Spirituality on Television

'Lost' Moments

Lost Last Supper photo

To celebrate the end of the show, look back on the religious moments from the past five seasons.

Interview: The Duggars

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of "18 Kids and Counting" talk about their family and handling critics of their lifestyle.

Top TV and Movie Angels

Twilight Zone Mr. Bevis J. Hardy Hempstead

From Donald Duck's "Better Self" to J.Hardy Hempstead of "The Twilight Zone," here are the best angel characters.

Tips for Happy Days

Marion Ross of Happy Days

Legendary TV mom Marion Ross offers advice for leading a joyful life--from gardening to clearing clutter.

Cartoon Lessons

Scooby Doo

From Scooby-Doo to G.I. Joe our favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters taught us valuable life lessons.

Inspiring Reality TV

little people big world

From "Little People, Big World" to "Three Wishes" check out the 10 most heartwarming reality TV shows.

Entertainment Video

Celebrity Quote of the Day

My religion as a child was nondescript. Although we were taught to believe in God, church seemed to have not much to do with it. So I developed my own form of spirituality, as a result of not being conditioned by religion.

-Shirley MacLaine

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