The NHL's Mike Fisher Talks Faith, Trials and Missions

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Being a Light

There seems to be very few believers in the NHL. How have you adjusted to overcome the isolation?

MF: I think being a Christian in NHL has come a long way. We had a guy [Larry] that led our chapel in Ottawa for years and he was under so much scrutiny back in the 80s because he was a believer. He was one of the first believers to kind of tell everyone about his faith and let people know and that was really kind of odd in the hockey world back then which is sad. He got a lot of grief from some of the owners and management. And hockey ministries, HMI has done really good work and gotten chapels-I think it’s close to half of the teams right now that have optional chapels for guys that can go and learn with the Lord and so that’s exciting. So it has come a long way.

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