Is Anybody Listening?

Prayer remains a vital component of our religious experience, even if God does not swoop down to remove our tumors.


02/24/2008 10:34:24 AM

I am one of those with no faith in an all powerful God but I believe in people. Prayer may simply be the way some people focus on their wants or needs. I rely on myself, my friends and family to get what I want and need. I get those things most of the time, and I think that is because I follow my gut instincts and keep a positive attitude, which attracts the right kind of energy to lead me down the path to what I want. If that is God, then maybe I am a believer after all.


05/30/2005 08:35:17 AM

prayer is a temporary escape fromthe human race and a divine invitation back to the human race with a bright smile and a message that tells you to brace and retrace your escape and try again at a later date. after your heart thought it through you knew your lesson from god was under review and immediately you knew gods grace was inside you and a commission that you were ready to fulfill awaited your second effort.god listened to your mind and sent you back to trust in your heart and so you did and so it shows that god lives in our heart.


05/30/2005 06:40:38 AM

i believe prayer has to ask for less than a person needs and then ask for the smallest amount of grateful for a tiny drop of gods wisdom.i would pray to god for the smallest request possible.if granted iwould have established a humble starting point and shorten the next prayer even more.less is more because itshows the divine mind that your a man who asks for less even though you deserve more.the outcome is always a beautiful surprise.


03/22/2004 11:22:35 PM

Well it is 11:25 my way and I have to get to sleep. Take care


03/22/2004 11:16:33 PM

No scripture, just rabbinical tradition passed on through the ages. I am pretty sure it is in Talmud but I can't remember where at this exact moment. FYI, we do not consider Talmud scripture. It is commentary, responsa and discussion as well as codification of the Oral Tradition. That is why is can be so hard to read and explain. It took me years to figure out how to read it properly and I still sometimes have to ask. It is also in both Hebrew and Aramaic and uses two or three separate types of Hebrew lettering depending on the volume.


03/22/2004 11:11:21 PM

Wow did I really write that first sentence? Let's try it again. If your questions are made in good faith then they cannot have been meant to insult.


03/22/2004 11:11:14 PM

what scripture is this?


03/22/2004 10:59:24 PM

If your questions are made in good faith (bad choice of words but it applies)it can have not insult. I am not sure what other questions you have that I can answer. One slightlty interesting thing, according to rabbinical traditon, the Jews were not the first people that God offered the laws to. We were the first to say we would listen.


03/21/2004 04:53:58 PM

that is ok David I know you did not mean to. thank you for sharing what to pray for and letting me know again I am only human. I don't know which part of jewish religion I would like to follow. As in christian there are so many beliefs. I study on my own but I look to the jews because they are the chosen people who God gave his word to. I just hope you realize that I don't mean to insult if I sound christian it is mostly where I have gotten a lot of information from but I am not a christian


03/21/2004 04:13:44 PM

I do apologize for taking so long. There are many website that you can use to learn about Judaism. Depending on which branch of the religion you are interested in. And don't beat yourself up asking when you also ask for material things. It is human nature and God created that too. One of the things that I pray for is strength to do the best I can do in everything I do. I know God answers me but sometimes I fail to hear the answer.


03/21/2004 11:15:06 AM

thanks for finally answering me I appeciate it. I truly want to know. since I have not had any contact with jewish people it is hard to learn true prayer. I always thought I was wrong praying in my mind and talking to God all day but I see that there is nothing wrong with it. I usually try to pray for understanding but I always make a mistake and ask for money and wonder why I do that. I know God always answers my prayers when they are in correction.


03/20/2004 08:10:00 PM

Denisemac, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I lost track of the threads I was in.


03/20/2004 08:09:06 PM

That depends. Since most formal Jewish prayers do not ask for personal things (except health for the sick) they are not expecting the "prayer to come true". Most people take the view that "so be it." means "God, IF you see it appropos to act on our prayers, one way of the other, we accept your decision." In my view God always acts on our prayers. Sometimes the action seems to us like God is doing nothing, or has said "No.", whenin fact the answer is that we need to look inside oursleves to find the solution and that God has givein us the strength do do or endure whatever may come. Also, Amen is also a way to say, "This prayer has ended."


03/16/2004 11:11:43 PM

does so be it mean that one can expect their prayer to come true?


03/16/2004 05:57:00 PM

Jewish prayer ends with Omayn (Amen in English) which is loosely translated as "so be it."


03/15/2004 01:14:08 PM

isn't prayer suppose to be followed up with "G_d's will be done"? I talk to G_d all the time and I never knew or understood why since christians who I have been in contact with seem to do a prayer in public. I thought maybe G-d did not hear me because I talk in my mind. But then I realized he does because he answered my main prayer that he would give understanding of his word. Everyone dies so if someone dies besides the fact that we pray does not mean that he did not answer it was only his will was done not ours. G_d answers according to his will not ours! We have to seek his guidance in what he wants us to pray about. When my mother was dieing he let me know she was dieing and helped me deal with it. I never once pleaded with him to keep her alive because he let me know it was his will not mine. But that did not stop me from praying that he would change his mind and let her live but he kept reassuring me that it was her time.


