.


03/06/2001 11:03:10 AM

Michael my boy, you've got it all wrong. You make it sound like you've had such a miserable life. I don't buy it. Take some responsibility for your life instead of whining all the time, or trying to be somebody you are not. Maybe then you'll actually find out where the true "sacred" part of your life really is. :) 1337


03/05/2001 09:35:22 PM

Well, this is my second post. Since I have been a longtime fan of Michael's works, especially those works dealing with his compassionate efforts, I had to make another post after I had the chance to see what others had written. I have been a fan since about 1970....:-) In any event, I would like to say I think it is wonderful to hear someone I have heard over the years and at times thought very much about open up and talk about such personal issues in a genuine and sensitive way. I suppose after we are all dead a thousand years from now it'll be too late to find out what we each think along the lines of what we are faced with today. Perhaps, much of what we think is important will seem meaningless, but what we feel will probably always matter. It is very rewarding to me to hear what Michael feels about his religious experiences. I always felt deep in my heart he is sincere about this matter.


03/05/2001 09:34:56 PM

What didn't he say? He didn't say anything unrealistic. He didn't say anything out of touch with reality. he didn't say anything to make me feel like this person had some extraordinary misfortune in his life from the standpoint of being denied access to the opportunity of discovering what religion is azll about. After all, religion is about "a way of life." All I detected is some things he would have changed but wouldn't we all. Probably the most important thing he did say is how the influence of religion helped him to find a space for himself. Considering the way fame and fortune works its wonders on those in the public; the way it dehumanizes and extracts all of one's virtues, I feel that it says something very dramatic about the value of recognising the sabbath and the practice of some sort of faith. It's clearly something to hold on to in the midst of the wild chaos of life and the great turbulences life can bring.


03/05/2001 09:34:08 PM

Apparently, recognising the sabbath or practicing some form of worship brings some kind of sanity to a person. I know the Beatles said they all went crazy at one point or another with all the attention and worship they got from people. There is probably no one who has ever lived, except a few tyrants,who had so many people thronging around them with such praises as what Michael received. How did he keep his mind? It must have been some kind of totally unreal situation for anyone else to imagine. Who but royalty ...and even then?...such adoration?..have experienced what this one man has experienced on such a scale of many millions upon one will ever know...and then to be so rejected all at once ...almost overnight! What a horror. Michael if there is a real Devil you probably could tell us what he does. I suspect your faith is all that has kept you from killing yourself. I love you...hang in there.

03/01/2001 07:52:49 PM

don't get me wrong, I don't wanna sound arrogant. It's just a real experience that I have after I gave my life to Jesus. I got real peace, and I wish that you all get this supernatural experience. And Mr.Jackson too

03/01/2001 07:45:44 PM

When I was a little kid I was a big fan of Jacko. I played the LP Thriller a billion times. It's good to know that Jacko is so intested in the things about God. I hope he'll check out Jesus one time, 'cuz He gives the one and only real sabbath: The peace that you have when you're born again!


02/05/2001 07:57:38 PM

Mr. Jackson has really opened his heart.I truly appreciate this from him. We are all connected to God. Even through hard times. I was a muslim, and right now I am searching for my place again. hopefully i will find my place back in islam, if not somewhere else. but God speaks to us all as long as you speak to God. peace and cre8te. ROCK ON MJ! NEW ALBUM SUMMER 2001!!!


02/01/2001 02:02:03 PM

‘I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories, you know, stories that came from my soul.’ Michael Jackson – Moonwalk He just did. He opened his heart to show the world what’s inside. To me, Michael Jackson is not only a musical genius and gifted entertainer but moreover, he’s a precious Spirit with an incredible abundance of goodness in him. The hard life he’s had to endure ripened his soul and sharpened his senses. I believe his purity and thirst for Life make him aware of treasures many of us take for granted. The joy and gratitude that exude from him talking about seeing grandmas baby-sitting make me well up. I can actually feel him feel it. What a talented writer! His loving heart, his appreciation of Life and his gratitude to God make him a beautiful person, a wonderful father and an admirable role model for all children, big and small. Michael Jackson, thank you for sharing the beauty and wisdom of your heart. It is very much appreciated.


01/29/2001 03:07:20 PM

Michelle, Please, if you remember Michael, than you know, he knows what hurt you, and that you did not know him well enough at the time. It would be the adults who used your not understanding, to frame him, that hurt him not you. Those of us frustrated at the time, just knew, the trouble in 1991, would become the outlandishness of 1993, that is all. It was never to you personnaly. Please, tell me you do not bear the burden of fault, because Michael does not bear it towards you. You may not remember me, but you may remember two of my children, Jeremy, and Zachary, they were alot younger then. If you do, than you know my words are true. Michael will be happy to know you are well, and you have found that place that loves him in your heart. But please, sweety, know he always knew it was there.


01/27/2001 05:00:36 AM

Michael, Over the years, I’ve often wondered why you would trade your “unique life” in exchange for the plain and simple life. Why, you would disguise yourself on occasions, and pretend to be someone else. It’s comforting to know there was true meaning and purpose to those occasions. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. The Faces, you know they’ve touched me deeply and I will always remember the ‘magic’ we shared. I need to apologize to you today, for complaining to the Courts in October of 91, about your disguises and… I was being selfish. The Court hearing that led to the overwhelming events that occurred to you in 93 were horribly unjust and I’m truly sorry for putting you in that situation. That was never my intention. I didn’t anticipate the agendas of others.


01/27/2001 04:59:44 AM

I really hope the joys of parenting have been able to heal your heart. Forgive me for doubting you, your sincerity, and your love. Do you remember our friendship? I treasure those memories. You filled my heart with love, healed my wounds, and saved my life on the streets of L.A County and I don’t think I even thanked you. Thank you for being there. You are truly pure in heart and truly deserving of Gods’ gift. You know you’re like no other man I’ve ever met and you will always be special in my heart. Last year I created a web site for YOU. Michael, I know you are innocent and I hope my web site will shed light on the injustice and how the media unfairly labeled you. There’s also a message from me to you. Please continue to “focus on the exceptional,” do Gods’ will, and keep love in your heart. I love you… Michelle


01/26/2001 02:02:17 PM

To Pure in Heart Michael Jackson, I love to see your smile every hour. It shines as bright as a sunflower. Don’t ever let that smile part, it shows you’re pure in heart. It glows and glows and glows and glows. Don’t ever let that glow go. You have a twinkle in your eye. I know it. I see it. I wouldn’t lie. Keep together and make a brand new start. Like you, everyone should be pure in heart. Love is a beautiful thing. Without love, what would there be? Without love, there’d be nothing. I have a thought I would like to share with all. No matter how big, small, short, or tall. Whoever you are make a brand new start and be pure in heart. I have a feeling I want all to know. Keep love. Share love. Let love grow. Make a brand new start and be pure in heart. Let everyone know what you think and feel. Like everyone else, your thoughts and feelings are real. Make a brand new start please stay, pure in heart. From, Michelle Flowers


01/23/2001 08:23:56 AM

My childhood was snatched from me as well. I felt the loneliness of abuse and isolation. It is those things that have given me compassion and a deeper appreciation of life and love. Deprived of many things as a child I live my life not seeking for them but trying to give what I did not recieve as a child. not seek that which is lost but seek that which is what in your heart you know as true. The past cannot be corrected but the can do so much with what's in your heart. I know the will only consume you. Please smile. Affectionately Catherine.


01/23/2001 08:13:34 AM

I lost my faith a long time ago and have been struggling to find it again. While I struggle I have learned that God is not a place or a thing or a day, he is love. Love for the world, it's people, it's life forces, ourselves. God represents all that is love, something we have all forgotten while we debate on the Sabbath. It doesn't matter what our faith is or how we celebrate our long as we feel love and give love....we cannot go wrong. I may spend my life searching for God, but I will always have love in my heart.


01/23/2001 08:07:03 AM

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Sabbath should be every day, in our hearts. The Sabbath as I was taught was to be a day of rest, a day to look back over the past week and to think of the week ahead. A day to thank God for all that is good. As times change I feel we have to change too, we have to adapt our old beliefs to new times. I believe, in my heart, that the Sabbath itself is irrevelant....what is revelant is the love we hold in our hearts. The love we feel for the people around us, that is what God wants us to simply love.


01/22/2001 10:16:48 PM

i messed that up, we DON'T go out and sell ourselves repeat DON'T


01/22/2001 10:15:29 PM

I don't understand why people bash Jehovah's Witnesse! There's no rhyme nor reason to it! We do go out and "sell" ourselves, we try to bring people into their bibles, it doesn't matter what kind, just to get them to read it. I put that site on there so that if someone wanted to learn about us, and didn't have a chance to talk to a Witness while they were at their door, this is the official site of Jehovah's Witnesses. We don't try to take your money either, we ask for donations, and if you feel you would like to give one, then thank you very much, but we don't servive on them alone. You can even quiz one of us if you'd like, ask what ever you want, and we'll come up with an answer, maybe not off the top of our heads, we may have to get back to you on it, but we will come up with a answer.


01/22/2001 12:20:04 PM

EXTREME HORROR: That someone would come to this board and actually bring this subject up to accuse this man,when all he was doing was sharing his heart and his experiences of the sabbath with people. Will Michael Jackson EVER be able to be taken for who he is rather than what the media wants to make him out to be? I pray to God so.


01/22/2001 12:15:51 PM

EXTREME HORROR: That our society would convict somebody who was never charge of a crime and make them guilty until proven innocent. EXTREME HORROR : That people can stand on the sidelines and judge someone based on the media instead of fact.


01/22/2001 11:43:56 AM

The following lines are my opinion to what 'internetready' has written.... So, dear 'internetready', It was very sad for me to know your 'opinion' ...but: May I ask you smth.? Do you really know this man? Do you know how much your words can hurt him, especially that he is innocent? That's very distructive! And even if he hadn't been innocent, problems are to be solved with love and understanding, not with hate and criticising ... You see, for example,I could start addresssing injuries to you just because I disagree with you , but I'm not going to do it because I understand that in your mind you considered your attitude positive. So... With all due respect, however, please think well of your future actions before you act... thanks for reading


01/22/2001 05:44:56 AM

Michael has great magic.His singing ,dancing ,i thing nobody can surpass him.Now i have a strong hope,i wish he can come to China ,Shanghai .I always wanne see him with my own eye.


01/22/2001 05:04:32 AM

I am 30 yrs old, and have been raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I am glad that my parents raised me as one, by living by the Bible I have lived a happy, fulfilled life. Love for Jehovah God and my neighbor has motivated me to talk to others about the good promises in the Bible for a coming paradise here on Earth. I hope Michael can find his way back to those who truly love him, especially Jehovah God, and his spiritual "brothers and sisters". Fame and fortune is hard to handle for anyone, especially one who is very young. True happiness comes from a good relationship with one's Creator, Jehovah God.


01/21/2001 11:57:02 PM

First of all biglueeys if your not going door to door to push your religion your advertising it right here. Second of all I'm sure if there is a God he wouldn't want to see his people sacrifice things to make him happy. Jehovah's Witnesses is one of the worst religions in my opinion. I don't want to diss you guys up too bad but I could write 10 pages about why people should NOT become Jehovah's Witnesses. Please people believe in what you want, don't believe in something because someone came to your door to sell you on the idea or because they advertise it on the web. Most religions don't have to go door to door to sell people on there idea, because they think people should make there own mind up about religion. I just get so angry over Jehovah's Witnesses, please leave everyone alone and if you like your religion good for you WE ARE GLAD!!! Shaun


01/21/2001 10:23:18 PM

another thing, we don't kill ourselves to get closer to God, like cult members do.


01/21/2001 10:17:44 PM

First of all, i just was to tell you I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and to set things strait, we are not a cult. A cult is a group with one or two leaders that get's people to join the group and desencatizes them, not letting them contact their family's because they are afraid they will leave. A cult likes to keep things secrete not letting people know what they are about, we on the other hand just want to let people know that they could have a better hope for the future. I am 16 and I don't find anything wrong with what we believe and we're not so restricting that we can't do things, we have a very full life knowing that we are making Jehovah God happy, and we love and serve him with our whole heart and soul. I think you people should stop critisizing us and realize that we are not bad people, we haven't done anything wrong, so there's no reason to critisize us! If you would like to learn more about Jehovah's Witnesses please go to


01/21/2001 08:16:34 AM

I used to be a Jehovah's Witness. They wouldn't allow a tobbacco user to be a member of their organization, let alone a "pop star" because "They are of the world". They teach against any of their organization being of the world. "Bad association spoils useful habits" was their motto. All of them go from door to door but "Pioneers" are those who dedicate ALL their time going door to door, everyday. They don't even like their youth listening to songs such as "Thriller", let alone have one perform it. Sounds kinda fishy to me.


