Empowering Women of the 2012 Olympics

The women of the Olympics are inspirational and motivating to everyone.


08/17/2012 01:23:00 PM

"Representing your country – your flag – is a divine honor that only a few athletes have the ability to hold." Um, why would that be true? Nation-states are social constructions, temporal in nature. While there certainly are divine aspects in all human creations, it may or may not be a 'divine honor" to represent such a construction in yet another social construction called Olympic Games. While G-d is present in all aspects of human existence, I'm not sure it's particularly divine to participate in an athletic competion. "Ironically, this years’ Olympics mark the 40th anniversary of Title IX; which is the law passed in 1972 increasing the opportunity for women to participate in sports in America." There's nothing ironic about this. The success of our women athletes - and thus of our country's efforts in the Olympics - is directly due to the decision on the part of our government to open athletics to women on an equal basis. For those who spout mindless anti-government paranoia, this is a very good example of a government program that has had tangible, positive results. One wonders whether this might also be seen as "divine."