A Chance at Redemption

From creator Nancy Miller, TNT's new drama, 'Saving Grace,' is about a cop's last chance at redemption and stars Holly Hunter.

Holly Hunter and the Saving Grace cast

Holly Hunter and the rest of the "Saving Grace" cast

In TNT’s new drama, "Saving Grace," Grace Hanadarko (Academy Award-winning actor Holly Hunter) is a hard-talking, fast-living police officer who unexpectedly meets her last-chance angel, the wise-cracking Earl (Leon Rippey of "Deadwood"), after a night of heavy drinking, when she accidentally kills a man while driving--and then begs for help from God to change her life. Earl offers a chance at redemption, but it won’t be an easy journey for either of them.

Creator Nancy Miller, a practicing Catholic, sees "Saving Grace" as her chance to explore the ways faith, religion, sin, and choices intersect with each other. Her faith sometimes complicated her work on the show, she tells Beliefnet, in an interview that also touched on the angels she sees living all around us, and her belief that God is a healer, not a rule enforcer.

Grace is an unusual character, a kind of a wild woman who is pushed into asking for redemption. How do you think viewers will to relate to her?


I hope that they're able to see pieces of themselves in her--the pieces that are questioning, that are afraid, that have been shattered and aren't put quite back together yet. I also hope that they relate to her joy of life, her love of her friends and her nephew, and of fun, [like] when she takes [her nephew] for a ride in the police car. So it's all of those different aspects of Grace that I hope people see and relate to.

You have said that Grace is the worst and best of us rolled into one character. What are those best and worst parts that can be found in all of us?

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