01/20/2001 10:10:45 PM

My children adored him when they were small. I always prayed that he could be happy. I hope that these "reflections" mean that he has found the Lord.. and will take His guidance into his life, both public and private. Blessings for Health, Wealth & Happiness


01/20/2001 04:05:44 PM

What do i think of his reflections on sabbath? Well i live in denmark and i cant say i ever attended one.. *Grin* But a couple of nice pictures went through my head while i read it and i had to write something :) I actually had in my mind exactly what i wanted to write right until my contact lense in my right eye got desperatly bored with staying in place where i can see through it and decided that the back of my eye maybe was a more interesting place to be.... Anyone with contactlenses will agree with me when i say that this is VERY painfull. Anyway after i had finished struggling with the lense and finaly accidentally dropping it on my carpet i had to fight my dog wally over it becaue he for some strange reason considers anything dropped on the floor his to play with!. t present time my lense is finding its bevildered self again in a soothing bath of saltwater and wally is contemplating on eating some more of the carpet... Im very sorry... But i forgot what i wanted to write :(


01/19/2001 09:00:55 PM

HORROR!! EXTREEME HORROR! That a society would devalue a child to the point of making it ok for a wealthy person to sexually abuse an innocent baby. Why are you people even for a second contemplating any type of value of a molesters work?


01/19/2001 11:35:38 AM

I find the Sabbath to be the most important day of the week for me. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I do not shop or do recreational activities on the Sabbath (Sunday) and do go to church, spend time with family, listen to wholesome music and relax. I also find great joy in reading a book that includes a religious history of the ancient americans. As part of that history there is an account of Jesus Christ's visit to the American people. When ever I am distressed or in need I read it as well as the bible to bring me peace. It is the Book Of Mormon and can be found at as well as other information about the Church of Jesus Christ if Latter day Saints. I am glad to hear that Michael respects the sabbath as so many today do not.


01/18/2001 02:35:21 PM

do not call me Michael Jackson ... but i have stories more sad than his. I must say I do like him but they are childrens at his age who not wishes of been one more or be a 'normal' child but had fears of a bonb sploting in front of him bloing his mother home and family in peces orchildrens who at the age of 7 8 or 9 did not habe other choice but not to eat fir all month daing. what I'm tring to say is Mr M.J. is famus and he need to be liked and they are other and more sad stories in this world of children who never got to be older. I'm hard . life is hard. rodrigo.


01/11/2001 12:09:48 PM

What I hear is you speaking about is the ineffability through being. It erupts in the eyes of the Beloved. It can be expressed through the form of a child, a puppy, a flower, an old person, any thing in fact. All that is continuously expresses the Divine. We often want to label it, confine it within the boundaries of thoughts, and words, and sometimes emotions. One story tells of a man who sought God and his encounter with a guru. The guru took the man to the Ganges river and immersed him in the water. He held the man down as he struggled to the surface and finally allowed him to surface to breath. The man was quite upset, and it was then that the guru said: "When you hunger for God as you hungered for that breath; you will know God."


01/07/2001 05:25:01 PM

Michael thanx for share your thoughts and your feelings with us!! I do not have words to thank you all you have done for me, you changed my life, Never change your ways for anyone, Enjoy your life, your family,and your freedom. Thanx for all your love and true inspiration. God bless you baby. Alejandra


01/06/2001 10:48:11 PM

Jesus Loves You! He Can and Will Fill That Hole We Have.


01/05/2001 11:25:03 AM

For these reasons I was saying that u should touch the inner problems of each person u can help as there lies the very cause of human beings' behaviours, so...maybe u should study smth. about aura and energy healing. (however I think u already know smth about it) I should stop now... Live your life in peace and love... Another wandering spirit... see you soon... email add P.S. excuse me for having sent the messages like that...


01/05/2001 11:23:51 AM

Some are afraid not to suffer from giving too much and therefore don't get involved into deep relationships...hoping to get protection... Of course, there are various ways of protection that humans use: some run away (the aura I mean) into the spiritual world not to feel the pain (that's smth. I use to do) , some grab love and suck energy from the others, some controll and manipulate in order not to get hurt or manipulated themselves, some hurt first as an assurance of not being them the ones to suffer, some are afraid of feeling so that they cannot be rejected.That's why they make efforts to accept themselves and need courage to express their feelings (sounds familiar?)


01/05/2001 11:22:39 AM

That's why I'm saying that a child was born in a family in order to learn smth from it. Therefore, parents and kids should solve their problems together. And to do thta they should be told more about themselves, about their spirits, they mulst discover love inside themselves. I loved the idea of comunication between parents and kids. Cause all we do in life is in order to receive love, but we are taught , sometimes, wrong ways of receiving it..there are ones who think that they can achieve love by force or spiritual domination, some by magic, some by money...


01/05/2001 11:12:48 AM

and I must tell you that she's feeling great although getting through a difficult perioud... I think I had better do that too. Would you like to try it? To get close to an end, there's something I'd like to tell you about 'Time For Kids''s wonderful that you thought about it...I hope you're getting on well... But why not 'Time For Kids and For Parents'? (of course, it's just my opinion..), cause u should also have in view the parents' problems when dealing with that ...In fact, they are the ones to be healed...If they are, then the children won't get hurt. You see, we all have to learn smth. in each of our lives , depending on what we did wrong or changed from the divine order at the very beginning. And thus we choose what we want to do or learn in every life: we are the ones who choose our parents, our whole family, the ones to fall in love with and evolve with ....


01/05/2001 11:10:46 AM

Do the same with your childhood wounds. But never forget to forgive. Forgive the others you felt hurting you. Also forgive yoursef. No healing is complete without self acceptance and forgiveness (on both sides). I'm glad your everyday life is Sabbath, I'm glad you're livinf in harmony with god through your children in whom you see His greatness. Nevertheless..., think of something: God can also be seen in every man or woman. Try to see each person's beauty and grain of divinity (though I know it's easier to see that in children). You know, I have a friend who's fasting. But it's not about restraining from food or 'sins''s just about LOVE. she's trying to love everybody and everything that God has created


01/05/2001 11:09:46 AM

All these might have caused u a serious wound. Now , think that any pain (phisical or spiritual) is an alarm that u didn't follow your deepest wishes and dreams , is a sign that u estranged from yourself. the u remember your greatest dream u had in childhood? U see, it's the very reason for which you were born! So..., is there any pain that you are feeling? Then feel it. Concentrate upon it. Touch it. But love yourself for that. Feel yourself and receive your pain with all the love you're capable of. Learn your lesson from it (asking where it comes from) and let your Superiour Constience heal it. Then release yourself


01/05/2001 11:06:57 AM

and loving with all your heart, accepting yourself the way God let u BE. means , especially communication with God through ourselves , gave u that feeling of freedom u talked about. I think that u were showed (when a child) what kind of life u were expected to live , u were told the things 'right' to do ...and so on...But at the same time ,your inner realities were neglected, or worse, denied. Of course, they craved for being let out , for being recognised, LIVED and accepted...especially by you. Therefore , thye need of freedom appeared, freedom of living accordingly to your spirit , of FEELING your own realities.I guess that, over the years, u realised that (maybe) u had lost smth. To my mind, u found in children a way of living it and in your walks around 'normality' a means of getting it back. I don't know for sure, but this might be way of running away from the problem , actually.


01/05/2001 11:04:46 AM

(amfiana) with nature, with the sky, the moon...the whole universe, ...God! This is Sabbath. Maybe that's what religions consider 'exceptional' ,a step out of the 'ordinary' . However, I believe that this state of peace and serenity is the very 'normal'. Miracles can be usula if we allow them to be so. And , u see, Sabbath by Sabbath , living in harmony, we'll get to live each day like that. Sabbath means communication with the Creator and with ourselves , with the depth of our spirit, means stop worring abot things that don't help us grow or evolve. It also means being happy in our own body and spirit , letting the divine in us shine . Perhaps that's why you loved dancing on Sundays , because this way u were LIVING


01/05/2001 11:03:12 AM

Dear wandering soul, I've doubted a lot before deciding to write u this.However, I want to thank u for having written your thoughts here. Firstly, I think that Sabbath is the day when we free ourselves from the worries that we usually bear . It's a time when we listen to ourselves , keeping the impetuous thoughts silent, thoughts which tease us and remind us about our needs, our ego , or insatisfactions...and so on... When these noises come down, ...stop.., there opens a whole new world where harmony reigns. We start living in harmony


01/03/2001 06:01:11 PM

We are 18 year old twins named Rennata and Georgina Lopez. We love you Michael and we are so proud that you were able to open up and speak so candidly and personally. Thank you for sharing those spiritual and emotional beliefs with us. You are a good man, Michael and we wish you all the best. You and your family. Love to you, sir, may the future bring you peace and love. We are looking so foward to your new album because the best is yet to come. Check out our page "" Keep being yourself! We love you for it.


12/29/2000 11:45:47 AM

My message for Michael Jackson : Michael, i was born in Senegal ( Africa ) and i left there when i was five... I sure dont remember a lot of things... Luckily, i travel a lot with my family because my aunts, uncles and cousins live in different countries... I had the chance to go back to Africa last year for 4 months... i went to Ivory cost that time... and i saw what was REALLY misery... I was really touched that u help that much childrens in the world and all the support u give them is precious... im truly thankful to u about that. I don't know if a lot of people know that presidents sayed that if each members of each family from rich countries could give 25 cents each months to the government, we could save all the poor countries like Ethiopia and everything... America didn't agree for that... I was really disapointed cause i really like that country but that's the way it is... I kiss michael with all my heart !! I love him so much ure basically the daddy of all children Carmen


12/29/2000 11:23:47 AM

Hi,I'm 20 and love Michael since the first time I've seen him (I was 3!). Mike,if you read this,I would like to say something to you:You've touched me and I cried because I know you're so sensitive.When you tell something from the deepest of your heart, I'm touched and offen,I cry.You're so sincere;you don't lie. I would like to thank you for the real feelings you give us every day towards your music, your songs, your voice... It's not easy to speak about ones feeling but you've done it and you've shared it with us on I hope some people will finally understand that you're not as the tabloids describe you. I'm very happy that you've become father because I knew that you'd be a great and loving one. I love you so much.Brace yourself. Christelle (France)


12/29/2000 07:53:01 AM

I dont know if Michael Jackson's right or wrong... I dont believe in god I dont know if he does I accept differences of all people I love Michael Jackson... Everybody think that he's weird and everything but he's just normal, he has a private life like every one else... And if it's not enough for u that he build hospitals for children and a heal the world foundation??? U ll still bother him Leave him alone Big kiss to Michael J. and my family Carmen


12/29/2000 05:20:52 AM

Like Michael I too was raised JW. Michael must have forgotten that the religion does not have a sabbath and only certain people (144,000) were children of God. How sad for Michael that his only glimpes of normal life came from behind the watchtower. Thank God Michael that we are no longer JW. Now we can know that we are children of God and explore our own spirituality. No wonder you were never normal Michael, being raised JW destroys many kids.


12/28/2000 02:37:24 PM

I am glad that michael can rise above the cynicism that is so prevalent in the world today. It encourages me to see someone like him trying to make the world a better place in which to live. It would be truly amazing if we all had as much love in our hearts as Michael does.


12/27/2000 12:53:34 AM

I just wish people would leave Michael alone....he's just trying to be human, to be a loving man, yet all he receives is pain. I will never understand how anyone can judge another fellow human, especially one to whom they have never met. How can Michael ever be himself, be a normal man if all he gets for it is pain and lies. I'm sorry people but I just had to say something. It's so unfair and so unjust. Please....let Michael be himself, let him be one of us! Catherine.


12/26/2000 02:36:18 PM

about 15 years ago i was invited by a friend to vitit with her and her school class a synagoge. i said o.k. and we drove to hannover. when we arrived the man who welcomed us was not very friendly. he told us that he received a telephone call from a person who said that a bomb will explode this day. he said that he receives such phone call every week. that was the day i realised that fashism is still alive in we became nervous too. the boys forgot to take a cap and were ordered to do so and we girls were told to go upstairs to a balcony. the seats had all engraved names. the man said that there will be a barmitzwa today ( never heard before of it) and when the family arrived i knew i was sitting on the wrong seat. but the elder woman said it`s o.k. and we watched down like spys to the men downthere.


12/26/2000 02:19:16 PM

i don`t remember anymore what the rabbi all did. a door in the back was opened, a paper roll was taken out. he was reading without touching the paper, he used a stick with a little hand.i guess he was singing all the time and his deep voice was beautifull. but the greatest moment was when the boy had to read. all his female family members where whispering exited before he starts and were amazed when he finished.when the ceremony was over and we all went out to wait for our bus and the family was among us. i talked to my friend what a great atmosphere it was and about the great voice of the rabbi. everything was deeply peacefull we fellt like beeing a part of that family.the elder woman stood behind us and when i turned around she was smiling.that`s all - so a bombing day turned into a peacefull day.


