How to Know Jesus?

Jesus has no parallel in human history. So, why do we continue to care about him? Is it because he's here right now?


07/02/2009 02:21:38 PM

The CHRIST I know urges me to strive to please GOD our father even though I know that there will be times that i will disappoint them both. HE urges me to continue to try for it is not perfection that matters it is obedience and submission to the will of GOD, which can be very difficult, Just as it was difficult for CHRIST at many times, That is why he was born of Mary a mortal, humanbeing. So that we may see our struggles in HIS struggles. That is how I persieve HIM.


03/07/2007 01:31:36 AM

Jesus Christ IS God and IS the one perfect person that ever existed. That is why he died on the cross, because He was the only one who could save us from our own sins. And yes, He did die for our sins - I know that for a fact. I know that He is the risen Savior because I have a relationship with Him and talk with him daily in prayer and in my daily walk. He guides me and teaches me through His Word which is the Bible and through my conscience, which is the Holy Spirit. Through His teaching and truth, I am not blown about by every new doctrine or spiritual fad because I know that I have my foundation laid in truth and justice. I am bold and I must stand up for my Lord because He has saved me from myself.


11/07/2006 05:02:08 AM

HOW 222 KNOW Jesus, isssssss 222 bbb JESUS. THANK-U-.


07/11/2006 07:36:49 PM

Jesus is our role model because he fell and awoke to his wrongdoing and found his true self, and told us how to truly be. Yes, Jesus did all these things. Making Jesus perfect makes it seem that we do not have a chance. This is not true. Jesus did not die for our sins. We are on our own. We have to prove that we deserve to be in God’s presence. When we fall we better pick ourselves up; Jesus showed us how to do this.


07/11/2006 07:36:13 PM

Jesus was not perfect, we need to stop making up for Jesus. If you all knew what Jesus was really like, most of you would be shocked and most would probably faint in disbelieve. I think it is time that we know Jesus for who he really is. Jesus would be nothing without God; just like all of us. Jesus makes mistakes like all of us. Yes, Jesus is the son of God, but so all are of us (or daughter of god). Jesus was a huge sinner. He slept without hundreds of women, he was rude, he was mean, and he killed. And he repented.


07/11/2006 07:35:43 PM

Jesus and God are two separate people. We get to God by touching God, not by going through Jesus. The part of the bible that says, we can only touch God through Jesus, is a later addition to the bible. How is it that in the Old Testament the prophets spoke directly to God (or were they speaking to Jesus, as some LDS believe)? This idea is ridiculous because why would we need to go through someone to get to God. God is in all of us, is he not? That makes no sense at all. If God is inside us, why do we have to go through another person to get to God? We don’t God is a part of us.


06/15/2006 09:58:07 AM

Barblee - I heard Stephen Cobert make the very same point about Jesus - as the President knows, Judiasm is just one of a thousand paths that lead to accepting him as your very own personal (along with everybody else) savior.


06/15/2006 09:55:10 AM

BARBLEE!!! Yeah!


06/15/2006 09:54:07 AM

Me, myself and I, eh? Not exactly convincing. Try: "The Lord is G-d, the Lord is One." Three guesses where that comes from.


06/13/2006 03:37:46 PM

it's the same way (though not exactly the same) a woman can be a sister, a mother, and a daughter. three aspects, one person. get it? :)


06/13/2006 01:39:02 PM

How can three ever equal one? Either the rules of math are being tossed or the other two are just finger puppets.


06/12/2006 08:34:18 PM

Well first of all I am Christain and Jesus freak. Jesus to me a trinian christian is second part of the Holy Trinty. We seem to over look the Holy Ghost to much. God : Father, Son, Holy Ghost one in three. Jesus is Lord and he is God in the flesh.


06/12/2006 06:45:11 PM

This is the most meandering and annoying essay I have read in a long time.


06/12/2006 06:37:00 PM

'Goshdangit; you can only get to God through Jesus' Tell that to the millions of people in the world who have no problem knowing God without Jesus. Do not be so arrogant to think that what you merely feel to be true must be so for everyone.


06/15/2005 08:41:03 AM

Goshdangit; we can never be perfect. God is perfection. Jesus is perfection. We were born into sin and although we strive to be the best we can we can never be perfect. Only through Jesus Christ are we redeemed and this is through His Grace.


06/15/2005 08:39:15 AM

Goshdangit; you can only get to God through Jesus.


06/15/2005 08:38:14 AM

I can't imagine a life withoutHim and not having a relationship with Him on a daily basis. He is our rock and our fortress. He is our healer and our confidant. He is our advisor and deliverer. HE IS ALL THINGS !!!!


03/14/2004 11:24:40 PM

Jesus is a friend, a brother, a husband, a cousin, a father, or an uncle. Open your heart to him and God, and you will truly know who Jesus is. And thus you will know who you are as well.


