Kate Gosselin Interview

Kate Gosselin of the TLC show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" talks to Beliefnet about raising a large family on a budget, dealing with sibling rivalry, and the one thing she's dreading about her kids getting older.


10/12/2009 12:34:00 PM

Thank u for sharing Mrs. Gosselins personal experiences with me. I would just like to say i commend her for her courage, and for sharing her life with me on reality T.V. I think she and her husband are two amazing people to be able to share their personal life with the world. I know it's a job now, and i understand her point of view. I believe that her family will touch other people who are raising large families who are less fortunate than herself. I know watching her i've learned a few things, and i see similarities in my house hold as in hers. I just pray for her and her husband and children. No one can judge them But GOD, because no one really knows what's going on with them but them and God, But i wish her and the family all the best.


06/22/2009 01:55:18 PM

I also think that it is time for them to have a life without the T.V. crews, and do specials every once in awhile.So much is going on with them I also feel they should take some time off and try to get back on track. Maybe with the media away from them their lives they can get back to half way normal life. let us ask God to have his hand over them all as they go threw this. May they also get the help they need to make their marrage work. May God Bless them and keep them safe. Rhonda


05/31/2009 05:46:26 PM

Thank you Beliefnet for a very positive interview with Kate Gosselin. In light of the media frenzy over their personal lives and problems, it seems the media is doing everything in their power to tear them apart. I read the Us article when the story first broke. It said that Jon was not wearing his wedding ring, are you kidding me, its plain as day on his finger when he was in the car with that girl. I have seen Kate's controlling come thru on the show and she knows it, and Jon's rolling eyes and of course his famous statement about pulling the stick out, lol. First of all, if there is infidelity going on, that is between Jon & Kate and nobody else. Whether Kate gets along with her birth family is also her business and no one elses. I wish the media would mind their own damn business. I can see the hurt in both of their eyes from this recent scandal and how they are trying to shield it from their kids. I think that they are excellent parents to their eight kids. I resent the rumors that a judge is going to take the kids away from them on the grounds that they are unfit parents because they are only in it for the money. What Jon & Kate need now is our prayers and support and not our criticism and judgement. Thank you and may God Bless


05/31/2009 03:51:18 PM

Thank you Beliefnet for a very positive interview with Kate Gosselin. It's about time there were some positive words written, and with all the negativity circling around that family now, the positive is welcome. Both Jon and Kate adore their kids, and whatever things went on in their family were things that were meant for them, not the raging masses, to deal with. I am hoping that their family will have the strength to get through all this garbage and remain together. It will be tough, oh so tough, but I pray that they can do it. The kids depend on it. If I may offer one suggestion to them it would be to let the show go, Kate, continue on your book writing; wish I could get a copy, and become a family again. Without being in the limelight all the time would be the best therapy. Love all you guys.


05/31/2009 03:12:17 PM

beautiful history kate Gosselin and Jon and sons daughters very beutiful God and Lord Blessed this family. very good space Belief Net congratulations for this kind of space .


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