Singing the Experiences of a Community

An interview with Muslim hip hop group Native Deen


05/12/2012 10:01:39 AM

Some of the comments shows the need of groups like Native Deen in America. For some strange reason Islam has been misunderstood by many Americans (Talking about Sharia law or never proposed Ground Zero Mosque). I have listened to their music,it is family friendly and inspiring to people from any age group. They have taken many positive aspects of many traditions and blended into their own music. I am glad this group is here. My very yound son listen to their music with me!! Thank you Native Deen!


08/22/2011 12:45:24 PM

No one has to try to convince you of any thi it is your heart that needs a transplant of the onesness of God .Which means you are not living your religion as such...whatever it is to worship the Creator .If you are on here sowing seeds of hate instead of the brotherhood of the human race and religious tolerance which is what Islam is based on.Stop hating it will only consume you and make you the next,Reverend Jessup of the Mormons ,or Jim Jones,or David Koresh or Timothey McVey or the latest and the greatest hypocrite Rev. Dale Richardson out of South Carolina.


08/22/2011 12:37:43 PM

Artistway1 You are just a hater of the Islamic faith this is apparent from your over all generaliztion and condemnation of these positive young American Muslims


08/06/2011 08:40:20 AM

In reading an article on their web-site, (Rising Stars) one of the group was quoted as saying,"We indirectly promote the education of women,...when women are educated they will understand their rights and stop being abused" They also stated that most clerics support them. What Native Deen is saying, and doing is trying to put a more popular face on Sharia Law. Somebody has finally figured out that America and alot of the world are totally enamored of Rap music, so to make themselves seem acceptable put the message to Rap. The fact they "indirectly promote women's education" is telling to me. If they were against the brutality, inhumanity, and slavery of women supported and upheld by the Muslim community ( the least of which is their silence) They would be more DIRECT in their pronouncement, against Sharia Law. Don't try to convince me that Islam is really a peaceful religion until you address the big pile of violence that it either promotes, or hides which is Sharia Law. I hope others will really think this one through. Aspirit1