Anthony Evans: A Different Kind of Voice

NBC's The Voice has become one of the top reality TV shows on television and singer Anthony Evans found a place on one of it's four teams. Read what he has to say about the show, his coach, and his beliefs!

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But the dynamic wasn’t me showing up and throwing my faith down her throat, it was me loving on her, listening to her, and that’s why she came in and that’s why we enjoyed that moment. It was great, I mean she’s the kind of girl where I had to go “Okay – now we’re going to go in there in this meeting room with the pastors and stuff and you cannot cuss in here” *laughs* I mean she’s that kind of girl, I love the dynamic. To me that’s what faith, that’s what loving people is about - bringing people into our world who would never be there. That’s what I’m loving about this show because I don’t have those opportunities in “our” environment you know what I mean? I’m a worship leader, always on the stage where the audience is agreeing with me. They don’t look at me and go “I swore off church when I was 13.” I’m getting to experience that now and it’s coming to life.

What’s the biggest difference between being on stage with The Voice and leading worship?

The biggest difference is that with my career I am not trying to entertain and impress people with my vocals, that’s not my first thought. My first thought in worship leading is to connect people to the lyric and try to get them to sing with me, which a lot of times means I cannot sing crazy. Christina on the other hand, her thing is “I’m better than everybody,” she doesn’t say that but she is, it’s like you can’t sing along because she’s too good! *laughs* So what I’m having to do here is change my dynamic, when I’m interacting with Christina it’s a way different thing because she wants me to come with everything that I have. Literally I’ve had to turn that off in order to connect with the audience in the church. But The Voice is like “turn it on or you’re going home!” *laughs* That’s the major difference.


What’s the biggest thing you are going to take away from this experience?

The biggest thing I’m going to take away from this experience is thinking outside of the box. In the same way that Christina is a trailblazer, she has made decisions about “this is who I am, I’m going to write songs about it, I’m going to sing, and people are going to follow me.” I want to think outside of the box in my realm and be a trailblazer. I don’t want to play it safe anymore. The Voice is making me not want to play it safe with the adventures that I take on when this show is over and people have forgotten about season 2 and are on to season 3 and 4. I want to be out there not playing it safe, because I’m excited again. There was a part of me that lost some of that excitement in my tenth year of being on the road and leading worship. The Voice has re-created that.

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