12/26/2000 01:26:17 PM

To continue.. We claim we want Michael Jackson to open up more but Then We turn around and cynically bash him,Calling him a liar if not worse. How would any one of you feel if your motives,words and actions were judged every single time you tried to do something? It's no wonder he keeps to himself. Each of us are special in God's eyes and We can learn alot from one another if we give people a chance. So,Try at the very least to show Michael Jackson respect,if you can't bear to do anything else. Everyone in this world deserves at least that much


12/26/2000 01:19:18 PM

With an open heart,Michael Jackson has given us a look of what sabbath means to him. A very personal and heartfelt message not only to his fans but to everyone. I think this article enables us to look at our own ways of celebrating the sabbath and allows us to examine our hearts to see if sabbath has become a routine experience for us,or If we actually take the time to reflect and appreciate all that god has given us.It is so easy to be on the outside looking in and to point a finger. But God encourages us to love one another. In the bible it says "Judge Not least ye be judged" Nobody but God above knows what is inside of Michael Jackson's heart or What the reason behind his actions are. This is an act of one man reaching out and sharing with millions of people his views and his world.I think we need to open our hearts and minds and respond accordingly,not with judgements over his intentions or what people have said about him in the past but With unconditional acceptance and love.


12/24/2000 12:09:43 PM

I forgot to congratulate to all the people around the world because today.. is God's is sunday..and besides today is.. Christmas..!!!! so ¡¡¡¡MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY!!!! God bless you all..Whoever you are... Elizabeth.(


12/24/2000 12:00:34 PM

ok, I really enjoy the article because I know what means going to the church one day on the week.. separate one day only to be with your creator, to love him, to say him that you love him, and to be among your brothers and sisters..and to feel the others loving you too.. I think you can feel the love of God in a flower, in a child's eyes, on how the morning smells when it has been raining the previous that's what I think..God loves us..but sometimes we don't realize about that... Merry christmas Michael..!!!!God is right there.. in your heart!!! forgive my poor english!!jeje Elizabeth


12/23/2000 06:22:17 PM

The article gives the impression of a warmhearted,yet determined, point of view and independant,because hefindsthe way to his own religion.I lived for ten years in various countries with various religions,and all seem to have their "Sabbaths",which seemto be a basic human need.We need now more than ever a chance to go back to the basic,and so to gain energy.or sometimes even just a balance to everyday business. A refugium for mind, body, and soul. No matter what we do, we should care for the change,because we become too blind if we don´t.And what we need are tolerantand caring minds to dealwith our present world .For Michael Jackson the ordinary may be the Sabbath,because for him that is the unusual,for most people it´s the other way round.For me Sabbath is a quiet talk to a mercy God, a moon rise or a setting sun , a day out with my family, and dancing with my two sons to Michael Jackson´s Music and feeling the joy to participate in the wonder of life.


12/22/2000 08:48:09 PM

The point is as humans we do not have a right to lay guilt on anyone who we do not know for sure. Michael is a sweet loving person, whos good deeds to this world go beyond anyone's comprehension. Know one has said he is perfect but he is true to himself, he does what he wants he does not follow the crowd! That is part of what makes him a star, his uniqueness. My goodness I can think of a lot worse public figures and we don't make half the fuss about them. I don't know what everyone's problem is with Michael, I been his fan all my life, perhaps as a child I saw through the fame, the tabloids stories and image...I saw his innocence, and I continue to today. I love you Michael....always be true to you thats all that matters. I send luv to Paris n' Prince... MLadyMelodie


12/22/2000 08:43:42 PM

Continued... Since Michael has not been proven guilty what right do any of us have to put him down as bad and wrong?? None. Unless you want to be judged the same, you'd better think twice. Michael is a good person, that is what I believe. He is also sensitive, and back then a bit vulnerable and naive to believe that people understood he was good and would never do this to him. However, they did a man took advantage of him, this is not hipocrasy this is facts. If you care enough to say a person is guilty you had better well know your facts. Most people do not care about the facts, they just want to put a man down who was on top of the world.....


12/22/2000 08:38:43 PM

Okay!! Well, like clockwork, someone had to turn his beautiful heart into a chance to pin him for the alleged allegations scandal of 1993! My goodness can we ever get over this! Firstly, I'd like to see any of you who claim that because the press and some greedy man said that its so, its got to be true, react if someone had accused you of such a crime, turning something innocent into something ugly. Firstly, no man, woman or child should ever be laid guilt upon until we has human beings obtained absolute, beyond a doubt proof of it. Otherwise your opinion should stay within you, lest you be judged also!


12/22/2000 11:02:52 AM

To all the people with negative produce and ill comments- you are not welcome here or in any society! Learn and have faith instead of destroying your own innocence. This is not about Michael Jackson, the incredible superstar but rather the real person who is opening his heart to all of us as an example of pure love. We all need to find that in our hearts and learn from each other, especially our children. God bless you Michael and all your family this holy Christmas!


12/22/2000 10:19:28 AM

Michael, I dedicate this poem to you and all of our children who are suffering and oppressed. My e-mail is 'Preceptor' Inspire me to sleep. I can no longer dream of childhood innocence. I am haunted by me. Inspirit my candour by harmonium peace. Help me become the educator of Love. I want to fuse children’s feelings entirely by all profiles of affection: Heart with greed, lust with fear, sadness with passion, appetite with the urge. Transport me through your tongue and devour me beyond your lips I am weak without your strength and wisdom. Each of my tears anoints triumph; each blink fuses a couple together. Mentor, encourage me, and don’t leave me. You know it’s never easy to Love someone like me. I have it all, I want to share it, but I have nobody. How can a teacher instruct without disciples? Bring them to me, let me be your ambassador, I am the one you need, I am the Love they cry for. Preceptor I am calling out your name - become me.


12/20/2000 09:54:39 PM

I really think It Is great . I have loved him ever since I was born so that would be 12 years because I'm 12. This really made me cry I so think Michael Jackson is and has always been a very everything person If that makes sense ?!! :o) I really love him and I love what he wrote i printed it out too so I can read it over and over again !! I just wish I could meet him or send him a letter telling him how much I love him and how much he has done for this world ! I don't get why people treat him so mean he Is a very great person !! I Love him and I wish him all he deserves and much more !! Keep The Faith, Michael and you and your children will have what you deserve !! :o) Love you , Summer aka ~ MJLover7


12/20/2000 02:45:51 PM

I think Michael Jackson's message is inspiring, and I hope he continues his faith practices.


12/18/2000 03:24:20 PM

It does'nt surprise me at all. I think that Michael has always been sincere and spiritual as this article protrayed across to the readers.I think that it is truly wonderful that MJ has the inspiration to find a sabbath to get in touch with reality.I think that this article is an factual illustration to show people that MJ is not only an entertainer yet moreover he is a human being that feels things just as we do.I am very proud that I am a MJ fan to the fullest.This article makes my pride even greater, and puts a smile on my face. I love you Michael. Smuchees, Nina2001 of Detroit


12/18/2000 02:29:21 PM

This is one of the most moving stories ever. I wonder how many young people are able to read this? I suppose in the United States Michael's words are available to a very wide circle, but here in New Zealand I doubt many will have read or heard them. I suspect there is a ministry for someone who can relate such as Michael's words to a much greater audience - and I hope and pray there are many young people signing in to Beliefnet and reading his story.


12/18/2000 07:22:41 AM

Dear sandsurfer, A wise man once said: three things clog your soul – negativity, judgement and imbalance. I guess I was wrong when assuming you were referring to MJ by ‘the young boy lover’. I’m glad to know that and offer you my apologies for misinterpreting you. I’m also glad I was able to amuse you, perhaps there’s a comedian in me too, as there is in you. You say I said things I couldn’t possibly know. I do know. And anybody else could too, if they took a little time to look into the facts of the matter instead of into tabloid stories. I didn’t offer you a million dollars, I asked if you would believe it before you see it. Judging from your crossed eyes and fingers, you wouldn’t. My point exactly. I’m sorry to know you think this article is part of a public relations strategy. My opinion differs. I think it’s a reflection by a man who is looking for the one thing each and every one of us is looking for: to be loved and accepted.


12/18/2000 03:05:05 AM

Dusky, thank you so much for your thoughts on my comments. To answer your questions, I don't need a million dollars. Really and truly, Dusk. But if someone like yourself was so inclined to offer it to me, I'd give you the name and address of my favorite charity, cross my fingers and eyes, and hope that the check arrives! If you read my comments carefully, you would have realized, without much effort, that I didn't say MJ was guilty of child abuse. It's amusing that you would use a hypothetical question to make your point and then go on defending MJ with information that you couldn't possibly know was true unless, well Dusk, unless you were there. I'll spare you the question. As for your last question, I'm bad, I'm bad, I'm really realy bad!"


12/17/2000 06:32:04 PM

SANDSURFER,if I were to tell you now ‘I’ll give you a million dollars.”, would you believe it before you see it? Probably not. Then why do you believe Michael Jackson is guilty of child abuse when you weren’t even there to see it? There are so many things to this story that have been left out by the press, like the fact that the boy’s father said he’d do what it takes to get money out of Michael right before he came out with these charges, like the fact that during his first questioning the boy said Michael did nothing wrong and then changed his testimony after being drugged by his father, like the fact that the police searched Michael Jackson’s house and condo and found nothing that could incriminate him, like the fact that all the other boys who spent time with Michael laughed at the very notion of him doing anything improper. You say his televised statement didn’t convince you to believe he’s innocent. Fair enough. But may I ask what convinced you to believe he was guilty in the first place?


12/17/2000 03:11:06 PM

Let's leave everyones' belief to themselves...This is something between God and subject...we are not the ones to judge eachother!Please just a bit of RESPECT! The best thing we can do is to try to understand and love the people and the world we are all living in...that's all i can say... with all my respect and love to Michael Jackson


12/17/2000 12:34:33 PM

In the World Michael I love you. Thank you to exist. You've been my guide since I'm 11, when I first heard Heal The World. My life has been so strange. True sadness and happiness. I've already thought many times of killing myself but I'll keep the Faith. Because you are here. Your songs, your inteligence, your beauty, your streng, The Planet Earth make me keep the Faith. I want to help to heal the World and I promise that I'll do it. Michael I love the poem Planet Earth. Thank you to have written it. Thank you to have do all the things you've done. I don't really belive in God. I think that he doesn't really care about us and the planet Earth. Michael I love you with all my my life


12/17/2000 04:45:32 AM

Oh please, more public relations for the young boy lover. Besides his great oddities, eccentricity, talent, strange behavior, blah, blah, he will never overcome the sleeping with the kid thing. Most people will never forget his appearance on television batting his long fake eye lashes as the mascara ran down his cheeks as he proclaimed his innocence. He was SO believable! ::::rolling eyes:::: The only reason he didn't go to prison was MONEY and deal making. The young boy was paid off handsomely. Have to laugh when I read his quote, "What I wanted more than anything was to be ordinary" He's managed to turn himself into one of the most bizarre looking in the world. All the public relations, money, involvement in religions, charities, etc., etc., won't save him. He should be grabbing his crotch and singing in prison! And let's not blame the parents for trusting their adolescent child with an adult of some character, credibility, and reputation at the time. Someone they knew personally and trusted.


12/17/2000 02:10:22 AM

By acknowledging the Sabbath, Michael found wisdom. Sabbath unites people because they lay down their particular service and authority for a shared realization of equal creature status under eternity. Michael discovered respect for the Sabbath afforded him the unity he needed to acquire an understanding of others which would otherwise have been out of reach. Exercising respect for this ancient tradition helps everyone to overcome the barriers of time and creature differences which separate us. We gain insight into the cycles of life by observing the cycles of time. Michael’s wisdom is significant, and I am glad we can share in its benefits. He is in a position to transform other people’s life. We should assist his endeavors with sincerity. We are the World and the Man in the Mirror are not just ordinary messages they are highly spiritual as is their author.


12/17/2000 01:23:18 AM

(A Tree Of Life) Love not the shapely branch, Nor place its image alone in thy heart. It fades away. Love the Whole Tree. Then thou shalt love the shapely branch, the tender and the withered leaf, the shy bud and the full-blown flower, the falling petal and the dancing height, the splendid fragrance of full love. Love Life in its fullness. It knows not decay.


12/17/2000 01:10:20 AM

Making the INVISABLE; VISABLE! Do not judge a thing that can become visable by its present invisability. A child that is being conceived is already a person, although it is not yet visable...


12/16/2000 09:59:27 AM

I cried when I read what Michael wrote. Michael is the one person that is good all the way throught the heart. Imagine a world of people with hearts like Michael Jacksons. What a wonderful world it would be. //Nina,


12/15/2000 11:34:05 PM

I came back to this site fascinated by the topic.....while reading all the messages and Michael's article once more a thought came to me. Should not every day be a Sabbath? I don't mean in the physical sense, I mean in the mind, in the heart, and in the soul. The possibilities of inner healing and worldly peace seem much more of a possibility!! Just a thought......


12/15/2000 09:54:15 PM

for the person who talked about his "hiding his sins" behind the sabbath... i sincerely doubt that you are qualified to judge him... or anyone else. concentrate on your own salvation, please. Michael, keep in mind that God loves you... and i hope you can give your own children what you weren't allowed to have. PBWYIC.


12/15/2000 08:22:52 PM

I was visiting a fan webwite of yours and there they did a morph of you from when you were darker to now. And an amazing thing was discovered, your nose is the same, the cheekbones seem to be in the same place, and the eyes are the same color. Your hair is straighter, and your skin may I say it is a whole lot lighter. I wonder why you didn't tell us this years ago. Oh thats right you did. Sorry, I forgot. My only question to you would be can you still look in the mirror? Do you ever wonder what they are seeing when you are putting on your/brushing your hair? Do you see the questions in the eyes like I do. I hope that people are not comparing me to pictures I took when I was pregnant, boy do I look different now. Will you please tell the people the reason for the eye make up, I'd tell them its because your eyes disappear into your hair without it. But, I could be wrong.


