The NHL's Mike Fisher Talks Faith, Trials and Missions

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What are your thoughts on leadership in the locker room and on the ice?

MF: You don’t hide the things that you love and who you are. You should be proud of those things and that’s why I’ve kind of always been a little bit more outspoken and I don’t believe it’s something odd at all because I know that it can help people. And having a faith is the answer and you want to share that. And as far as being a leader, I’ve always kind of been a bit of a quiet leader for the most part and tend to just lead by work ethic and example and those types of things and just be a good teammate and try to love everyone the same way. I fail at times for sure. But I’ve got the Lord showing me things I need to be doing better and get through injuries, through adversity, all those things. It’s about your attitude and how you deal with those things that other people see.

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