Interview with Peter Jennings

The anchor discusses Jesus, religion--and his own faith

The story--or, The Story--is simply "irresistible," says Peter Jennings. The search for the historical Jesus has all the elements of a great tale: mystery, drama, history, politics, and a charismatic personality. "This is a good story," and, he says, "my God, it is


Selected Audio from the Jennings Interview

Jennings' thoughts on:
  • Why looking at the historical Jesus might be controversial
  • How someone of faith should process his show
  • How he practices his faith
  • How his own faith has been renewed
  • How religion is viewed in the newsroom
  • How he deals with doubt
  • If he prays

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  • So three years ago Jennings and producers Tom Yellin and Jeanmarie Condon set out to make a journalistic documentary about Jesus. They spent many hours talking to scholars and walking the historic sites of Israel. The result is a captivating two-hour show--airing June 26 at 9 p.m. EST--that traces the debates about who Jesus was and whether the Bible is historically accurate.


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