One Tough Sister

Counselor of popes and kings, Hildegard of Bingen has been posthumously politicized


06/15/2000 08:47:15 AM

This happens all the time! Every time we read of St Teresa tossing a potato on the compost heap, she is suddenly "elavated" to the status of eco-feminist icon. Matthew Fox has been doing this for years, and I've been complaining about his ratty scholarship for about as long. So nice to read an article like this and feel validated.


01/24/2000 08:43:30 AM

I am not sure any historian ever looks back without assigning his/her own views to the past. Put simply, I think anyone who claims to know the thoughts of someone in the past, ESPECIALLY by assuming other scholars reached their conclusions through bad research, is misrepresenting history. In otherwords, as far as "misrepresentation" I think the pot here is calling the kettle black, and the real truth, if we could do more than postulate it from writings, would probably be somewhere inbetween.