Review of Astral City

Learn about the afterlife with spiritualism.


One of humanity’s most mysterious and pondered questions is, “What happens when we die?” Astral City on poses the answer in an extremely unique and bold way, using the notion of spiritualism. With spiritualism, spirits of the dead have the ability and inclination to communicate with the living. Anyone may receive spirit messages, but formal communication sessions are held by mediums, who provide information about the afterlife. If you’re ready for a wild, mind-opening and thought-provoking ride that’s based on a true story, Astral City is your ticket. Here are the highlights:

Communication from Beyond

Astral City sets precedent before you even press the play button. It’s important to understand how this movie works: A spirit named Dr. Andre Luiz communicates his experiences in the afterlife through one of the world’s most renowned mediums, Chico Xavier. That’s right, this movie is formed strictly around the teachings of a dead man, transmitted from the great beyond. Xavier uses a form of spiritual communication known as psychography, whereby the spirit dictates to the medium the words to be written, essentially making the medium a reporter of the spirit realm. Through psychography, Dr. Luiz uses Xavier’s abilities to communicate his experiences, lessons and transformations in the afterlife.


Death Becomes Him

Dr. Luiz describes his entire experience in the spirit world in great detail, from waking in another dimension—a dark, tortured purgatory—to being transported to much more healing, peaceful surroundings. As one of the most thought-provoking highlights, Dr. Luiz learns he did not die in the manner he originally thought. He also receives lessons on how to visit others in the spirit world, and how to send messages to loved ones still enduring their earthly experience.

Deep Thoughts

Dr. Luiz has many transformations and realizations through the course of the film. A few favorites:

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