03/14/2004 11:22:37 PM

Jesus' role is to test mankind on their faith of God. When he was born the first time, he came to test the faith of the Jews. They didn't really believe in the scriptured they followed. If they had, they would have believed in Jesus, and he would not have died on the cross. If you truly want to follow Christ test yourself through him, are you willing to fully submit to God's will? Do you truly follow what you believe? Jesus and God will always be there to help you if you knock on the door. But don't say that humans are not capable of being perfect, when we were made by something perfect, God.


03/14/2004 11:11:32 PM

stop praying to Jesus it gives him a headache!!! Pray to God, not Jesus. Open your eyes, and read the bible correctly.


02/24/2004 03:43:51 PM

Good article, the main point of which really speaks to me as a catholic christian. Our main relationship isn't finally with a Book, but a Person. Liked her attention to skewed understandings of the christ. See, the fact of the incarnation alone, that God the son became man in palestine and lives today in bread and wine, explodes all boxes we try to put Jesus in.


07/15/2003 09:13:52 PM

if He is True, why can't he manifest himself more to skeptics? think about proof. Once you accept a proof, you have no choice but to accept the conclusion. The more proofs you accept, the less choices you will allow yourself. Men want proof; other men want to prove things; this is a part of being a man. But god cares more about your freedom, your ability choose, than he does about proving he exists. So he leaves you hanging, lets you choose the things you want to choose. If you choose him, great. If you don't, well you had the choice. Kind of a gift from him to you.


05/10/2003 11:42:31 PM

Vers420: That's the whole point. To repent means to turn from the wrong thing and do the good thing. God wants to save us from getting our arm burnt.


03/17/2003 11:32:25 AM

why tell everyone to repent a child puts its hands on a hot stove and finds it hurts. the child repents thus noticing its mistake and never doing it again, showing its father and mother that it has learned. but to the child that dosnt learn to repent and continues to put his hand on the stove he will only find to late that its arm is burning. not sure if i wrote this good


02/25/2002 01:52:12 AM

Its funny seeing people analyze Jesus Christ as if He were just a man. You can't do that successfully, because He was not just a man, He was divine also. He can't be explained in terms of his culture as he lived on earth, or our culture now. He was a product of his culture, in his early life, but in his divine life gave us the eternal truths of love. These ring of truth now, and will forever. We who know Jesus feels these truths echo from our hearts and we see the truths whenever we love. I once scoffed at the whole idea of God's son coming down to earth, but when I allowed Him into my heart it all made sense!


10/01/2001 11:57:15 AM

I Believe there is Only the truth.The truth is that Jesus is alive as well as his father and the kingdom of heaven.If you have any questions? You have little faith and doubt alot..


09/26/2001 02:12:08 PM

taddy, maybe he already has. It is difficult for us to trust the unseen. We cannot touch Jesus or handle his wounds. Sometimes I tire of trying to understand. Then something small happens: a book slides from the library shelf, a friend calls when I'm distraught, a hand opens and closes over mine. Are these signs of God or Christ? Do they prove this fully man/fully God existed historically? It's called faith and it's the leaping off point that literal westerners scoff at. We will not prove Christ's existence in words, in intellectual mind-games, or on Beliefnet's web-site. HE will prove his reality to us in the grind of daily life, in the touch of a hand, in the breath of peace that quiets our restlessness.


04/07/2001 02:27:42 AM

"Augustine the Canadian" states: "none of these early texts ... give any indication that the Lord Jesus was a 'Jewish nationalist' or anything of this sort." I beg to differ. Luke 6:15 identifies Jesus' disciple Simon as, "Simon who was called the Zealot". The Zealots were revolutionaries dedicated to the overthrow of Roman domination of Israel. In Matthew 16:17 Jesus hails Simon Peter as "Simon, bariona" (often mistranslated as two words, bar iona=son of Jonah). That word, "bariona" in Aramaic means "rebel or freedom-fighter" - in other words, a Zealot. Finally, in the Old Latin (Itala) manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew (10:3) the disciple Thaddeaus has been substituted for by someone named "Judas the Zealot". This is the same Judas who will later show up in the Gospel of Luke under the innocuous title "Judas of James" (Luke 6:16). Question: If Jesus was not a "Jewish nationalist or anything of this sort" why was he being followed by anti-Roman rebels like Simon and Peter and Judas?


03/27/2001 08:46:43 PM

IN response to "Captain Jared" below: The simple problem for those who wish to revise the life of Jesus for whatever reason, is that all of the primary sources we have paint a picture quite different than the "anti-Roman revolutionary" figure that some want to concoct. In fact none of these early texts (even the texts of various later heretical sects like the gnostics, for example) give any indication that the Lord Jesus was a "Jewish nationalist" or anything of this sort. While one can ignorantly try and poke at the canonical Gospels (the accusation that they are "Rome based" documents is itself grossly even begin to address such an ignorant notion would require too much space for this little note), what is your alternative? Where are these marvelous first, second, even third century texts, telling us of this "Jesus the revolutionary"?