12/15/2000 04:26:33 PM

Hellooooo - Reality CHECK! Just look at his photo...PLEASE! How dare he (or anyone else) use God's Sabbath to hide from sins! Truth and faith. Obviously MJ has lost his true self to publish this - and talk about being hisself when he undergoes painful surgeries to hide from who he even is!


12/15/2000 01:15:08 PM

The Sabbath Day is very important but let's not forget that just going to church on the Sabbath Day is going to get you to Heaven. You must be born again. The only way to heaven is through Jesus. You need to ask him into your heart, to forgive you of your sins and proclaim that Jesus is Christ the savior the Son of God. It doesn't matter how good of a person you are if you don't have Christ in your heart you will not go to heaven.


12/15/2000 01:41:12 AM

Isn't it interesting that the one commandment that says "Remember" is the one man most forgets and argues with. If man had remembered the memorial of creation (the 7day sabbath)evolution would have never been thought about. It is actually two commandments because it says to work for six days. To keep Sabbath richly and lovely we must plan all week for it to pull it off right. haha I guess it is God's way of telling us He would like us to have a plan for our life also. Michael, are you going to do spiritual soul soothing music for us? We all need more faith, hope and most of all love. If we would just follow the plan God laid down for each of us individually, it would open the door to our peace joy and happiness. So long for now you all. Mmmm


12/14/2000 03:16:05 PM

Michael more than anything i relate my life to yours. not so much because my life has been like yours but because without you i wouldnt have a life at all. you have such great purpose that i would never want to be normal knowing how many lives i have touched. i understand and respect the fact that you dont feel that way but please know that i truly love you as you are and so do so many of us. you are a joy to me... sometimes my only joy and then God tells me to have faith and that is how i make it through the day. His promises come true.. His love is overwhelming and i fall short of his glory so often.. but i thank Him for everything especially for you. i am not a mother yet but i hopefully will be and i will teach my children with strength and guidance and God they can be anything.. even as lovely and as beautiful as you are... I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH MICHAEL GOD BLESS!!!


12/14/2000 09:56:45 AM share this with you, is something we have been waited for... for years u know. Michael.. it's time to share. We are here and u are there.. we spend 24/7 to be part of "you"... we suffer when u suffer.. when the thabz and others harrases u.. they harrasses us.. we also feel bad about this.. and we stand by your side forever.. no matter what happens. i do not think any other artist has this love - like u do. We are "bigger" than u think.. YOU are bigger than u Think - AND TOGETHER WE ARE THE BIGGEST AND WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE... and we have started with our selves...and so will our children.


12/13/2000 11:49:41 PM

There is a sacredness that is not a thought nor a feeling resuscitated by a thought. It is not recognizable by thoughts nor can it be utilized by thought. Thought cannot formulate it. But there is a sacredness, untouched by any symbol or word. It is not communicable. It is a Fact...


12/13/2000 11:27:46 PM

From milk to solid food... (Hebrews 5:11) About this we have much to say and hard to explain, since ye have become dull in understanding. For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God.


12/13/2000 10:48:54 PM

The sabbath is sacred and everyone of any religion should spend a day appreciating God.


12/13/2000 07:29:24 PM

Thou canst not bind the truth- It hath no dwelling place- Neither temple nor altar- It is of no one religion- However impassioned be its worshipers Leave heresy to the heretic- Religion to the orthodox- But gather truth from the dust of thine own experience- Can you bind "water in a garment" Or "gather the wind in your fists" Truth is neither "this" nor "that" It is as the waters... All ways moving and yet, Still; at rest- Always on Sabbath...


12/13/2000 06:40:44 PM

Mike, . I believe you should know that the Sabbath is the 7th day of the week (Exodus20-8-11). that is sunset friday to sunset saturday, not sunday, the 1st day of the week..which the world follows. Just want to make you aware of God's true Sabbath. Just as God has truth, the enemy has a counterfeit. The last great conflict of this world will exist between those that obey God and keep all of His commandments, and those who do, choose ye this day whom you will for me and my house we will continue to serve the Lord! Mike, keep searching and may the Lord bless you, your children and your family...Search the Scriptures for the truth!


12/13/2000 03:00:11 PM

To Master Michael: Just as a house is a work and visable, and its master is also a work and is visable, so the master is a work of the Creator, and the house a work of the master. In the same way it is understood that we have the works visable before our eyes, and when we discover the master of the work, he is also visable to us. In things eternal Faith makes all the works visable, in things corporeal, but not visable, the Light of nature makes all things visable... (Sabbath,it makes all things New!)


12/13/2000 02:46:21 PM

Hi Michael. I would just like to say that it was wonderful reading about you, personally. How many times I've heard people say horrible things about you & I always felt how wrong that was...Something about you seems to cry out for love & acceptance, & it doesn't matter what anyone ever says, I think you're a wonderful person. I am a Christian, and I very firmly believe that Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life, & my family are all followers of Christ now, too, but I can't knock other religions or beliefs because there is a purpose for them all, that only GOD knows what they are & I trust Him. I would like to invite you, Michael, & anyone else to see my Testimony page at: GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY, Michael.


12/13/2000 01:57:49 PM

I believe Michael has a deepdown knowing/feeling of Life!!!Even though he might not perceive it as such,Michael appears to be here with a verry special message for humanity!He,Got It!!!!!


12/13/2000 11:19:22 AM

Any one who wants to email me please feel free


12/13/2000 11:14:27 AM

I think Michael is beginning to trust people more - now he's met people like Rabbi Shmuley who take time to get to know Michael and don't shut their hearts to him because of gossip. My childhood also wasn't easy - my dad died when I was 14 - it made me unable to trust and I felt like I could control nothing - for that reason I know why Michael loves the stage - he has control. Much of your life,Michael must be spent wondering how you can gain some control over the pain you feel, your main escape was the stage - and now your children. Nothing in life is more depressing that feeling you have no control over it, I'm beginnig to take control of my life now and trust people now I have met some truly special people - I take inspiration from your courage and openess Michael, that you can gain so much more from life if you share yours with others and enhance there lives because of it. Thank you for you gifts to us Michael!You mean so much and have helped me more than you'll ever know.


12/13/2000 10:50:24 AM

I can relate to Micheal's feeling of abnormality. I was an abused child and I prayed for the same thing; to just be like everyone else. I now have five children of my own. I am reliving my childhood (in a sense) through them. They are my joy. I pray that we all realize what an enormous responsibility we have as parents to nurture our children. They are a gift not a posession. They truly see the world through God's eyes.


12/13/2000 09:14:48 AM

I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Jackson's music; I enjoy some of his earlier work, but notice that as (as he himself has noticed) he has gotten further insulated from the world, his music mirrored this and became the same way; that is he writes about how he is separated from the world by his fame--very few of us are in this particular predicament and therefore find it hard to sympathize. I think he has taken an important step here though--it is exactly through following the spirit that we reconnect ourselves with the world. I congratulate him on his efforts, and hope that he and his children are well.


12/13/2000 05:21:06 AM

Michael I am not going to say how much i love you because the other notices have said it for me,But i do love you. I am happy for you. I have been a fan of yours since I was 2 years old. I am 16 now. You truly are a role model. I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do and i wil support you in it 101%. Take care of yourself Michael, we need you. Love:


12/13/2000 01:10:40 AM

My daughter is now 12 and she has been such a blessing to me. She's a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold. I love her so much! She's why I'm here, do you know what I mean? She's my reason for existence. Our life has not been the greatest and a few years ago I made a vow that I would make our lives better. No matter what it takes I've devoted my life to making our life happier. I suppose it's my love for her and her for me that drives me. While our life is a struggle, we have our love and dreams to keep us going. I suppose we all have to endure sad things to appreciate the happy things. If you or I had not endured misplaced childhoods I wonder, would we feel the compassion we feel now?


12/12/2000 09:35:50 PM

I found this piece and many of the responses to be disturbing, particularly those who, in essense, worship Michael Jackson as a modern day prophet. Anything that he writes become scripture to them. Of course they will deny this notable truth. Just look at the language they use. BrotherDouglas says that Jackson has "transcended" and the "perfect vessel." There's much more. Also, I don't believe that Jackson wrote the entire piece. The first paragraph sounds like his previous writing, but then someone else helps. Of course, we all can use good editing, but this piece was so personal in nature and so powerful for many people. Mystery has always surround Jackson. And so it shall continue.


12/12/2000 07:56:31 PM

Michael... All things considered, you've done an incredible job, transforming your life and mind, while dealing with pressures few of us will ever face or understand. No one can ever really judge the methods that you've chosen to 'cope' and 'transcend' what would have incapacitated any other human being. I wish your heart, peace; your mind, stillness; and your eyes, beauty. It's time to smile and become WHOLE. ALL that you were and are, makes you the perfect VESSEL for Spirit, today. BE


12/12/2000 07:16:26 PM

I believe that Michael Jackson has blessed the world with his music and is one of God's children. Unfortunately, as someone who was raised a JW, he clearly makes some mistakes regarding the beliefs. Pioneers are only the JWs who go door to door 60, 90, or 120 hours/month. Their door-to-door ministry is not called pioneering, they do not observe the Sabbath as it is believed that Jesus did away with the Sabbath when he was on earth. The JW religion is a dangerous cult that does not observe the deity of Christ. They are notorious for making it appear that they are loving people until you are immersed into the cult - then it is hell to try to leave and you are disunited from every JW you have ever known. I hope that Michael Jackson does not consider himself a member of their religion. The JWs certainly do not view him as a member of their religion - they even wrote an article about him in the 1980's saying how bad he was. Pray for this group of people!!!


12/12/2000 02:54:21 PM

Hey MJ, I know you must have had a traumatic childhood, I feel bad for you. I hope you find happiness in your life. Also, you really should consider giving back Paul McCartney the lyrics that he wrote as a Beatle. I think it was wrong for you to buy them without his consent. He is a good guy and deserves to own his own writings. Thanks! God bless.


12/12/2000 01:57:30 PM

(The ending of what i wrote under) I thank Him every day for you.What would i do without you,you mean that much for me! You are such a wonderful,loving,positiv man and father,dispite what so many people have said about you that's all been lies. God I love you,you are truly an angel in disguise.Bless you! There's something I need to say,I hope you know that Feb 7th'99 was the happiest day in my whole life.(I was dating omer.and was the luckiest girl in the world that night*smile*) PS:I am so glad that you wrote"My Childhood,My Sabbath,My Freedom"and that we can write back to you and tell you our thoughts about it(and a little more),is even better:o) I will probarly write here again. By the way,I can't wait till your album comes out!! Love from Veronika(16)in Norway


12/12/2000 01:41:19 PM

Hi Michael!(I hope you will read this,I really do.)I was crying when I was reading your reflections on the Sabbath, I'm Christian myself.And I know exactly what you mean, I feel the same when I pray and when I'm in church,I love God so much,and I praise Him for the blessings He gives me,one of those blessings are you.You are the most wonderful,gifted,intelligent,beautiful and talented man I have ever seen walk on this Earth,(I could go on and on.)I love you dearly Michael,you are such a good person.I really dont know how to express it in words,but my feelings are so strong.You have been there for me since I was 6 years old(when I first really "discovered" you.)Trough my sickness and health,pain and sorrow,trough all of my problems,you've been there:o)Michael,you have the special place in my heart,next to God.


12/12/2000 12:52:42 PM

I think Micheal's article was great. He hardly ever talks about himself Just when you think you know him really well, there is more to learn. And yet the more I learn, the less weird he becomes. He really is just a normal guy. Vanesha


12/12/2000 07:56:00 AM

It was nice to hear a positive comment about JW's and their sense of community I "witnessed" this first hand myself, seeing a co-worker of mine, who was not a JW & never became one to my knowledge (he moved away years ago) being helped by JW's I think they initially met him in their ministry, leaving their information with him, at the time, he had no job & was suicidal, being a former top-level Wall Street investor; they actually helped him, fed him, and got him referred to where I was working so he could stand on his own feet He only went to their meetings a couple times I think but they still helped him. I was impressed with that.


12/12/2000 07:20:23 AM

Dispite of your lost chilhood, you are a wonderful and loving father to Paris and Prince today! Not many parents find the same joy and happiness in their children like you do, but they should! They need to realize how important our children are. And with your help I know they'll find those things again. (I'm looking forward to your Time with Kids Initiative) I really hope a lot of people get to read this article. Hopefully they'll finally see, the wonderful person you really are! Never give up Michael, we(all the fan's around the world) will always be with you in Spirit, to support you! Love you deeply! Chantal (18)Belgium


12/12/2000 07:19:20 AM

Thank You Michael, for opening your heart to us! There are a lot of people out there who draw strenght from your words. I for one had tears in my eyes after reading your article. These words you wrote once again proof what a wonderful and gifted person you are. There is no doubt in my mind that you are the person with the purest soul on this earth. You never fail to see the goodness in people. Because of that I know that you're really in touch with your inner child! And I love it. It made you the wonderful and beautiful person you are today. (The person who has been my guidence since I was 6) Everytime you talk about your lost childhood, we see your pain. Time and time again it touches me deeply! In a way I was very happy to read about what sabbath meant for you. It seemed to make you happy.


