Disney Villain Ghostbusters Christian Athletes Snow white
Here is a tribute to the past, current and future projects comparing the original 2D villain characters to the new human counterparts. read more »
This June marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters. So will there be a Ghostbusters 3? It depends... read more »
Here are 10 Christian athletes who have accomplished great things but continue to stay humbly devoted to God. read more »
Jeffrey Totey, Beliefnet's Peanuts and Popcorn columnist, explains how "The Seven Deadly Sins" are frequently... read more »

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I think what's not so important is the brand of spirituality but that you have some sense of, some humbling sense of power larger than yourself, and that [of] the relative significance of man in the face of the greater universe. I have some ways in which I keep in touch with that. end quote
-Ben Affleck
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