10 Life Lessons from Cartoon Characters

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You Can Be Quiet and Confident - The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther never said much during his animated "The Pink Panther Show." In fact, he never said anything. Never mind the fact that he might, in any given episode, be assaulted by large-nosed neighbors, supercilious narrators, or out-of-control power tools. Nothing ever rattled The Pink One enough to make him squeal. Or, at least, squeal intelligibly.

For the quieter lads and lasses—the children who never raised their hands in class, never were picked first for kickball, and sometimes wore mismatched socks to school—the cartoon Panther may have been an inspiration. Here was a character who always wore pink but never had his manhood questioned. Here was someone who, no matter how many times he tripped over his own tail, survived to see another Saturday morning. Here was someone who never had to say anything to be the coolest cat on the dial.

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