12/11/2000 09:48:42 PM

WOW!!! This site is getting a lot of new members, isn´t it! Thank you for writing that essay, Michael! I won´t repeat what other people have already written because I, in most cases, feel the same. I can´t wait for your new album :) and your movie-project sounds pretty cool, too! You are amazing! Your article made me cry... My parents think it´s stupid to adore a man my father´s age... well, I can´t help it! I want to be a diplomat one day ( still have a looong way to go ) and then I´m gonna arrange a meeting between you and me... :) I am an atheist and I agree with a person,who left a message here also, that you don´t have to believe in God, to be a truly good person! But you are so strange, and I mean that in a very positive way!, that it makes me wonder. Just wanted to let you know that I love you (the word "love", really has a meaning here!). I am proud to call myself a Michael Jackson- Fan!! You are my idol!!!!!!!! Lots of love, Simone Steinau


12/11/2000 05:36:52 PM

Michael, I dedicate this poem to you and all of our children who are suffering and oppressed. My e-mail is 'Preceptor' Inspire me to sleep. I can no longer dream of childhood innocence. I am haunted by me. Inspirit my candour by harmonium peace. Help me become the educator of Love. I want to fuse children’s feelings entirely by all profiles of affection: Heart with greed, lust with fear, sadness with passion, appetite with the urge. Transport me through your tongue and devour me beyond your lips I am weak without your strength and wisdom. Each of my tears anoints triumph; each blink fuses a couple together. Mentor, encourage me, and don’t leave me. You know it’s never easy to Love someone like me. I have it all, I want to share it, but I have nobody. How can a teacher instruct without disciples? Bring them to me, let me be your ambassador, I am the one you need, I am the Love they cry for. Preceptor I am calling out your name - become me.


12/11/2000 05:34:52 PM

Michael,I honour you for your continual strive to save the love+freedom of our children suffering in this world.I worked with Heal The world in London+was inspired to establish a charity for the children of my country, Iraq. Through your guidance,we have raised over one million pounds for medical aid and have saved a countless number of children’s lives. From statistics governed by the UN,1/3 Iraqi children suffer from malnutrition and 1/7 will die from famine and disease.I can’t help but to cry and feel pain when I hear this and see that there is no global support for our children. I believe the Sabbath is a celebration for all children to feel loved,safe and to be free through faith and family.I am so proud that someone like you is using your influence to make a change for the children of our future.Congratulations on your outstanding efforts, God bless you. Your friend Taymoor-I bought you that Harrods sweet hamper at the Dorchester in London.Thank you for that magical evening!


12/11/2000 03:57:06 PM

My adress us


12/11/2000 03:55:39 PM

Hi, Michael... I've been admired so much and this article just proof that you are really very sensitive. Sometimes I imagine how magic can be to spend at least 1 hour with you talking... I'm sure You have so much things to say. with admiration Suzi


12/11/2000 03:52:50 PM

Mr. Jackson, I speak to you not as a fan or an artist, but as a believer in Allah (GOD). Your words are beautiful and written with your spirit, not with your hand. I know the doubts of faith. Trying to find a pathway of reason and understanding. When all we want to do is be connected. Sometimes I feel like such a speck of dust. But my soul, only Allah can see me for who I truly am. U are loved Mr. Jackson, by your children, by God, by your family and close friends.You are never alone and I am so happy to know you have found so much happiness with your children and family. You, like so many have sacrifice. In the end you are blessed, weather in this life or the next. A spiritual friend and artist. Peace Be Upon You, "I"


12/11/2000 10:28:15 AM

Dear Everyone, I am a catholic, not going to church, writing from a small country in the middle of Europe. I gotta tell, I am not much into catholicism, but always interested to find out about new things. Recently I got the chance to read one the books of the Dalai Lama. It was wonderful. Just as this article. Simple as always, but very touching. I wish the ones who won't read this article would once be able to form their views on Mr. Jackson after having read some of his writings, as they are much better than his music-- so far. Sorry Mike for telling this,-if you are reading, but this is how I feel. By the way, those lucky ones should read Dancing The Dream, one of the best books I ever read. I truly hope I will be able to read more of his essays and writings and this Time with Kids action will reach its goals, as when I look back on my childhood, I realise, I was free, but alone... All the best for everyone!


12/11/2000 10:03:09 AM

Dear Mr Jackson, Where do you get the strength everyday to get up and stand up to the world. In your simple honesty you put elsewhere the lies that surround you. Yet everytime you do this you take tremendous hits. I know God somesuch answer. Your children yatta, yatta. Hold your mothers hand please as you prepare once again in simple honesty to say things the world doesn't want to hear. That way, when you get blown up she'll know. And pull you threw. Your mother is a saint, for not locking up her precious son, and letting him be the light to a cold world that he seems drawn to be. Call her, the world sees a wierdo, she sees the smiling eyes. The grubby fist with broken flowers crying because he messed them up.


12/11/2000 09:40:09 AM

Another rumination from the king of wierd!!!! If he ***hadn't*** been talking about his life as a JW his story might have been a remarkable testament of faith. But since Jehovah's Witnesses do not consider themselves members of any "church;" and since Jehovah's Witnesses are not Sabbath-keepers; Michael's story is actually rather silly. If he really wanted to do believers a service he would have talked about how dangerous this cult really is. Keep the Faith RAY


12/11/2000 06:52:40 AM

This is a wonderful article. I would love to say to you Mr Jackson that you are truely an amazing individual who is an inspiration to millions.


12/11/2000 05:43:18 AM

Michael i was overjoyed to see that you have gained the courage to open your heart to us and reveal a tiny part of your beliefs! I respect your privacy and the wonderful gifts you have given us of your time, patience and strength - to always remain standing no matter what people say. You are a true survivor, and you and your family deserve the best in life. Thankyou for sharing some of your personal thoughts with us, it's means so much. Bless you.


12/11/2000 04:55:01 AM

I dont know what to say really... I just admire this mans strenght to turn bad things into something good. To be so openminded and forgiving Michael has a golden heart. His children is his sabbath and I believe that, cause they don´t judge him. When he´s with them he can breath, smile and cry and bring out the child in himself and play all the funny games you and me played when we were kids, nothing wrong with that. Michael Joseph Jackson you just keep on "sabbathing" and everything will be okey, I believe in you and you are the greatest, you are my King. God bless your children and of course you. Love you til´the end of time. Ina


12/10/2000 10:40:53 PM

It is heartening to see that Michael Jackson has taken the difficulties he knew as a child star and turned them into opportunities for other children. His musical talent is not the only aspect of this fine individual.


12/10/2000 05:59:40 PM

I'm so sick of seeing JWs among Michael's fans acting like he's a lost sheep. He has outgrown such a limited religion. Get over it.


12/10/2000 02:30:45 PM

Dear Michael, I am glad you find comfort in the memories of your "pioneering" activity on the "Sabbath". I do feel compeled to clarify for your readers that Jehovah's Witnesses do not place any spiritual importance on the Sabbath, that the command to observe the Sabbath "died" when Jesus was murdered. (This is what they currently believe.) Continue to enjoy your children, they truly are gifts from God. May the God of Peace continue to bless you and your family.


12/10/2000 09:51:28 AM

I read your article again and it made me think about your children. I'm very glad that your children have such wonderful father as you are, because in my family and in the families of my friends this is not the case, unfortunately. Maybe I have an another opinion about god(or the existence of god), I love you anyway. May yor God bless and care for you and your children!!!!


12/10/2000 09:44:57 AM

I read your article again you made me think about your children. I'm glad, there are such good fathers like you are, because I haven't seen or heard about them in my family and families of my friends. Maybe I don't thik the same way about god, but I love you anyway. May your god bless and care for you and your children!!


12/10/2000 05:09:33 AM

Dear Michael, I read your reflections on Sabbath and some thoughts raised in my mind on that subject. You tell us about this gifts of nature, which are given us by god. You know, I am Atheist myself, but I also see and appreciate them. I think, we don't need a god, to see or do good. I used to believe in god, but then I recognized that there was no god. That was the time, when I turned to be fascinated by Psychology and Phylosophy. And I think, not just the childhood and the children are something special. Every person, every age has something special for me. My mother is jewish and I have often been to a synagoge - and I was touched by the athmosphere.....but not touched by the belief. I like you very much and I understand the way you are thinking about god - and ecpecially - why you think this way about this topic. What I recognize is, that you are a great person, through your belief, and maybe that's why I love you. P.S.: I love such discussions on this topic!!!


12/09/2000 08:03:50 PM

Hi Michael, I've been a fan since I was a little girl. I feel as though I lost most of my childhood as well, I lived in a dysfunctional home and my parents were abusive to each other all the time, most nights I couldnt sleep and I was always worried and nervous. I was always sad and angry and writing was my only escape. As an adult I am just beginning to find the peace of mind I didnt have as a child. I know that when i have children they will be a blessing for me, and I will allow them to enjoy their lives. Feeling safe & secure is so mportant to a child's life. Thank you for your essay, I enjoyed it.


12/09/2000 07:29:20 PM

I agree with your thoughts on your skills/talents being a release and freedom (and that sometimes they can work against you). I went through some tough times as a teenager and just recently. Listening to your and others music helped me immensely. Sabbath for me is escapism from day-to-day life, a restful and reflective period. I believe having great success and recognising your talents (not just as a 'superstar' but also 'ordinary' person)inevitably results in high highs and low lows in life. It is only though giving and respecting others, I believe you can have a balanced life. I wish you and your children all the best - your strength is an inspiration to us all.


12/09/2000 06:26:59 PM

Dear Michael I am an atheist, but it cannot stop me trying to be a good person.Since you stepped into my life I have been getting better and better with every day, and I understand much more than ever. As I am getting older this effect becoming more inportant than just beeing a lover of your art. I do see the beauty in ordinary things, and I know I am lucky to have this. Thanks for all! Vera from Hungary


12/09/2000 02:46:14 PM

Dear Michael, I just want to let you know that there are a lot of people who really understand the things you are saying, doing or singing. When I read this article I felt sad because the thing I wish you the most is to have an ordinary life. But I felt guilty too, because since the last time I have seen you (in London) I cried everyday because I miss you so much. My thoughts are always around you. I pray to God that he send his Angels to protect the most wonderful Angel of all. Michael, please take care of you because we all need you so much! Thank you for being the one you are! I love you more than you could ever know, Yours Mascha


12/09/2000 01:49:16 PM

To Michael, Sabbath is what all of us should learn to appreciate more. To be happy with the ordinary, in the end the only wealth is Life itself. 'I envy the man who passes through life safely, to the world and fame unknown. - Euripides' Michael, although I don't have the slightest notion of what being deprived of this safe life is like, Euripides must have been so right. -Eline-


12/09/2000 01:42:07 PM

Michael, I love you. However, I feel concerned at any mention of organised religion or God in this day and age. Why? Men through the ages have fought wars and performed the most despicable acts of inhumanity all in the name of "God" and their religion. They've used God and religion as a means to separate themselves from others for the longest time. They've used it as an excuse for their prejudices and their fear. I am certainly not atheist (nor proclaim to be adhering to any organised cult or religion), but can fully understand any atheist's views: God and religion are simply dirty words. For the full intended response (without beliefnet's 1024 character limit), please visit


12/09/2000 01:28:58 PM

I would say to him now, Thank you for keeping true to your heart. Thank you for opening the door, to see myself as ok. Thank you for showing us it is ok to be depressed,it is ok to sorrow. Today a child without hope sees you and cries, he loves me maybe God does too. Thank you. Today a heart believes that the day will come that love not understood, will cover me. Love, Dawn


12/09/2000 01:19:02 PM

Hi Mike, My name is Mike too. :o) I want to say that I'm glad you are out in public more, and sharing yur thoughts in different forms, like this essay. My family says I should be more social as well, and you are teaching me to not be so reclusive. Well I have to go. Yesterday Oprah Winfrey said "go to your destiny." So I'll say that to you. Go to your destiny. :o) t2yl, ~Mike


12/09/2000 01:16:40 PM

Once, a long time ago I asked someone, What would you do to save one child. Would you risk losing everything you had? Would you risk public humiliation? Would you risk being thrown into the belly of the whale, where all about you is confusion and lies? I should have asked that question a different way. Would you please show the children of the world that those who tease and hurt, and attack, and lie about you, are only judging you by what they see with their eyes. Can you show us that there is away to show yourself to be yourself, without tearing others down. Can you define the word Gentleman. Can you show that love cares not for any of the things of the world, and yet hurts at the loss of understanding. When all is said and done, and people ask you, how did you survive, can you give a simple answer from the heart, that causes us to pause, and reflect the prejudices we had against you, and find the daring, innocent heart that was always there.


