Talking Music and The Sing-Off With Rachael Lampa

The Dove award winning vocalist discusses her appearance on the hit show and her new album.

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So I know that you toured with Jordin Sparks, and one of those tours was with Britney Spears, did you get to meet her?

You know it’s funny, I was around her all the time and we would acknowledge each other, but there was never a proper introduction on that tour. I had met her before that, you know I doubt she put it together (laughs). She was pretty protected on that tour, she’s always running somewhere and there were always a lot of people around her so I never really got the chance to sit down with her.

What was that tour like?

Man, it was exactly what it was called, it was called the circus tour (laughs) and it felt like a circus. We basically had a circus traveling with us. We had fire throwers and guys on stilts, all these crazy acrobats. It was a really entertaining show every night. Every night everyone was blown away by the show that we put on. It was cool because I was friends with some of the dancers before we got on the tour and I knew that they were Christians. I asked them “what is this like? Playing along with the show? It’s not necessarily the most wholesome show, how is it trying to balance that?” My one friend answered in the coolest way, he just said “It’s my job to love these people, and I’m a sinner too, and we all need to just love each other as hard as we can and pray as hard as we can and really just know that God is a big God and He is doing work 24 hours a day, not just when we’re on stage. When we have our off time God is still working and we are still His people. We have to always be doing His work.” It was a really cool time to actually minister in that situation.

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