01/26/2001 01:54:53 AM

I feel a need to respond to Frederica Mathewes-Green's "How to Know Jesus". She writes, "if he was primarily a political revolutionary, why did he tell his followers to accept physical abuse and to forgive and love their enemies?" Has she never considered the possibility that Jesus, in historical fact, never really did tell his followers to do those things, that the Gospel accounts are simply lying on those points for purposes of political apologetic? She continues, "He insisted that his reign was not of this earth, and that his followers should rejoice to suffer for his name's sake. Real revolutionaries don't talk this way." I quite agree, but why jump to the conclusion that Jesus was not a "Real Revolutionary"? Again, isn't it equally likely that Jesus was a "Real Revolutionary" whose life-story has been falsified on this point by the Evangelists, members all of the Pauline Church based in Rome, the capital of the very empire against which Jesus was rebelling?


08/04/2000 02:26:33 PM

Here it is a couple weeks after my first post and I am moved to add that God is a God of the "living" and he is in LIFE NOW. He is not in the past only, although ETERNITY has no past present or future, which is just TIME created by God so we could find what ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE and always IS. Einstein said we are in a black box called time and we cant find our way out. He is right. God made that box as we would draw a picture with a border around it. But the Bible says REDEEM the time; HOW? by entering "TIMLESSNESS" eternity. You have to be "LIFTED UP" ie to the upper worlds, and this is done within each and every man. There you will find CHRIST.


07/23/2000 02:10:41 PM

When I saw the serpent lifted up, which Jesus said would make us realize he was who he said he was, I saw the true Jesus and all the mystery of him dissapeared. Why? Because I didn't know what he was like, but when I saw him, I became like him; Paul was right about this too. Until you suffer and die with him you can't really live with him, only visit him occassionally hoping he will continue to prove himself to you as he has done all the years you have followed not too closely behind. I loved him and knew he had the truth, but I just didnt understand so many things he said. I avoided thinking of the crucifixtion because unlike so many more holy people who understood this exchange of natures, I just didnt get it till I saw him LIFTED UP and mourned for him as a mother mourns for her only son. Only then could I see him truly. Only then were my idols of him smashed.


07/09/2000 11:49:22 PM

I like the way Thomas Jefferson viewed God. Thomas said that God is a reality because his presence can be discerned in nature (the Creation). Thomas did not accept any book (the Bible) as absolute and final. God is above books. God is above words written by men. God, to Thomas Jefferson, is our Source and Creator. I tend to agree with TJ. Jesus is not God nor did he claim any titles. Jesus viewed God as his Source and Father. My point is this: we need to get beyond the concept of viewing human beings as God. God is a spirit being in the Heavens or beyond the Heavens. God is invisible and not present in body form on this earth. I think both Jesus and TJ recognized this reality.


07/09/2000 11:49:11 PM

I like the way Thomas Jefferson viewed God. Thomas said that God is a reality because his presence can be discerned in nature (the Creation). Thomas did not accept any book (the Bible) as absolute and final. God is above books. God is above words written by men. God, to Thomas Jefferson, is our Source and Creator. I tend to agree with TJ. Jesus is not God nor did he claim any titles. Jesus viewed God as his Source and Father. My point is this: we need to get beyond the concept of viewing human beings as God. God is a spirit being in the Heavens or beyond the Heavens. God is invisible and not present in body form on this earth. I think both Jesus and TJ recognized this reality.


06/27/2000 04:10:03 AM

I really wish the format was more equal. I can hardly read the section that asks: "What do you believe?" Then there's all this wasted screen space outside of that which contains all the over eloquent suppositions of such renound scholars,who obviously give the validity of ancient greek mythology, and/or mystic religions more weight than the Holy Scriptures. I, as a Christian carry the faith in the inerrancy of the Inspired Word Of God, The Bible, do not! It is interesting though to learn just how profoundly the media presents this sort of viewpoint and practically omits the very heart of the Christian faith, the belief in the Gospel of the New Testament; 4 accounts of the same occurance from their respective focci. I always have to ask, "Why would anyone, being at great distances from each other, and in the face of such horrible deaths such as flailing, crucifixion, or being torn assunder, stick to a lie? Thank you


06/27/2000 12:02:02 AM

This article is an excellent arguement for those who say the educated are not part of the "fundamentalist" group of believers. I'm reluctant to use the term fundamentalist for it has such a negative conatation but it indeed describes the view of a true believer. There are a million quotes I could post here that are more elequant than I can come up with and scripture itself is sufficiant; but it all boils down to faith - a leap of faith. One I liken to a scene from an Indianna Jones movie where Harrison Ford stands at a precipice and looks below into the endless space beneath. He looks over to the other side of the cliff where he must get to; as he stands at the very edge looking to the other side he steps out in faith and finds himself fully supported by fact. A visual that works for me. Thanks Frederica for putting into words a faith that can only be seen through unscaled eyes.


06/26/2000 08:51:23 PM

This rings very true to me. And yet I still periodically keep wondering: if He is True, why can't he manifest himself more to skeptics?