05/28/2011 12:31:19 PM

The Jews are doing the right thing. Of course most of them understand, eg the still not yet EXcommunicated catholic, Hitler threw the gays in the ovens along with the Jews. But on the other hand, a couple of orthodox members of the Israeli Parliment said in 2009 "gays are like bird flu". A direct call for the extermination of gay people by those whose close relatives, even possibly parents, shared hitlers ovens with the gays that hitler could find. the moral of this story is that absolutiist, biblical believers, regardless of the religions "brand name" are the worst people on earth. Little different then the taliban nutcases. Now you know why I refused to go to israel with my wife for a oncer in a lifetime trip. And I wont go until the (ultra) orthodox are all resettled in the west bank. And the west bank becomes a palestinian state. Conservative religion, be it catholic, right wing christian, Jewish orthodox, Islamic extremists - the curse of humanity.


04/12/2000 02:28:00 AM

Just two notes on the side. Godenbard: Not all rabbis are men any more; it's interesting to speculate on the meaning of this resolution coming from the women's caucus... Jihader: In Jewish law, marriage is not a sacrament (requiring a cleric to officiate) but a legal contract. In a short version of a longer tale, to be valid it requires only two witnesses and public offering and acceptance of an item of specified value (usually a ring, but a coin would serve as well). What's really being debated here is who has the standing to undertake the contract.


04/09/2000 11:02:04 AM

Gay marriages OK? Well this is par for the course for the Reform, who have not paid any attention to God's commands for years. Kashrus? Shabbos? Fuggedahboutit!? Obviously forbidden sex was next. But here's the problem: (very simple) God said 'No'. reform says: "Well, he didn't really mean it..." What part of 'No' didn't you understand? What other pohibitions will they OK next? Incest? Adultery? Bestiality? For Reform obviously anything goes...


03/30/2000 11:26:32 AM

THUDEROUS APPLAUSE. It's the wave of the future. faiths can run from it, or run to it. Sending a message thaT "love is love" is HOLY, REGARDLESS OF THE FAITH DOING IT.


03/30/2000 08:39:45 AM

No matter how much weight this decision may carry in reality, I think it is important and noble of the Rabbis, men in position of "authority" to take this stance. We need more people, of all faiths, to show this kind of courage. I find it especially troubling that Jews, of all faiths haven't rushed to embrace the gay community. Remember, Hilter was rounding up the homosexuals, as well as the Jewish. I should think that groups of people who have been persecuted should stick together.


03/30/2000 01:44:57 AM

I belong to one of the three Protestant denominations that will also be voting on this issue this year, and I think both the debate and the decision are very important. Of course in the short term the church's position won't change many minds; people choose their own views on homosexuality. But I think it is painful for a lot of gay people to know that they are not accepted by these faiths, and it's important to move away from that. And I think it's also very important for the clergy who feel called to perform same-sex unions to have the support of their faith community.


03/29/2000 10:34:31 PM

It is very interesting, that “Rabbis” have to O.k. gay marriages. Why do Rabbis need to tell people if some actions are all right and some are not? Are we illiterate, can we not make up our own minds? We have the Bible, the Torah, The Qur'an we can make up our own mind! We do not need stupid votes like this. I know it won't change my mind. I also think that you should not act differently just because a 'Rabbi' tells you to. Rather you should be logical about the specific actions you take part in for we will only be accountable for OUR own actions and deeds at the end!


03/22/2000 09:57:00 PM

since some reform rabbis already perform gay marriages, and since nothing the ccar does is binding on all reform rabbis, this is really just a vote to take a moral stand. and why shouldn't two people of any gender who are serious about each other have the right to call their relationship whatever they want? but ham ain't kosher just because you say it is.