03/13/2004 08:08:31 PM

For many people, prayer is a form of talk. As with Rabbi Wolpe, I only ask God to remind me that I have the strength and patience to get through anything. And he never let me down. The rest of the prayers I say remind me that there are rules to live by and other to consider.


02/03/2003 02:24:12 PM

G-d is my Creator, my life is already planned out according to HIS will, not mine, so there is no need to pray for anything. My prayers have already been answered before being born. One should talk to G-d always and acknowledge HIS greatness and HIS blessings. Many of us don't even say "good morning G-d" but a lot of us pray when a tragedy occurs in our lives, sad isn't it. G-d listens, so replace pray with talk.


11/14/2002 11:00:07 AM

does anyone have the days of jesus for 11/13/02?


08/01/2002 09:45:21 AM

This is something I've been pondering for a couple of months. I think we all ask the same questions. I had a heart attack a while back. The doctors told me that they had lost me. I said that I was aware of that. All that I can remember of being that close to death is that I was trying to get someplace. Then I heard a loud voice saying "People are praying for you." I was sent back. As soon as my family heard of what had happened to me, they had set up prayer chains. Since then, most of the damage to my heart has healed. That made me wonder what would have happened had people not been praying for me. How about people who don't have someone to pray for them? I don't have the ability to understand any of it. I just accept it and give thanks.


10/20/2001 11:25:20 AM

I believe that there is room in GOD' s plan for our prayers. Remember Job...he kept praying and praying and praying to God to make all of the bad stop. Kept asking God..."Haven't I been good to you? Haven't I done everything I am supposed to? If so, than why are you allowing this to happen to me?" God eventually did answer him. It is an excellent response. Basically, reminding him that he is GOD the creator of ALL...and he owes us nothing! He CHOOSES to be in our lives! He does not HAVE to be a part of our lives. He does not HAVE to answer our prayers! But, he does... GOD goes on to tell him about the flowers in the fields and how the flowers are dressed in the most beautiful of clothes...if GOD can dress them can't HE dress us? GOD continues by stating that HE made the mountains, the moon, the seas, and fields...can't we trust that HE can move what ever is in our lives?


10/20/2001 11:24:33 AM

GOD is not challenged by what grieves or troubles our lives may contain....HE is the beginning the middle and the end...of HIS plan...not ours. HE has just chosen us to be a part of HIS plan. It's up to us to choose HIM too whether or not he answers even ONE of our prayers EVER.


10/20/2001 11:20:36 AM

Good Morning. I liked your article very much. I think the topic of the article and the article's contents are very relevant to a lot of people including myself. The only part that saddens me is you don't believe GOD answers prayers. I believe he does answer prayers. Even yours. Remember the woman who was walking behind Jesus and she touched his robe? Jesus "felt" her belief that she would be healed. This woman "believed" she would be healed just by simply touching his robe. He was so moved by her belief that he told her she would be healed.


08/28/2001 11:16:50 PM

yes!!yes!!!yes!!god does answers his own way and in his own good time.when we pray we must not doubt that god can do what he say he can do.doubting short circuits god's power and he is very unhappy when we doubt him.he makes the last decision .he always answers us.he either says yes,no or not right now.just like your earthly father would do.but god is more eager to give us what we need than our earthly fathers are.but he knows what is best for us at any given and believe in god.doubting is a form of sin.this is why faith is central to christianity.having faith is the power behind the throne so to speak.


07/25/2001 04:17:08 AM

In most part, I totally agree with Rabbi Wolpe. There is one point, however, about which our opinion differs: I do not believe that a scientific study of prayer and it effects is a bad thing. As long as we understand that the emphirical results have no impact on our faith, such a research can be very beneficial. It can scientifically answer the question: "Does prayer really have a direct statistical effect?". Whether the answer is "Yes" or "No", we certainly have the right to know this. And even a clear "No" does not affect our faith - because one could never test all INDIRECT consequences of a prayer (or any other action).


12/06/2000 02:51:18 AM

Prayer for me is a dialogue with God. I never ask for outcomes to situations, but rather that He gives me or someone else the strength to deal with His will, and learn a life lesson from the situation.


11/15/2000 09:29:20 AM

I believe that we should walk every day, each minute talking to God, as did Adam and Eve. He wants us to love Him, Live with Him, and stay with Him all the time - not just when we need something, or even to thank Him. Prayer is to me the same as the Catholic's nuns marrying God. I spend my life talking to Him about everything I do and feel, and He responds too - somethimes I fail to listen, but He still has responded! I would just as soon pray about my high school's football game as my mother-in-law's fatal illness and/or death. In fact, I have prayed about both, and received replies for them. God's perfect way is what I want - even if it includes pain and suffering, because that will draw me closer to Him and to Jesus, the healer. So Let It Be!


04/09/2000 04:26:38 PM

When I pray, I try to keep in the back of my mind that God already knows the outcome and will take care of things in His way. "Thy will be done." Now, there are still times when I beg, plead and barter, but in the end, I know that He is in control, and even if the outcome I want in this world doesn't happen, that His plan for the outcome is the best. In peace, Dale