Brian Fallon Speaks in Anthems

How a tattooed Christian from New Jersey took the world by storm.

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So tell me a little about the tour, it sounded interesting.

Sure, it was a tour that was called the Revival tour, a tour that Chuck Ragan started. He brings a bunch of guys from different bands and they all play acoustic. So, the guys all come out and you learn each other’s songs and you play each other’s songs, and some of the guys have sets by themselves and together. So it’s kind of this big family band kind of thing, and it’s pretty interesting, there’s nothing I’ve ever seen that’s like it before. So it’s kind of cool, it’s a real throwback to the folk festivals of the ‘60s and the traveling families when America was being settled and how people would share songs with each other and things like that. It was a folk revival of things that were past and not done anymore.

What's your faith background?

When I was a kid it was just me and my mom, and my mom took me to a very small church in New Jersey, in I think it’s Belmont, which is kind of a dumpy town. It was a small wooden church with maybe thirty people. They would play all the really, really old hymns. You would go in there and there wasn’t anything contemporary or modern about it. There were no drums, just a big ole organ and that’s it. Actually it wasn’t a big organ, it was just a ratty old tiny organ. You know, it almost looked like an AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] center, you know what I mean? Like something that someone had rented out rather than something someone had established. It was pretty, and that’s kind of where I grew up, and that’s the first memory I have from being raised in a church. Then all throughout my life that was what we did on Sunday, we just went to church. You know when you do your 15 or 16 year old soul searching, all the infinite wisdom that you have at 16 and 15, you question things and you wonder. I just ended up believing it, but I couldn’t just take my parent’s word, I had to figure it out for myself. But rather than go and shoot a bunch of drugs or anything like that, I was like this is something that I actually want to know about, whether it is or it’s not true. I found it to be true, and I’ve followed it the rest of my life.


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