We're the Dark Horses - An Interview with Switchfoot

Beliefnet discusses music and belief with members of the Grammy winning rock band.

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. So we already had an idea for this album

Vice Verses

and so after a couple years, we started recording

Vice Verses

and it actually came in pretty fast. I mean it fell into place really well. We recorded like 15 songs and we did it in a two or three month span and we’re real excited about the outcome.

Is any more of this material from the last album or is it all brand new?

For the last album we recorded 90 songs and there were a lot of songs that we wanted to put in Vice Verses. [In the end] I think only maybe a couple songs made it into

Vice Verses

. Jon, he’s a writing machine so he just writes, and those songs are ones we’re really excited about. Vice Verses actually was one of the songs from the

Hello Hurricane

sessions that made it to this which is interesting because that’s the title of the album.

That’s interesting. I’m a musician and I can’t imagine recording 90 songs. What is that like?

The great thing is we built our own studio in San Diego during that time so it was a lot easier to just go in and just lay it all out there. We didn’t have any time constraints so we didn’t have pressure from anyone. We could just go in there and start recording and that’s the idea – to just go in there and record whatever is on your mind. Record whatever is in your heart, whatever, and all of sudden, you know, you have a collection of about 90 songs.


I know you’ve been in several different groups. How is the process of writing an album different in Switchfoot than in other groups?

I was in a couple bands before Switchfoot and those other bands stylistically were totally different from Switchfoot. I was in a band called Mortal that was like industrial Goth. Very electronic and Switchfoot is more of a rock band, but performing and writing with Switchfoot has been incredible because they said, when they asked me to join them, “you know, we really like the added element of what you bring and the skies the limit.” Whatever you think is great, or good musically, that’s what we want. They gave me free reign.

How involved are you in the writing process?

There are five guys in the band and I’m one fifth of the involvement in writing. I mean Jon writes the songs on his acoustic guitar and he presents it to us and then all of us will go in there and say “okay this song needs this.” So I mean it’s an involved process but all of us get really involved in it. There are songs where it’s like “okay this is a keyboard based song, we want more keyboards in this song” or “this song is more guitar.” It all depends.

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