Jon & Kate Plus 8

Jon & Kate Plus 8


What does Whoopi weigh? A sundae puzzle.

Date: 08/16/2009

This Sundae puzzle was inspired by Whoopi's courage to tell the world how much she weighs, making light of the subject! More on Whoopi's weight and Celebrity Weight : Kelly Clarkson SELF Magazine Jon and Kate Plus 8: Relationship Rescue Elizabeth Edwards: Victim? Spread the word ... NOT the icing! Janice ------------------------------------------------------ Follow Janice on Twit ...

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Fox's 'OctoMom' Special Anything But

Date: 08/12/2009

So FOX has ordered up a Nadya Suleman special to be titled "Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage." Or as I like to think of it, "When Fertility Treatments Attack." As the Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed reports, the two-hour documentary, set to air Wednesday, August 19, will allow the audience to "witness the emotional struggles, physical complications and financial burdens of this single moth ...

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Kate Gosselin on The Today Show

Date: 08/10/2009

Trying to distill some of the rumors: Visit for Breaking News , World News , and News about the Economy Visit for Breaking News , World News , and News about the Economy According to her, she didn't have an affair with her bodyguard, didn't buy a condo and didn't end their marriage in October before the renewal of their marriage vows in November. She also ...

Related Topics: Video, Monday, Jon And Kate Plus Eight, The Today Show, Interview, Entertainment, Kate Gosselin, Meredith Vieira


My Final Advice to Kate Gosselin

Date: 08/05/2009

A few weeks ago fellow blogger Ellen wrote a brilliant , poetic "Dear Jon" letter to Jon Gosselin informing him of her thoughts on his recent shenanigans and self-promotion. So with the return of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" last Monday on TLC-where we were treated to life with the Gosselins in their post-break up world- I thought I would take my turn and give my final- and I do mean final- a ...

Related Topics: Divorce, Jon And Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosslein, Kate Gosslein, Reality TV, TLC, Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, Blog 87


Focus on Inspiring Celebrity Relationships Over Break-Ups

Date: 07/20/2009

"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." -Genesis 2:24 " long as we both shall live." -traditional wedding vow Apparently, vows don't count much in Hollywood anymore. USA Today is focusing on the topic, proclaiming "they're all out of love but the spotlight lives on." I wonder how much the star power of divorce s ...

Related Topics: Celebrity Divorces, Rita Wilson, Mel Gibson, Soulmates, Jon Gosselin, Celebrities, Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil, Blake Fielder-Civil, Tameka Foster Raymond, Katie Lee Joel, Billy Joel, Kate Gosselin, Robyn Moore, Celebrity Marriages, Tom Hanks, Blog 87


Do Reality Shows Abuse Children?

Date: 07/20/2009

The Wrap has a provocative column by Domnic Patten about the impact of reality television programs on the children who participate in them. One problem is a loophole in the law. If children are working as actors on a film or television show, there are very strict limits on how many hours they can work. They are required to have a teacher and a parent or guardian with them. But if it is a "re ...

Related Topics: Parenting, Children, Television, Abuse, Reality TV, Blog 97


A 'Dear John' Letter to Jon Gosselin

Date: 07/14/2009

Dear Jon, Once upon a time, I sympathized with you, cringed with you as Kate commanded your every movement (to the point of telling you not to breathe so loudly) and browbeat your every decision. With reports of Kate off on extended book tours while you tended to the brood, it looked as if things remained status quo , but then came the nagging rumors of an impending separation. When the confi ...

Related Topics: Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin, Celebrities, Ed Hardy, Kate Gosselin, Fashion, Blog 87


Miley Cyrus happy, healthy and pregnant?

Date: 07/06/2009

The cyber-airwaves are humming this morning with "Is Miley Cyrus carrying Jonas Brothers, Nick's love child?" rumors. True or not, it brings to the forefront an important topic, "pregnancy weight," and presents an opportunity to remember what one needs to do to stay healthy during pregnancy. Healthy Reminders First of all, no matter what the number says on the scales of injustice prior to ...

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