We're the Dark Horses - An Interview with Switchfoot

Beliefnet discusses music and belief with members of the Grammy winning rock band.

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It feels like you’re very connected to the lyrics that Jon writes. Is that always the case?

Yeah. A lot of the songs that he writes are out of discussions that we have, stuff that we talk about on the road. If we’re in a car for a long time chances are there will be a song that comes out of that. If there’s an interview that we do sometimes with you guys, it will get us thinking about stuff and then we’ll continue a conversation. After that, a lot of our songs come from struggling with life at two in the morning and Jon will come the next day and be like, “Guys, you know, I got this song last night I wrote in my hotel room, what do you guys think?” And we’ll talk about it. So I mean chances are we’ve talked about every song as a band before it goes on the record. So yeah, I’m connected to the songs personally.

That’s really cool. Has it always kind of been that way or is that something that’s progressed since you joined?

Yeah, I mean we’re all friends before we we’re musicians and business guys together. So when we sit down as a band and have a meeting or something, the first question is “how are you guys all doing? What’s going on with everybody? It’s not “hey, do we need to discuss about these songs?” It’s very much a brotherhood type of band. So the songs just seem to be a part of that brotherhood. So I don’t know. I mean I owe so much to this group of guys because they really are my team, my brothers, my family on the road. These songs are the things we hang around and work on together but that’s not all there is to the band.


That definitely comes through in the music and always has to me as a listener.

Yeah, you can tell as a listener. I think you know what bands are really friends that love playing music together. I can tell when I watch bands like “man, those guys don’t even seem to really like each other at all.”  At a show I saw recently I saw the lead singer turn to the drummer and shake his head and be like “only three more songs and then we’re done.” It was just like, man that sucks.

That’s really awful. So who do you like to listen to?

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