12/09/2000 01:11:29 PM

To everyone out there!: HEAL THE WORLD MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE FOR YOU AND FOR ME AND THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE DO YOU CARE ENOUGH? I DO WE ALL DO HEAL THE WORLD. Michael: Please come to Sweden. I'm old enough to go to a concert now. But in one way I don't know if I want to go... It might make me feel that 'I was so close to him, but not enough..." Not enough to say the words of my heart. Oh I wish I could. But how can one reach the stars in the sky? Love you. Write if you have the time, wich you probably don't have... I can only hope... but this hope


12/09/2000 01:00:50 PM

Michael I really can't say what I feel about you 'cause words are not so pure like the thoughts in my heart. Yours reflections really make me cry of joy it's so nice thinking that a star like you is still so humble and sweet and so caring about children. I always thought that you have the wonderful values that the so called "normal people" say to have but then they don't have. You are the greatest artist but first of all you are a human being, one of the best that the world will never know. I will always love you. And keep on with your art 'cause I know that "we have seen nothing yet" Naples,Italy.


12/09/2000 12:56:01 PM

Saint Michael-Part2We buy balloons, candies and toys and proudly dressed up in your T-shirts we go form child to child hoping to bring up a smile on their face. You make good people out of us, people who actually, genuinely care. You can be more than proud that even just by being yourself you heal the world in the best way there is. You are a saint, a holly man and I really hope that one day I'll be able to say I'm just one little shred of you. Please write to me:


12/09/2000 12:54:26 PM

Saint Michael.-part1 I'm terrified of the thought that you might actually read this, still that is the reason I'm writing. Thousands of times before I've tried to write to you, but never once did I manage to get farther than Dear Michael… And here I am facing the same problem yet once again. I have so much I want to tell you, still I can't seem to find the words, to even start to describe what you mean to me. You've probably already heard all there is to say, you're already familiar with all the love confessions, and I'm no exception. I just want you to know that what you do to us, your fans, how thanks to you we actually can look at ourselves in the mirror and maybe even see something we like. I want to tell you a story that might help you to see what I'm talking about. For tow years in a row now a bunch of fans of yours from Israel gathers on your birthday and goes to a children's hospital to ease their pain in your name. contineu in part2...


12/09/2000 12:53:42 PM

Just one more thing (Though I have many to say): "Child-Of-God"; That was the best poem I've ever read in my hwole life. VERY, VERY good...!


12/09/2000 12:50:52 PM

I had no room to say: You children must be the most lucky ones, to have you and your loving as a father. How can I show how I feel? Impossible it a letter, I'm afraid. I've read whet you've written and every word touches me warmly. Thank you again, for the love you're giving, thank you for being my shining star. Let's make the world a better place, what do you say? Lots and lots of love to the one hwo gives love and hope.


12/09/2000 12:43:16 PM

Michael, I dedicate this poem to you and all of our children who are suffering and opressed. 'Preceptor' Inspire me to sleep. I can no longer dream of childhood innocence. I am haunted by me. Inspirit my candour by harmonium peace. Help me become the educator of Love. I want to interfuse childrens's feelings entirely by all profiles of affection: Heart with greed, lust with fear, sadness with passion, appetite with the urge. Transport me through your tongue and devour me beyond your lips I am weak without your strength and wisdom. Each of my tears anoints triumph; each blink fuses a couple together. Mentor, encourage me, and don’t leave me. You know it’s never easy to Love someone like me. I have it all, I want to share it, but I have nobody. How can a teacher instruct without disciples? Bring them to me, let me be your ambassador, I am the one you need, I am the Love they cry for. Preceptor I am calling out your name - become me.


12/09/2000 12:38:37 PM

Michael,I honour you for your contin-ual strive to save the love+freedom of our children suffering in this world.I worked with Heal The world in London+was inspired to establish a charity for the child-ren of my country, Iraq. Through your guidance,we have raised over one million pounds for medical aid and have saved a countless number of children’s lives. From statistics governed by the UN,1/3 Iraqi child-ren suffer from malnutrition and 1/7 will die from famine and disease.I can’t help but to cry and feel pain when I hear this and see that there is no global support for our children. I believe the Sabbath is a celebration for all children to feel loved,safe and to be free through faith and family.I am so proud that someone like you is using your influence to make a change for the children of our future. Congratulations on your outstanding efforts, God bless you. Your friend Taymoor-I bought you that Harrods sweet hamper at the Dorchester in London.Thank you for that magical evening!


12/09/2000 12:24:04 PM

Thank you Michael,for sharing a part of you.I am,one of your many most loving fans.You've changed my life.Your music touches my heart really deeply,and it's the only music that,means so heavenly much,and I thank you for that.I'm 14,and I feel like I'm too small to help make the world a better place,but I really want to.Children is the most important thing on earth,and we should make the world safe and full of love for them.I feel so week!It makes me cry,thinking of all the children that are targets for the most terrible disease existing:cancer.Small innocent souls who havn't even began their long life-trip.What has the wold become?Why is it so unfair?I thank God for bringing you to this world Michael,because you give me hope.'I have this dream'.A dream that we someday will HEAL THE WORLD.Thank you Michael.You mean everything to me,really,you do.For how much I've get to known you:I LOVE YOU,from the bottom of my heart.God bless you...


12/09/2000 12:07:57 PM

I just finished reading your reflections and I loved every word you said. You are a wonderful father and human, and I have never met a person with your ideas as a parent. I cryied after reading your reflections because my father was never like you. I love you Michael Jackson with you I am not alone.


12/09/2000 10:58:25 AM

Michael, did u e-mail me? I got an e-mail, and now I am wondering -thanx!! *S*I replyed Thank you Michael for sharing your thoughts with us fans. But I must say, sometimes you make me feel sad about being your fan, since we have coused you so much trubble here in life. We do it from love - cause you give us love - the love we never got from our parets. That's the main reason why I need you in my life. I feel safe and protected. I see myself in you. I understand what you are trying to say, and I pray that one day I will aslo become blessed with children with my future husband. Children are indeed the true gift from god. sometimes I wish there was a licens for those who wants to have children, cause like my own parents they didn't desirve that gift from God. Please have faith Michael, we do. Keep your spirit alive and take care of your Blessings. We would love to see you in Sweden soon. As u maybe now our Queen is deep into the charity for Children. I love you


12/09/2000 10:18:22 AM

Hello, I was raised a Jehovah's Witness my whole life as was all my brother's and sister's, aunts, uncle's, nieces and nephews. I need to say that if Michael had been a true JW and was baptised, he would have been DISFELLOWSHIPPED, or an announcement would have been made from the platform that he was undesirable so fast for being part of the world.Michael is doing wonderful things for humanity, However if he was a true JW he would not be able to do the things he does. How many JW'S do you see volunteering for society. They only help their own. GO TO FREEMINDS.ORG for the defastating effects this organization has on it's members.


12/09/2000 09:59:42 AM

Hi,I'm 20 and love Michael since the first time I've seen him(I was 3!).Mike if you read this, I would like to say to you something: You've touched me and I cried because I know you're so sensitive.When you tell something from the deepest of your heart,I'm touched and offen,I cry.You're so sincere, you don't lie. I would like to thank you for the real feelings you give us every day towards your music,your songs,your voice... It's not always easy to speak about ones feelings but you did it on and I hope some people will finally understand that you're not as the tabloids discribe you. I'm very happy that you are a father because I always knew that you'll become a great and loving one. I love you so much. Christelle(France)


12/09/2000 06:05:34 AM

I am 29 and Michael Jackson has been my idol since I was an 11 year old child. Once again through reading his artical he has lifted my spirits and made me feel true gratitude for the things we always take for granted. Since I was a young child I have always felt that I could do anything if I put my mind to it because of Michael Jackson, and because of him I always try my best to be kind and truthful. Michael Jackson is the true inspration of my life, and I always speak up for him when the press lie and print bad quality photos, because he is more the a genius. His children, Prince and Paris are lucky to have him as a Father, and we are all lucky to be living at the same time as such a great man . I truly Love him.


12/09/2000 01:34:00 AM

I waa raised as, and still am, an aethiest. I am also a cynic, and find that the hardest thing for me to do is to have faith in any system of belief, or indeed in any person. However, I allow myself this one thing: I have faith in the goodness of Michael Jackson. This is not, however a blind faith, for every word he 's said, every act he's done, evey aspect of the life he leads... has spoken to me of renewal, innocence, and commitment to a higher ideal. I respect this man, and though for me the term Sabbath is essentially meaningless, I can still respect and empathise with his need for a sense of normalcy, and of belonging. I love you, Michael, and I wish you and your children all the happiness the world has to offer.


12/09/2000 01:26:21 AM

Thank you, Michael. You have always been devoted to children and showed enourmous faith in humanity. Yet what you continue to do in your tireless efforts to remind everyone of the sacredness of Life and innocence in Children seems to amaze the world each time. The Time with Kids initiative is truly wonderful. Michael is more than a good-hearted man, and eloquent speaker. He is a genius and an ambassador of Love, Compassion, and Truth. We are listening and we know he is right. So let's spread the word and get started. We need the children maybe even more than they do us to heal the state of the world. Let's pay them due respect, love, and attention for the sake of Humanity.


12/09/2000 01:19:31 AM

To SPRKEL5050: SPRKEL, you mentioned that you're "studying" to become a JW. Please please don't go there. What you are doing is not studying, at least not the bible. What you're doing is getting yourself into a massive program of subtle brainwashing and mind control. 2 years ago, I started going to the Kingdom Hall and "studying" with JWs at the invitation of a friend of mine. It took me only a couple of weeks to realize something was seriously wrong with the things they are teaching. I started researching the movement from its beginnings. What I found is a program of lies and deception masquerading as "the truth." The interesting thing is the biggest source of impeachment of the WTS's teachings is its own books. Before you become a baptized member and become subject to all those rules , I urge you to do a little homework. Don't be afraid. If you don't know where to start, say so; I'll help you. Thanks.


12/08/2000 11:15:21 PM

I too have been ivolved with ethe Jehovahs witnesses What Michael says about that sense of community is true. What he also says about children and how they are our paradise sounds pretty good too.


12/08/2000 10:58:04 PM

It is always a pleasure hearing anything from Michael Jackson. And I agree with every word. I have a grown son and the time I spend with him is still the Sabbath and the place we spend it in is still called "Paradise." And now that my son is no longer a "little people person," I make sure to continue to be constantly exposed to little children to keep in touch with life's treasures. God supplies us with bountiful treasures, including His children. :o)) Thank you for the opportunity to give my thoughts and thanks to Michael Jackson for taking the time to expose us to his thoughts. Kindest Regards, Kathleen Garone


12/08/2000 10:12:01 PM

Hey Michael, If you're reading these posts you should feel very blessed. Some people have not survived scars given them by the media, but not only have you survived, you've risen above. I just wanted to say I admire you even more from the respect and love shown by the beliefnet members. Lots of love, A fan


12/08/2000 08:59:55 PM

When Micheal was doing his JW pioneering, he was required to perform 100 hours of door-to-dorr ministry each month. This was easy to do in only four 25 hour sundays. As a faithful Jehovah's Witness, Michael would refuse to allow his children blood trasfusions if they needed one. He would let his children die by denying them medical treatment. His article is a feast of self serving bilge.


12/08/2000 08:36:24 PM

Michael,I honour you for your contin-ual strive to save the love and free-dom of our children suffering in this world.I worked with Heal The world in London and was inspired to establish a charity for the child-ren of my country, Iraq. Through your guidance,we have raised over one million pounds for medical aid and have saved a countless number of children’s lives. From statistics governed by the UN,1/3 Iraqi child-ren suffer from malnutrition and 1/7 will die from poor medical aid and disease.I can’t help but to cry and feel pain when I hear this and see that there is no global support for our children.I believe the Sabbath is a celebration for all children to feel loved,safe and to be free through faith and family.I am so proud that someone like you is using your influence to make a change for the children of our future. Congratulations on your outstanding efforts, God bless you. Your friend Taymoor-I bought you that Harrods sweet hamper at the Dorchester in London.Thank you for that magical evening!


12/08/2000 06:30:10 PM

I wrote you hundreds of letters but now I'm speechless, this article is truly wonderful. I was raised in a atheist family, and my parents have always told me since I was a child that there is no God. The Sabbath of my childhood had no religious meaning, but it was wonderful anyway. It is still today a day when my family come together. But it has always been very difficult to be the only christian believing person in the house. I am very happy to hear about your strong belief in God, always remember to encourage your children in their belief. Love you always -Annelie "At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" He called a child, whom he put among them, and said, "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me"" Matthew 18:1-5


12/08/2000 06:12:16 PM

This is such a cool article!! This just shows how wonderful you are! I love you. You are the best person on this planet.We learn from you every day Michael! you are truly a gift!!!!! What I think of Michael Jackson's reflections on Sabbath? I am very happy that he wrote the article. I hope that people will see him through a positive daylight after reading this article. And I hope that this new initiative will touch the hearts of many others so they will learn to love children as much as Michael loves them. And I am happy that since Dangerous Heal the World is still active.


