Our Right to Require Belief

Graham says this sermon, preached 50 years ago, still has relevance


01/31/2000 05:55:58 PM

I think any candidate's refusal to descend into the pissin' contest of religious one-upmanship is to be commended. Politics is nasty enough; I'm appalled and ashamed by all the name-calling and manipulation. Immersing what may be the last private element of a candidate's soul in that mire is something we really, really don't need to do. I think the true measure of a person's beliefs is the life they have lead--not how many Sunday mornings they were seen looking pious in the 'right' places with the 'right' people.


01/31/2000 04:48:10 PM

I know that some of the candidates refuse to discuss their religious beliefs. Should we care? Does it mean they're hiding something? I don't know.