The Evolution of Derek Webb

Beliefnet gets personal with the singer/songwriter about what he learned from making 'Feedback'.

BY: Jennifer E. Jones


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Q. Your album Feedback -- which is an instrumental interpretation of the Lord's Prayer -- is something that I’m not sure people were expecting. Speaking of the word feedback, were you concerned about the response? When people think of worship, they might not be thinking about what you have here.

A. Not at all did I consider anyone’s reaction. The reason is that I, in the last four or five years, have had a real shift in my creative framework. It puts me in a place where that’s not even a consideration for me. It used to be about the product. Now, the entire thing to me now is the process. I’m going to spend the next six months of my life making this. Who do I want to make it with? What do I want to learn in order to be able to make it? What new tools do I want to learn to enable me to make it? When it came to Feedback, this ethic was fully in place when it came time to make this album. I thought, I don’t know anything about instrumental music; that will be a real challenge and that sounds fun. I don’t know a lot about the Lord’s Prayer, so I’d love to dive into that. By the time it was done, the decisions were made that led to the album. So, ‘What is the product going to look like?’ Well, who cares? Who knows? ‘Do you think anyone’s going to buy it or want to listen to it?’ I don’t know. I don’t want to spend my life thinking about things like that. I want to spend my life really loving and enjoying the process.

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