12/08/2000 06:11:30 PM

Michael, I was really encouraged by your view on 'The Sabbath'and its meaning of "freedom" to you. It is evident that the life of a child star has its' positive and negative tones. But, you are a survivor and that is a success story in itself. Like you, I find a special connection with children because they are honest and their love is unconditional. I don't have children of my own, but, I concern myself with the children of friends. I never fail to treat them as little people and, find that once you make friends with them they are friends for life. You and I have the same religious upbringing of which I am still a member. I am so grateful that you have not forgotten your religious roots as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and,just as much as you miss the friends, I know they miss you more. The song 'Dear Michael' began my affection for you and today, I just can't stop loving you. You are a remarkable human being---one definitely to be followed. With All Of My Love,Edith Brown(


12/08/2000 06:01:11 PM

It´s amazing that you always appreciate the small things in life,Michael.You had to go through so much pain and suffer,but you never gave up.You are a true inspiration for so many people all around the world.And by sharing your thoughts with us,you give us new hope and you open our eyes for the beauty of life again.Thankyou for everything you´ve given to the world.You are in my heart forever!


12/08/2000 05:33:27 PM

Michael, through god's gift to you, you have blessed us all in so many ways. Reading this is just another dimension of light. amani moja (one love)


12/08/2000 04:42:29 PM

Thank you so much Michael, for sharing your wonderful thoughts and expressions with us all. This was a beautiful essay, and I enjoyed reading every word of it. It's good to know that there is a loving, caring, and most of all REAL person behind "Michael Jackson, The Superstar". Honestly, I never doubted that there was, but reading this essay that you wrote, proved my theory to be true. I want to thank you for all the wonderful years you have given of yourself to the world, and especially, to the children. You are the greatest, and I wish you the best in everything you do. I love you.


12/08/2000 04:42:14 PM

The most amazing aspect thing, is that with all of his life experiences, he has not been corrupted. A lot of people the world over, can't think from a pure stance. Dark thoughts are the first thoughts the pop into their heads. Eventhough, we have a lot of negative energy in the world, Michael has not permited it to enter his heart, and it seem his first thoughts are of goodness and purity. That is amazing. This sometimes makes him seem strange to the masses, and that is sad. When a person who believes in outright goodness and purity is perceived as odd. I am often depressed by our worldy situation, but when I can listen to his music, or even just think about the way that he honestly believes I get a renewed vigor for life. Thank you Michael for being the person that you are. YOUR PURE SPIRITUAL BEING is well appreciated, by me and I am sure by lots and lots of others. I know that the world can't corrupt you because you are a protected soul. I love you, thanks for being you.


12/08/2000 01:47:17 PM

Thank you for sharing yourself, Michael; and BeliefNet for providing a forum. Childhood is within our hearts and Michael, more than any figure I've ever studied, knows this. Only touching our own innocence can we remove ourselves from this realm, the illusion of grief, pain and hunger. To see a vision of the world returning to its innocence is the mark of a great thinker and of a man who, perhaps, never left Eden. Traditionally, we've been taught one is either religiously aligned or superficially focused. Yet Michael is very balanced and the public has, until now, been in denial about this. We can be in both places at once: the spiritual, soul-feeding area of God, as well as the physical world of things and desires. If you've ever become a parent and you recall that first smile took your breath away.... I think Michael lives with that sensation; I don't think he feels it for only brief moments. I hope he will succeed in helping many more people into this realm of purity and love.


12/08/2000 01:04:35 PM

Oh and also, I want my money back, Mike. Never really read that mag you sold me.


12/08/2000 12:57:07 PM

Once again, Michael Jackson has not failed to amaze me. Such words of sheer wisdom and purity coming from a man whose talent and extraordinary compassion have changed the world. I dount I can say something that hasn't yet been said by my fellow fans, but by reading Michael and Shmuely's essays, I feel somewhat upset with my own parents for making their fair share of mistakes with me, wishing my parents could have obtained some of Michael's perantal qualities. It saddnes me everytime I read/hear Michael speaking about his childhood, but I find my comfort in believing he is, after all, at peace with himself. I'd like use this opportunity to thank Kathrine, for being her loving, giving self. I just feel an extremely deep sense of gratitude towards her and my heart fills with awe when I think of her. I was most touched by Michael's fatherhood ideas and how his two little precious children fill his life with joy. He is such a devoted loving father and always has time and heart to help others.


12/08/2000 10:13:15 AM



12/08/2000 09:15:45 AM

i thought his essay was beautiful,and it only prove to me of what i always thought about mr. jackson,and that he is a very spiritual,caring and loving human being,the media got him outcast,like he's some alien from another planet,which is so disrespecful to michael jackson,to his family,his friends and his fans,as well.there aren't to many people like him.(his parents did a beautiful job of raising him and his siblings,cause they are very nice and respectable people today). we as grown adults need to be a good example to these precious children,what you instill in a child,mostly likely that's how that child is going to grow. if you instill in your child that it's alright to lie,steal,disrespect people or to hate people of different races,what do you think your child will grow up to be? parents didn't and still isn't taking time out with there child to show how to love,to respect other people,to help those who need help,so i salute you, mr. michael jackson on your wonderful insight......


12/08/2000 09:15:07 AM

Dear Michael, This is a poem I wrote about you several weeks ago. In the article you're telling us that children are a gift from God. I truly belief that! But to me you're THE gift that God has sended us. A gift from God A gift from God, that is what you are! You're send to us to make us smile, to make us happy, to make us sing and dance You're send to us to make us feel God's love, to give us hope His light shines through you down on us, giving us His warmth and love Yes, you're truly a gift from God! Thank you God, for giving us this precious gift! Words cannot explain what you mean to me, but know that you have made me the person I am today! You have been my inspiration since I've been 6 years old. You've learned me what's really important in life and that love is the most powerful thing on this earth! If we all learn to love and care for each other, this world would be a better place. Thank You for being my guidence, Love you with all my heart! Chantal


12/08/2000 08:13:05 AM

My love…Michael God knows I'm so proud to say that. I've spent my entire life, though not very long, loving you. Though I thought it just impossible to love you more than I already did, you proved me wrong. What you've given me I could never reciprocate, I could never even find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. I just know, and learn each day but stronger; I'm not worthy. I bow and kneel in front of you, for you are the very essence of pure. Thought I know I will never be not even a single throb I the endless beating of your sainthood, you can't blame me for trying, to draw even the slightest part of your sacred heart. I hear my heart beating, I feel the blood running through my veins, I sense my own breath- that is me loving you My whole life's happiness is wrapped up in you, every single moment.


12/08/2000 07:34:06 AM

I always believed in what Michael does whether it was good/bad or true/false, in the end no one knows the truth about anything except himself, and i believe that he knows what he's doing; neither to think about the things that used to be said about him, everyday i discover something new about him, which trills me. I believe that his reflections on the sabbath or life in general is somehow in place, although i don't know much about religions or i'm not god in himself; but his views about children are in place. In general whatever MJ thinks off & do is something of magical truth, i believe in what he thinks of things, more than in what he belives in cause in the end every person has his own perceptions about things & every one has his own ways of understanding things, as a conclusion i just hope that MJ will always be there to support us as much as we support him, i don't lie if i said that he lightened me up in many things in life. thank you very much.....heal the world Elie A.


12/08/2000 06:42:55 AM

part2- I truly believe in my heart Michael is a messiah, sent by god to heal the world, that it why he's really not human. He's so much beyond and above that, he's the soul and spirit of God. Michael is innocent to the point of pain, he's pure to the point of hurt and that is what people take advantage of, and because of that people find Michael weak. But that's where they're wrong, cause by his endurance he's just proving his strength.


12/08/2000 06:42:05 AM

part1-In the bible it is said that human beings were made in God's figure, a man is the closest of all creations to a divine being. What actually parts us from god's other creations is the fact that we were given the wisdom to make our own decisions, just like God. At least these were god's intentions, but in time it seems that do not only we lose our divine being, but also our humanity. A lot of times I find myself braking down at the sight of all that goes around me. I really don't see what have we done to get to were we are right now, why people do what they do, Is really beyond me. Michael is the living proof of what was said in the bible more than 5000 years ago, Michael is god's pattern on earth. Most people seem to have lost the beauty the have been giving with by god in the first place, but Michael has only flourished bigger.


12/08/2000 05:49:12 AM

Thank you Michael for sharing your thoughts with us fans. But I must say, sometimes you make me feel sad about being your fan, since we have coused you so much trubble here in life. We do it from love - cause you give us love - the love we never got from our parets. That's the main reason why I need you in my life. I feel safe and protected. I see myself in you. I understand what you are trying to say, and I pray that one day I will aslo become blessed with children with my future husband. Children are indeed the true gift from god. sometimes I wish there was a licens for those who wants to have children, cause like my own parents they didn't desirve that gift from God. Please have faith Michael, we do. Keep your spirit alive and take care of your Blessings. We would love to see you in Sweden soon. As u maybe now our Queen is deep into the charity for Sick Children. I love you.. Your fan/Jeannette


12/08/2000 01:55:01 AM

Hi Michael. My name is Angela and I have been a fan of yours for nearly 9 years. Your talent and music are so amazing that it is difficult to describe. God has given you a special gift. I would like to thank you for writing this special article and for sharing your views on the Sabbath. I feel that I know you a little better now. You are just a normal person who is a loving father. I loved the part of your article where you said that you believe that there is a God when you see your children smile. For the 20 years that I have been on this earth, I have always believed in God, but I will admit that there have been a couple of times when I have questioned certain things that God does because of a situation that has happened to a close family member of mine. But I know that He is watching over us all the time, and I hope He continues to bless you and your children. Once again, thanks for sharing this incredible essay with your fans. I will always love you.


12/08/2000 01:13:12 AM

This is such a touching article. But I'm not surprised. Michael is a deeply spiritual man. He is a great role model for people today, and I admire him greatly. Michael is such a gifted writer and I felt everything that he wrote. If only everyone would make as great an effort to be as wonderful a parent as Michael does, the world would be a better place. Thank you Michael for this article, and thank you beliefnet for giving him the opportunity to share his genius with us. Michael I love you.


12/08/2000 12:48:34 AM

This article made my day. Not only was it wonderful to read a slice of Michael's life and heart, but in some spots I almost felt that he had read my thoughts and written them down. I can't say that I've had any brushes with fame. I've never been in the spotlight as Michael has. But I do know how it feels, as a child, wanting only to be treated as "ordinary" even if it was for just one day out of the week. My perception of faith, and my beliefs, was also redefined -- not in having children (I don't have any but hope to at some point in my life) but just through the process of growing older, moving, etc. I've had days when I've questioned my beliefs, and not known if my religion was the right one for me. I think everyone has, and his article helps reaffirm that. It was nice to read a story and realize that somebody understood. Thank you, Michael.


12/08/2000 12:36:04 AM

Oh, how beautiful. I was especially touched by the comments about God's gift of children. I have only recently found myself wanting to have and raise children. This article secured that desire even more greatly. Indeed, Jesus said to enter the kingdom as little children. I had a terrible childhood and cruel mother, I have to reclaim my childhood because of that. Thank you for helping Michael.


12/07/2000 11:46:33 PM

That Michael's personal reflections of the Sabbath brings tears to people's eyes is some sort of suprise to me. It is almost like these people don't know Michael Jackson. This is a gentleman who devoted his precious time, energy, and wealth to fighting poverty all over the world. This is a gentleman whose success over the years haven't gone to his head. Of course, we are talking about a gentleman who despite hard times and cruelty from the media, has kept his humble, low-profile and gracious lifestyle for the world to see. Michael, thank you for the years of happiness, inspiration, and motivation that you have showered to millions of your fans and to the world in general. You have shown the world that no matter how big and influential one can be in life, it is imperative that one cares for the less previledged, poor, and sick. It is a lesson we brothers and sisters in God's name - be us Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religious beliefs - must adhere to if we are to please God.


12/07/2000 11:05:31 PM

I must say first that I have great admiration for this man. I have done research on Jackson and let me just say that most everything negative that you have or will read about him is indeed false. His endurance never ceases to amaze me and his obvious compassion for children basically answers all the naysayers. I wish Jackson continued success in all that he does.


12/07/2000 09:21:48 PM shall I put this. I hope that the reports about Mr. Jackson's alleged criminal behavior are untrue. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt. But if it ever turned out to be true then this could really blow up in the Rabbi's face. If there was a problem I hope it was dealt with through competent counselling and repentence. Let us hope that it was just a case of overblown hysteria.


12/07/2000 08:46:25 PM

I enjoyed Michael's personal reflections of the Sabbath, and how it enabled him to indulge a desire for 'normality' by integrating with the wider community. He wrote that the Jewish Sabbath makes the "ordinary extraordinary and the natural miraculous". He sums it up very well with this, as there are many different paths to God and I think that Michael achieved this same task through following his religion and doing pioneering work. Religions need to be supported as society is moving progressively more towards a secular lifestyle. Somebody as influential as Michael Jackson sharing his views on Sunday worship will hopefully help us get back to that ideal. I look forward to him promoting the "Time for Kids" campaign. Children are not society's number one priority, yet they are our clearest vision of God. I pray that Michael will be able to convey this message to the millions who respect and admire him and I welcome his willingness to share those parts of himself that really matter.


