Anthony Evans: A Different Kind of Voice

NBC's The Voice has become one of the top reality TV shows on television and singer Anthony Evans found a place on one of it's four teams. Read what he has to say about the show, his coach, and his beliefs!

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What has surprised you the most about being on the show?

What surprised me most is how much I care about and love the people I’m getting to meet like my teammates and the other cast members. Over these last few months I’ve built relationships that I know will last a lifetime. That’s surprised me because my mind was so into singing in the competition that I kind of overlooked the fact that I was going to meet people who I would to fall in love with. But that’s what happened.

Would other contestants on the show say the same thing?

I very much think so. I feel like it’s because you’re experiencing something so unique, and you’re getting to share it locked up together, it creates a very interesting bond that it’s hard to put into words honestly.

That’s interesting because so much reality TV is cutthroat, and even this show is a competition. What do you think the show does that creates that unity?

The Voice is really big on treating the artist like an artist. They even call us that on the show, they don’t treat us like “contestants” or “reality stars” where they are trying to create conflict and trying to create gimmicks to make the ratings go up. They’re like, “we’re going to get ratings from you guys being killer musicians, that and these chairs spinning around.” That’s where it comes from more so than stirring us up to create ratings. They don’t make fun of the contestants, they don’t do things that sometimes grab ratings but degrade people. They will not do it. They won’t build their show on that and I feel like that’s coming from the top down. That filters into everybody who is a part of the show.


Given how the show connects its contestants, has there been a situation where your faith has helped you create a relationship with someone?

For sure, there’s a young lady on the show, love her to death, we just had some time to sit and talk and I heard her story and it was a very interesting one. Long story short, she swore off church when she was 13. Never going again, that’s it, done. So now she’s 24, we talked about life a lot of times and I’ve just gotten to love on her and she’s shown me that same love. On one of our breaks I had the opportunity to go lead worship at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and I look out 10 rows back and I just laughed to myself because there she was. She said “If my parents knew that I was in this church all these years later they would flip out.” We actually told her mom and she screamed because her daughter was never going to church again.

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