5 Inspiring Athletes Who Overcame Disabilities

Whether it's on the wrestling mat, the road or the ocean waves, these five athletes are collectively the true picture of strength.


04/12/2012 10:29:04 AM

this is so touching to me too....i was a downhill skier/hit a tree going 55 miles a hour and Broke my neck/knees act...and now a master swimmer and won first prize 3 times in swim meet you can see the full story on my site www.nicoleniche.com and a video too under "faith in life after 18th surgeries""" love to help nay one to keep there faith in life like this great girl in the pictures! i will love to meet here hoping soon and ...possible do another story or plan fashion show with here in it for sure.i am doing one in la"fashion soiree at the west la club" equinox club on the 28th of April at 6;00 pm free to everyone and i will be honor if sh e cloud come ..feels free to contact nicole 310-497-9962 Merci so so much.


07/30/2011 05:17:24 PM

These are great stories. I also have a neice who could be included, APRIL HOLMES. April was an exceptional runner in High School and College. One day while awaiting a city commuter train, April slipped on some ice and fell on the tracks. The train ran over one leg which had to be amputated below the knee. Less than a year later she was running again and has never stopped. I went to Beijing, China in 2008 to see her win a gold metal for the United States in the Paralympics. She travels sharing her story and encouraging other people with disabilities (adults and children) to become involved in athletics, and life. Check out her web site.