12/07/2000 08:11:28 PM

What Michael writes about the sabbath could not be more true.We as people living in the company of one another must find a way to bring our faith in life, faith in ourselves, and faith in each other together to the core of existance.We all have the propensity to love,but we must all be born already loved.The soul of a child's wonder and imagination is love,when a child feels that he/she is not loved than he loses what is dear to him, he loses all that makes him a child.Too many of us lose that sense of innocense and realm of love that as children we feel so comfortable in, and in turn we become full of eartly prejudices and we live as timid,'feared or be feared' individuals.With age we should only gain ,we should never lose..never ever lose anthing.What we kept and gathered in our hearts as children should always remain in what we think,what we speak, and what we do.If we all be true to ourselves, we will be true to god, and we will find ourselves in the paradise that Michael speaks so wisely of.


12/07/2000 07:51:33 PM

Michael you never stop impressing me. You've sacrificed an ordinary life so that the rest of us can be amazed and learn from you. No other public figure shows the dedication, durability, or passion for their trait and what the beleive in. Thank you so much for being who you are. The things you've accomplished in life will be remembered long after you're gone. Hopefully we'll all be inspired by you, Greg Davis


12/07/2000 07:23:23 PM

Dear Michael, I thank you for sharing a part of you with us in this article. I was touched by all the beautifull things you revealed about yourself. Just hearing what a wonderful father you are makes my heart leap with joy. I am sure you give you darling children Prince and Paris all the love they need. They are doubtlessly blessed to have an amazing father like you. I think it is wonderful that you hold Sabbath important and refuse to treat it as another ordinary day. People should, at least one day in the week, forget about their routine worries and appreciate those matters that are truly important. I hope you will have all you dreamde of and be as happy as can be, for someone as wonderfull as you deserves all this and more. I love you very much and once again thank you for making my day happy with your staggering words. I miss you very much and I would love to see you as soon as possible. May God bless you and may his angels take care of you every minute of the day! With love, Krisztina (14)


12/07/2000 06:59:12 PM

Michael, thank you so much for your wonderful and enlightening words. I am one of your most dedicated fans and support you in everything you do. Once again, you have touched my heart with your brilliance. You are an absolutely amazing and brilliant person. Your children are so lucky to have you as their father. Myself, and all your other fans around the world love you so much and will always defend you against the tabloids. But they are nothing. But you are one of god's greatest creations. I can't wait for your new album, you will rock the world again! :) I love you Michael.


12/07/2000 04:57:18 PM

Thank you Mr Jackson for enlightening my day. I am a Big fan of yours and i try my best to find out things about you with out invading your privacy. This article you wrote has really opened the door allowing me to explore your world a bit more. I believe it is good to spend time with your family. I have alot of family but i dont feel i get the attention needed. You are a great father and i know your children will grow up nurtured. May God bless your heart.


12/07/2000 04:08:27 PM

Thank you Michael for sharing your thoughts with us fans. But I must say, sometimes you make me feel bad about being your fan, since we have coused you so much trubble here in life. We do it from love cause you give us love - the love we never got from our parets. That's the main reason why I need you in my life. I feel safe and protected. I see myself in you. I understand what you are trying to say, and I pray that one day I will aslo become blessed with children with my future husband. Children are indeed the true gift from god. sometimes I wish there was a licens for those who wants to have children, cause like my own parents they didn't desirve that gift from God. Please have faith Michael, we do. Keep your spirit alive and take care of your Blessings. We would love to see you in Sweden soon. As u maybe now our Queen is deep into the charity for Sick Children. I love you.. Your fan/Jeannette


12/07/2000 04:00:51 PM

I think Michael's work with children is absolutely wonderful. He reminds me of the story in the bible when Jesus is sitting on the hill, and Jesus says, "Let the Children come to me, forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God." He has the heart and soul of a child and he fits the perfect example on how to be a humble christian in this harsh world. I will always look up to him.


12/07/2000 03:44:35 PM

Yes, I'm a Michael Jackson fan, but I am more than that... I'm a christian. I believe VERY strongly in God, and I cannot understand how anybody would ever suggest that Michael Jackson-fans cannot believe in God. I think that Michael Jackson's essay was very touching. I think that Michael Jackson is a genius. If Michael Jackson should happen to read this: Thank You... From the bottum of my heart... Not only have you given me strength and inspiration as you have given to so many of the fans, but you led me to God. Because of you I saw God when my best friend's baby-girl was born right before my eyes. I saw God, and it turned me around. God Bless You... Back to "everybody"... I think that more people should realise that sabbath should be more than just a day where you lean back, but a day - as Michael Jackson wrote - where you work on what God has given you. Thank You all for reading, and God Bless You. Malene Juhl aka Minnie ala Child.Of.God


12/07/2000 03:22:50 PM

Dear Michael, from the bottom of my heart _ Thank You_. It has always amazed me. your awareness, your genius. your ground breaking feet, heart braking words, and the edge of your sword that fought plenty. God bless you and your two precious kids. and you may live long, doing your best, rising above them all. you are a king. of what? of your own soul. I pray for you, so, God of Ramadan, Sabath, and Christmas hear me. ~Just a man.


12/07/2000 03:18:11 PM

I haven't read such a beautiful and touching article for a long time. I appreciate Michael Jackson very much! He's probably the most intelligent, talented and loving man that I ''know''. If I only could meet this special man someday... I love you Michael


12/07/2000 02:35:13 PM

Dear Michael, when I read your story, I was so touched that I was at the verge of tears. I am so thankful that you once more share your deep feelings with us. We really appreciate this and we can't thank you enough for this. You make us believe that there is a world we can help to heal. The best thing I read in this article is that you have also sometimes questioned the existence of Him. In my sorrow, I sometimes have my doubts and am not sure any more if He exists. And you always seemed to be sure that he does, so I sometimes felt that I am just too weak and that I am a bad person. But you showed me in this article that this can happen to everyone, even to you. I can't describe how much this means to me and I hope that you read this. Thank you for everything and especially for devoting your childhood to your admirers. I love you! Sonja (18, Germany)


12/07/2000 01:44:25 PM

As I read Michael's essay on the Sabbath, I was truly touched. What stood out the most to me was his words on his children. I actually started to weep because I can relate to everything he said. My daughter is my greatest joy, and it was refreshing to read the words of a devoted father who feels the same way about his children. Michael always reassures me that he is a wonderful person and I am so proud to be a leader of his fan club, the King of Pop Fanatics-New Orleans. I look forward to more wonderful things from this man. Thank you to Michael and beliefnet for sharing this essay. You made my day wonderful! Darketa Morris AKA iluvmj


12/07/2000 01:14:26 PM

I cannot imagine living in front of the public the whole life. The more I know Michael Jackson, the more I appreciate him. Michael gives us the best what he can, gives us amazing music, gives us hope for a better future, gives us love and deserve our love and respect in return. He is a great inspiration and thanks to him I realized one important thing - we are not only a part of this world but this world is also part of us. No matter if you like this man or not. I can't and don't want to make you love him, but just for a while try to forget about all the rumours and lies that have been written or said about him, try to see everything what he has done and is doing for the world and children. Those of you, who don't see it, are blind. Thank you a lot Michael for writing this beautiful article and sharing your opinions, feelings, part of your life with us! I wish more people could be like you. Have a beautiful Christmas with your family. Love, Katherine (18), Czech Republic


12/07/2000 12:59:32 PM

Michael, it's great to see you more out in the open these days... these few and meaningless days under the sun. You are God's gift to this world's children... and to the children in all of us. Thanks for sharing your joyous inspiration. Your talents have been profound and honorable, the likes, which haven't been fully appreciated. Nameste... from a place where I honor thee, where we are all one. Juan J. Hernaez


12/07/2000 12:39:36 PM

Michael I have been a fan of yours for over 25 years, almost my whole life. Ive always known you had a beautiful and insightful heart. Now the world can know too. I know it was hard for you but Iam so thankful you have shared with the world what your fans and those close to you already know. That you are a gift, and in your gifts are things for all of us to learn. You have sacrificed so much in your life to be who you are, and I would not change one thing about you. God loves you and through you he speaks volumes!! Thank you and bless you and your little angels. You deserve the best that the spirit has to offer. luv always MLadyMelodie


12/07/2000 12:17:18 PM

Dear Mikey J, Your words rang through my heart and pierced through my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing yourself with the world. From what you've said in the past, I understand you have trouble with being open about yourself. That is why I am so thankful that you have given us these words. I especially enjoyed what you said about your children. It filled my heart with hope and my eyes with tears. I hope the whole world reads this and see's what a beautiful person you are. I wish every child could have a father like little Prince and Paris do. They are truly blessed. Although you want to be "ordinary", understand that your heart and your spirit are extrodinarily beautiful and special. You have a heart big enough to hold the whole world inside. Thank you for being yourself when the whole world was wearing a mask.God bless you and your family kiki


12/07/2000 10:52:59 AM

Thanx Michael for sharing your thought and views on the Sabbath. It's great to hear from you, and this is a great way to connect with us. Looking forward to reading more testimonials. Wish you all the best with your future projects, and Good luck and God Bless. Thanx Rabbi Boteach and for making this possible. ~ We dont care what they say Michael, They dont know you like we do ~ 1 Love forever ~ Together we will heal the world ~


12/07/2000 10:06:55 AM

I can relate. I remember, as a child, there was always something special about the sabbath. My parents made it a holy day for us (even when we weren't quite as willing - I mean, come on, no tv until 6pm. Oh the trauma! But now I'm grateful for the ability I have to just be, in silence). I think of Sabbath now as a day of "rest," from the everyday perspective. That's the day I may end up cleaning house, but I find myself doing it in the spirit of holiness - as act mindful of God. I let myself renew on that day, whatever form that takes - whether it's renewal of faith or body. I let God guide the day. Thanks for this unexpected and lovely article, which reminds me of that day's sweet importance.


12/07/2000 09:21:17 AM

Rebellious minds rock the world from time to time To my surprise, I found I´m not simply out of mind. -Here´s someone else who done like I, shocking petty contemporaries´ minds. I celebrate a brothership between Beethoven and I. Daring prophets´words have always upset the world ever from the start of time. To my dismay I found I´m not just psycho, out of mind. Others have dared to gaze beyond, and duly paid; some with loneliness, some with their life. I celebrate a historical link between Jona, Joseph and I. Caring souls´honest professions have always estranged those for whom, as comfort, they were made. To my amusement, I find I´m not just silly, out of mind, others, too, have felt such love and dedicated their life and consequently were betitled wacko and their love ridiculized. I declare a spiritual bond between Michael-angelo and I.


12/07/2000 09:18:39 AM

Dear Michael, thank you for being who you are. you are one of the few persons in this world I truly admire. when I´m sometimes ashamed to belong to this strange human race, who kill their brothers and let their children starve (i.e. whenever I hear the news... ), listening to your music can suddenly make me feel proud to be a human being again, and see the chances and the beauty. Thank you. God bless you and your family! Cornelia Lichtner


12/07/2000 07:47:47 AM

Michael has always been an extraordinary human being in my eyes. This article is just another insight into the beauty of Michael. He is a gift to the world and he recognizes and appreciates the gifts that have been given to him. His children are his chance to relive his missed childhood and I think Michael realizes this and will take full advantage of this opportunity. His children will benefit in that they have a very loving and attentive father. I had the pleasure of seeing Michael interact with his children first hand and believe me, it's something that I'll remember all of my life; the twinkle in his eyes and the smiles on Prince and Paris' faces! Hopefully, many people will read this article and have a new perspective on Michael Jackson. He is truly a wonderful human being and I feel grateful to have experienced his talent and his kindness. Gayle A. Escobar


12/07/2000 05:52:14 AM

I just finished reading his story and i'm in tears, I mean, this is so much moving! I especially loved the final part in which he says that every minute he spends with his children he is in Paradise. I love this concept because not all the parents feel this way about their children, they don't show their love to children sometimes, and I saw him one day, one year ago, he was a lovely father and now that I read what he writes I understand he is even a better father than what I could think. I'll never forget the look full of love he gave to Prince that day that I saw them. Thanks Michael for being such a great human being and then such a great artist.. I'll always admire you for who you are...


12/07/2000 01:47:30 AM

It was a wonderful insight to a man that wanted to be normal. The pain is still there in the words. Thank God, he had a Sabbath to be a normal child on. It will make him a better parent to understand what children need in order to be children that are happy. He is working to save the children on this planet, one child at a time. Thank you Michael!


12/07/2000 12:29:55 AM

What a beautiful article! I've always loved his music and I'm glad he's sharing more of his wonderful talent and insight!


12/06/2000 11:26:27 PM

This is a great article. There's always more to people then meets the eye.


12/06/2000 11:18:57 PM

I think it tells a lot about his great personality. Up until 1991 he would go around and sell a magazine. This needs no comments. I feel so sorry for how badly people threat him. Unfortunately, only a few people understand him. But the most sad thing is that only a few people actually TRY to understand him. Why is that? Why people can't be more open minded? Why? I Love You Michael, I'll always support you...ALWAYS! May God bless you and your family. Andrew '82 (Rome-italy)


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