Thrice Says Goodbye... For Now - An Interview with Dustin Kensrue

Our interview with worship leader and hard rock singer Dustin Kensrue.

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What is it that has driven the band to change so much over the years?

Boredom maybe? I dunno, I think everyone has very different understandings or feelings about it. Like Ed I think would be the one who wants it to change the most constantly. I think we have a balance, like my concern is more that it’s good than that it’s different. But I think the balance of all our personalities has been a key part of why the band has sounded the way it has and changed the way it has. So it’s always a tension between what everyone wants to do with a certain song or a certain record, so that tension I think is what brings out whatever’s there.

Did the band know before doing the last album that you might be coming to the end of touring?


I talked to the guys about it during writing that record.

Did that influence the album at all?

I couldn’t tell you how… I think everything influences everything when you’re creating. It’s hard to pick that apart I think.

Though you are a Christian, your music hasn’t ever been direct about that. How have you ridden that line and where does that desire come from?

Well, first of all I’m not trying to write about anything necessarily. I’m not sure I have a goal of writing this or that song, I just write about whatever is important to me and my personality is very black and white, big picture questions are what interest me. So, I tend to write about those kinds of things; life, death, God, whatever. I think I’ve probably been influenced by CS Lewis and his thoughts on writing in particular and creation of different art in general. He has an essay called “On Writing Children’s Stories” and it’s really good, really helpful for I think any artist to read, not just someone of faith. This idea that he has is to not try to artificially instill a moral into your work. That will just come across as a platitude or a cliché. It won’t be in there naturally, it won’t sit with it, it will be alien to it. He basically says that if you are transformed at a deep level by whatever truth you believe then that’s going to work itself out into your art.

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