U2 Lyrics

Author Greg Garett uses U2 lyrics to illustrate the spiritual lessons we can learn from the popular rock band.


07/19/2012 01:30:17 PM

I've noticed that many people like to rip on U2. Yet these same people will turn around and lament all the great 80s bands that are no longer around. Yes, Bono is idealistic and a bit of a cheerleader. But these guys still rock!


08/13/2011 04:27:09 PM

Wow...it amazes me how people come on these boards to give opinions on things that they know NOTHING about....To SOULEXPRESSN it is very obvious that you are not a U2 fan and know absolutley nothing about them. Until you've experience a show...learned about their history....know what they stand for and listen to every song in their library....I don't think you can comment. I believe everyone has an opinion, but I was taught not to give one until I knew everything I needed to make a valid opinion. Yours is not valid. I've met Bono myself, and let me tell you, that is one humble gracious man who consistently speaks of giving back to the God that has given him so much. I have two sons, and sure hope that my two boys have at least half the compassion, kindness are care for humanity that Bono does. You know not of what you speak. And another thing....He is so far from really caring about the almighty dollar.....you have no idea.


03/25/2010 09:37:46 AM

I cant say either way what he was really singing about God or otherwise, but I found that his music is very nice to listen too. Besides what musician does'nt have money on the brain when they are singing, weither they verbally express it or not. God speaks thru many poeple in many ways. weither its the paster at the local church or the boy down the street or a panflet you pick up on the sidewalk. I have never been to a concert but I know his music, and everyone has there own opinion of him, personally I dont really know the guy, and to be honost you only know what she shows on tv. If hes a true believer in god and christ then it really comes out in his music.


11/05/2009 01:05:36 PM

Personally speaking, I've been to a few U2 shows, and they are most definitely spiritual. I have worshiped God during a U2 show. It's a beautiful thing. I think it's possible that soulexpressn's take on Bono's ego is simply that we are not used to seeing truly confident people anymore. Especially confident people who are believers in Christ. He puts it out there, and takes those who are willing to worship of The Lord. My two cents.


10/24/2009 09:55:53 AM

First of all, soulexpressn don't you know you're not to say OM_. No matter how you say it texting or saying it, it's still against God. It's your opinion about U2, but I don't think you have an open mind. You probably don't like their music that's why you say what you say. I do not see Bono talking about the God Dollor that You think you see. There is alot of bad things going on in this world. Bono is telling you to look for love, peace and help others when needed. You are closed minded and that's why you say what you say.


09/08/2009 12:08:30 PM

Omg, you are kidding me?! U2 is not spiritual! They are all about the GOD DOLLAR. Bono can't get anymore transparent than he already is. He lack talents. he lacks morals HE IS FULL OF EGO.. Beliefnet finally went commercial to post something like this.