Musician Challenges Believers to Shun Popular Music for 30 Days

Could it help you develop the faith, joy, peace and purpose you’re seeking? Musician Al Menconi thinks so!

Have you been aghast at the direction popular music is taking? Sexually degrading lyrics? Profanity? Violence? Satanism?

“Award-winning gospel artist Natalie Grant left the Grammys early, refusing to say why,” writes Tyler O’Neil in the Christian Post. “Bloggers speculated that she left in response to Katy Perry’s “satanic” performance or because of a mass wedding of 34 couples that included homosexuals.

1Satanic-themed Grammy performance (YouTube screenshot)

“We left the Grammy’s early. I’ve had many thoughts, most of which are probably better left inside my head,” Grant tweeted that night. The artist kept her message positive, however, declaring, “I’ve never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus. And I’ve never been more sure of the path I’ve chosen.”


4Natalie Grant on her popular CD cover

“Before Grant walked out, Katy Perry and Juicy J performed the song ‘Dark Horse’ in a manner widely described as ‘satanic,’” reported O’Neil.

Perez Hilton praised the performers as “fiery Satanists,” adding that “we hope KP’s parents weren’t too mad at that Satan-themed performance.”

E! Online tweeted a revealing question, “um, did we just witness actual witchcraft during Katy Perry’s #Grammys performance?”

CatholicVote asked the question ”didn’t you hear Satan attended this year’s Grammy awards?”

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